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Developer Software Engineer

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
$7000 USD per month
November 26, 2018

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Name Rakhunathan M

Designation Tech Lead working as Full Stack Developer

Work Mode Remote

Experience 6.8 Years

As on Date 12th November 2018

Mobile: +91-968*******



Technology Lead at Imaginovation LLP, working in a Remote mode

6.8 years experience in IT industry. Involved in analysis,design and development of Web applications, algorithm design, team management and structural engineering

Completed B Tech in Information Technology from Anna university (2008-2012)

Certified With Oracle (Oracle Certified Java Programmer) OCJP 6, (Oracle Certified Web Component Developer

Expert) OCWCD 6, (Oracle Certified Web Services

Developer Expert) OCWSD 6

Currently working with Imaginovation LLP which is located in Raleigh, NC 27613.

Working as a full stack tech lead, developing applications with GO Lang, Java/J2EE and spring framework. I have also been working with deploying applications on AWS/Docker and managing Java based applications on


Involved in working on Agile methods with weekly sprints, daily scrum calls, managing tasks with JIRA/Confluence and Bit bucket.

Best suited in writing APIs, Algorithms, Dev – Ops and deep learning Algorithms.


Cutting Edge Skills – Blocakchain

Language and Backend Expertise - Java, Go lang, C#, SAP- ABAP, Ruby, Groovy, Python

Frontend Expertise - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS 1 and 2, BootstrapJS, Angular Material Design, Angular 4 and 5.

Framework Expertise - Spring, Struts 1.2, Rails, Grails, Phonegap, Cordova and Ionic, Gin

Build Tools Continuous Integration - Maven, Gradle, Browserify, Ant, npm, Grunt and Gulp, Jenkins

Connectivity Expertise – MySQL, Oracle, JPA/Hibernate and FreeMarker Templates

Servers Expertise - Jboss, Glassfish and Tomcat servers

Others – SAP Web Dyn Pro, Smart Forms, Algorithms and R&D Activities, Leading team and PMO Operations

Dev Ops – AWS RDS, AWS EC2 Deployments, CI/CD pipeline, Jenkins, Bitbucket/Git management with Slack, Email set up and configuration with Google, Digital Ocean, AWS and Zoho. Dockerising Applications specific to Java, Kafka and ELK Stack.

Data Management – Kafka and ELK Stack

About Me

Glad to work any technology which involves L&D based on client/workplace requirements. I have been working on multiple roles starting from Developer to Management & Operations. My current role is a Technology lead which involves day to day hands on development on Go Lang & projects. Also involved in team mentoring and training the rest of the team with cutting edge technologies. My Work mode is remote and I have been working on remote for the past 1-1.5 years. This helps in stabilizing Work-Life- Balance and makes me feel fresh at work.

Limitations – I am limited to travel. Apart from that, I am open to any roles at work place.


Developer – Hands on development on to assigned tasks and delivering the same on time.

Team Leading – Lead a 30 member team of Java Stream and managed projects on a “Lead Driven” organisation which included working with hands on development

parallel leading the team.

Management – Worked with JIRA/Confluence and Kanban to manage projects based on client specific requirements and managed a team to deliver Java/Angular/Ionic projects. Worked on both Agile and Waterfall projects with

Sprints/Scrum/Retros and Kanban.

Operations – Worked on building processes on a start-up that involved monitoring employees, appraisals/evaluations and defining roles within the organization.

Junior Architect – Worked extensively alongside technical architects to define solutions on architecture specific issues. Re-engineered a live monitoring tool with Kafka and ELK stack on Fast Data.

Internal Code Quality Maintenance – Setting up Code Quality maintenance Engine with Sonar Qube and defined practices for the same.

Dev Ops – Have been doing this for ages and hence matured over time on building environments and setting up products. Anxiously Looking for..

I am anxiously looking forward for a job where I can express my skills to increase the organization’s productivity. Also contribute to the team by leading from the front, and work with hands on development. My experiences are wide open to multiple roles and technologies, I would like to put myself suitable for roles that are available with the organizations and get started at a good pace. I would expect a team which accepts my suggestions which brings out satisfaction of work, also would like to learn new tech’s and languages if required to complete my role. I would rate myself as a backend developer who is capable of working on front end rather the other way. In case of dev ops, proficient enough to work under an architect. Additional Skills

Project Estimation

Creating workflow diagrams and Project structuring

Code quality management with Sonar etc.

Document preparation such as SOW, Confluence docs documenting project requirements till delivery.

