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SQL Developer BI Developer MSBI

Ernakulam, Kerala, India
November 26, 2018

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A proficient SQL Developer with 7 plus years’ (from October 2011) of experience in Database and Software Development. Strong problem solving skills with the ability to work under great pressure and accomplish tasks on time. Now seeking next rewarding opportunity to make a successful career.


To develop myself in a professional environment, to enhance the knowledge and skills in the process, meet the goals and expectations of the organization.


SQL Server: Advanced

SSRS: Intermediate

ASP.NET/C#: Intermediate

JQuery: Intermediate

MSBI: Beginner

MySQL: Beginner


Engineered a huge module called Workflow Automation, which helps to automate complete head to tail features of the media management product using SQL Triggers, Service Brokers, Stored Procedures (Currently working on this) also with JQuery and ASP.NET with C#.

Successfully re-engineered existing media management system by cutting down the run time. This enabled the MAM system to load millions of records in seconds and helping the company being more competitive in the market place.

Received award for individual excellence in design, development & deployment secure code at remote locations using 3rd party tools.


Jan 2014 – Currently Working

Software Developer

Empress Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd.

(48 months – 4 renewal)

Currently working on Media Asset Management (MAM) System with a team of 25 members. My responsibilities include to improve the performance of search with over 500 million record database, script optimization, code review and also to work as a module lead for workflow automation module with SQL Server triggers and Service Broker message queuing for asynchronous execution of stored procedures. This development includes SQL development with SQL Server and Data Access using Web Service.

EXPERIENCE (Continues):

Worked individually on ecommerce projects for creating advanced algorithms using SQL for reporting, scheduling and updating data on shopping sites of US based BMW and MINI companies.

Good Understanding of SQL Database and ability to design, write and execute SQL Scripts/Tables/Stored Procedures/Functions.


Graduated with B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Vivekananda Institute of Technological Sciences, of JNTU University, Hyderabad (A.P) (2004 – 2008).

Higher Secondary Education (Math, Physics, Chemistry) from Board of Intermediate Education, Hyderabad (A.P) (2002 - 2004).

High School Certificate Examination from Fatima Convent High School of Board of Secondary School Education, Hyderabad (A.P). (1990 - 2002)

Done Essential Diploma for Graduate Engineer (EDGE) Certification in DOT. NET and Oracle technology from CMC (TCS) Hyderabad (1 Year) (2008 - 2009).


Title: Empress Media Asset Management for Empress Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd.

Working both at front end and back end of eMAM (Empress Media Asset Management System) to enhance its performance at the same time work on backend services and also to convert to newer versions. Assist the team in solving critical client issues and at the same time working on to develop new features are part of my role.

Currently working on a new feature that is Workflow Integration which will be for the upcoming version of this smart product.

eMAM is a web-based digital asset management software system created to organize, share, and send your digitized information: audio, video, images, or documents all over the globe. This powerful, feature-rich platform was developed to address the exact needs of today's fast growing media and broadcasting companies or individuals.

Works accomplished in this project.

* Creating new features in the Workflow Automation Project

* Design Workflow using ASP.NET, C#, HTML 5 and CSS.

* Perform database tuning and performance monitoring using SQL Server and C#

* Take care of the Database design and implementation for existing and new features.

* Create SSRS report and fix client related issues.

Team Size: 25

Technologies used: SQL Server, SSRS, ASP.NET, C# and JQuery

Title: BMW and MINI Cooper e-Commerce for Empress Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd.

The global websites of BMW e-commerce and MINI Cooper e-commerce. My works in this project included creating of algorithms for generating reports in Excels and system to generate these reports scheduling it to generated daily, monthly, yearly basis. Performed crucial works at database level for updating of data, which was totally automated. Also worked on creating different tools which support the clients to extract information from the database for their daily reports etc. It was great experience to start with on an e-commerce shopping project.

These are the sites which I worked with but mostly at the backend and service levels.

Team Size: 5

Technologies used: SQL Server, ASP.NET, C# and JQuery

Title: Email Dispatch for Edelweiss Capital Ltd.

Email Dispatch was a project designed for adding clients, sending emails to these clients with attached documents. The clients would get automated email along with the financial data. For this project my role was to design the project architecture and create approach document, later on worked to create the UI using HTML, CSS and JQuery with cool transition effects for popups and also done coding for business layer then worked on SQL Server for creating table’s procedures etc. This project was one of my top projects as I have done this alone.

Team Size: 1

Technologies used: ASP.NET, C#, JQuery and SQL Server

Title: Knowledge Center for Edelweiss Capital Ltd.

Knowledge Center is a system which allowed clients of Edelweiss Financial Company to get data based on different products of the company. There are many products regarding sales part, all that information’s are documented and the option for downloading documents for respective products are made possible through this application. My role in this project was to design the UI of the project and built code for the business logic layer.

Team Size: 2

Technologies used: SQL Server,ASP.NET, C# and JQuery

Title: Project Management System for AIV

Project manager’s work is a tough job without a system to manage. This project is to create an application to determine the requirements and track the changes to successfully complete a project. Information gathered from reviewing the business case, reviewing the project status, and identifying the requirements are done using this project. Once the needed skill sets for the project have been identified the manager can assign the projects, so the project manager must ensure the resources assigned are capable of successfully meeting the project requirements and the users or account holder of this system can comment under the respective ticket of task or bug they are assigned to. My role was to plan the project architecture, create the approach document along with the database design and distribute the work among the team. I majorly worked at the business logic layer and UI to design the project. This project helped to track the project status and comments put by developers of their respective projects.

Team Size: 4

Technologies used: SQL Server, ASP.NET, C# and JavaScript

Title: Human Resource Management System for Larsen and Turbo.

Human Resource Management System formally known as HRMS. This application is L&T Finance’s internal application which is developed for manage the associates. In this application an associate comes as newly joined individual and get approved at different level like branch, state SBU (Sub Business Unit), region etc. depend on the configured process for a particular SBU. After that his monthly attendance, renewal, discontinuation of associates is also managed in system. HR persons import various types of summarized and detailed reports. These cycles such as adding newly joined person, renewing his contract, discontinuation associates etc. are performed on the basis of the roles mentioned.

Team Size: 4

Technologies used: ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript and SQL Server

REFERENCE: Can be provided.


I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.

Place: Kochi, Kerala, INDIA

Date: - - 2018 JOHN VARGHESE M

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