Client communication, organising and leading scrum

Conducting and managing Retrospective meetings

Task assignments on JIRA and KANBAN

Release management

Project Highlights

Civil Engineering Domain

BIM – Building information management is a tool used to build and pre-design buildings, manage post building maintenance as well. Building from points as vectors, generating edges for objects, triangulating them and storing as faces, managing databases of storing points, and performing object operations like copy, move, delete to every entity that’s built within. Producing methods from named formulas in mathematics, converting them into desired procedure and finally implementing it over objects. Applying lighting, textures, transparency over objects and painting on screen etc. Solving memory issues and serialization of created objects for storage and so on. Building Objects With C# DirectX, Constructing Arcs, Polygon Triangulation, Lighting, Chamfers and Rebars, Strong Knowledge in building Vertices, Faces and Edges, Building Cuts and Openings, Managing and building Construction Basics in Software, Strong on Building Concrete Structures, Rebars and Steel

Built it with C# .Net and deployed as a desktop application on windows platform -

Role – Started as a Software Developer then led the team to complete a whole of module called concrete with R&D under Ram Sharan

Travel Domain


Orbitz is a travel organization agent company which develops integrations to its multiple clients. It works with GDS and collects multiple interties and enables users to book flights through its web interface. The implementation is to integrate new itineraries which are SOAP based web services also work on Revenue share calculations between vendors and partners. The product existed for more than 10 years when I started into it and it was bought by Expedia after a couple of years. -

Role – Worked as a Senior Software engineer in a 242 member team where the nature of task involves discussions based on agile requirements with clients and revenue share calculations based on revenue share percentage – Java, SOAP Web services with JIRA, Confluence and Jenkins for Project Management Scott International Procedures

Scott international required a portal for their pilots to access and administer their journeys. This was built with Go Lang APIs for mobile and GIN APIs for Web portals. This is a service project driven into Travel domain. Also, this was enhanced into a Plotting chart one where the Airports, waypoints, runways and FIR’s are plotted over the map in the IOS devices. Later this was extended to manage Journey Log book for the same client. - Role – Worked as a Developer in a team of 62 members, where day to day activities was to develop API’s that are consumed by IOS team. Managed by JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket and Harvest. Deployed with Dockers into AWS and was automated by Jenkins. Education Domain

Coeus, Kuali Coeus implementations for MIT, Sidra, Tufts, Fibi and Krad universities. These projects are built on top of Kuali, which is a product built with Spring, Hibernate and these are implemented for several universities. Each university uses this product that’s customized on its own flavor. The end users are PHD students whose PHD submission goes along with this tool. There are multiple phases where the application travels, where each phase undergoes assignments and re-assignments of application submission and data collection which is followed by report generation. The project is built with Java, Spring, Hibernate and deployed inside a tomcat container under Linux environment. -

Role – Senior software Engineer, worked amongst a team of 12 members and delivered 3-4 implementations for different clients Social Presence and Professional Links

Detailed Profile – Link

Web Profile - My-Web-Profile

Service Projects

Evanios Re-stack

Evanios is an organization which works in connection to service now. Service now is a ticketing system which extends its integration to its subscribers. Evanios had purchased 4 (per second) of those input points from Service Now. But for Evanios to scale bigger, it was required to enhance the input threads beyond 4, without increasing the subscription costs. Hence we built an engine in between evanios and Service now which can scale up the requests. We used Kafka to re-stack the entire model. Kafka instances were auto scaled with AWS and we increased the input size from 4 to 2000 requests per second. This, not only enhanced the bandwidth also made sure the tickets are successfully delivered to service now.

Role – Worked as a Junior Architect under Liju and re engineered the existing stack with the use of AWS, Kafka, Java and UI with Angular Material design which provided a GUI for the users to manage their tickets.

Place Date

Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India 12th November 2018

Insurance Domain


Guidewire is an insurance product that constitutes Claim Center, Billing Center and Policy Center. All these systems are independent. It’s built as a Framework/Tool. The language used is Java. But Gosu is a derived language out of Java. Gosu is a language that has another layer over Java. The implementation of the above mentioned 3 Modules are implemented for clients individually or collectively. Integration between different systems using web services and JMS are the nature of work in this project. - Role – Hands on Development and Implementation for clients AAA, Farmers, ICBC and other smaller clients, Agile under Arun and Hafiz

FirstBest UMS (Aquired By Guidewire later)

First Best is a company which has its Under Writing Management System for Insurance Underwriters. It’s built with Java, Spring Framework with UI/UX in Flash. Similar tasks to Guidewire Implementation. But the systems are different. It has CXF SOAP Web services to communicate to different systems. Different Rating engine configurations, with standalone report generation mechanisms are integrated to this systems. The job role is to write web services based on integration touch points and building a combined systems. The project is built with Spring, Hibernate, JPA and mysql with Flash under windows environment

Role – Worked as a Senior software engineer for clients like QBE & Alfa Insurance. Also managed Dev Ops

responsibilities like Git Hub Repository set up, code quality management and maintenance etc., Agile.

Other Projects’ Highlights

TWG Tea -


Foloat –

DUN Today -

Deep Meetings -

Murgitroyd -

QBE insurance -

ICBC Insurance Portal -


Call Doctors On Demand -

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