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Aristocracy of England

Gorod Miass, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russian Federation
November 25, 2018

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Kyle Oleynik


Height: *'

Weight: ***

Hair Color: reddish gold

Eye Color: light blue green


How Great Plants are for the Outdoors Interviewee Film Industry Downtown Los Angeles


Holiday Music Singer Karoke Cafe


Tennessee Valley Fair Equipment assistant, Audio Engineering Coyote Country

Relief FIlms House Keeper/ Audio and Video Engineer Support Relief Films Incorporated.

Grand Ole Opry Audio Engineering and Broadcasting Support Coyote Country


Aero Travel Innovaton author/writer self

India Style Novels Author/Writer Orapple Company

The Guide To Computer Services Technician and Author Udall Yazarik Company

Gold Bays Entertainment Company Entertainment Products and Computer Tech Self, Neplaus Company, Fusiostar Company.

Barcode Generator to store text that can be retrieved from barcode systems. QR Code would be generated for printed self-design currency. Find a barcode that works for storing text and data QR Barcodes for ID's and Self-Made Currency. To store data and text from the internet. Year 2011.

Knoxville, Tennessee Track and Field Club Runner ( Fire Ball Classic, Grainger County Mile Exercise, 5K Exercise,

Gold Bays Hosting at Oleynik Hosting Emtrepreneur Reseller Hosting

Harry of The Potter Hary Potter Self 90's


Computer Design, Site Logos, Site Images, Site Banners, Advertising Internet Technician

Tire Recycling & Re-sales Independent Contractor- Recycling, Computer Design and Marketing. Various Tire Stores

Cleaning/ Warehouse/ Food Bev/ Temporary Labor independent contractor temporary labor agenices


Science Show (Revised) 1999 Producer-Speaker Self

AM Broascasting/ Fusiostar Radio / FM Broadcasting Programmer/ Announcer/News Fusiostar


Business and Administration maintanence Managing business equipment, cabling, computer rebuild, software diagnostic, Video and Audio work, Installation and Uninstallation discs, toolbar products

Weyauwega, WI Phone services, phone installation, equipment sales, network diagnostics, wireless communications.

Relief Films Technical manager, Butler, landscaping, Electronic engineering consulting, entertainment logistics

Mary's UA Entertainment Working with plants, gardening, maintaining plants for entertainment.

Radio Broadcasting and Entertainment Audio (Coyote Country WJFC1480 AM) Audio wiring, electronic signals, interference reduction, antenna and technical for radio broadcasts.

White Pine, TN, Appleton, WI, Studio CIty, CA, New Milford, IL, Weyauwega, WI Video and Digital Video DIscs, Video Broadcasting, Comercial Video, Video Assembly and Distribution, Commercial Audio

White PIne, TN & Weyauwega, WI, South Gate, CA Electronic Board Assembly, Board DIagnostic, Technical Repair and Maintanence, **Board Fabrication**

Bethel Business Machines Computer Repair, Computer Refurbishment, Technical repair, Software and Technical Work

Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, Hawaii Tour of the islands with a native islander and be educated by the islanders about the islands. 3 weeks, self 2012. I learned much about the islands and how to travel, eat, shop and enjoy the outdoors. There were many shops and I also enjoyed visiting the museums and many places around the islands.

White Pine, Tennessee & Studio CIty, CA, Weauwega, WI Digital Display systems, material for displays, wood working, and manufacturing.

Moana's.Furniture and Sales Furniture Manufacturing, Assembly of desks, chairs, barbeque grills, stools, garage cabinets, dressers, children's Bicycles, assembly of strollers, electronic work, bicycle assembly, wagons, entertainment stands, inspecting products.

Las Angeles,Californai Satellite networking, uplink and downlink, video and audio concepts, network connections.

Sevierville, Tennessee I got education on how to build and sale American Indian bracelets and necklaces.

Relief Films How to clean filming rooms, properly clean surfaces, furniture, walls, floors, and all aspects of a filming location.

Denver, Colorado (A.B. Photography) I learned how to work with photography, edit images, and work with resumes.

Boys & Girls Club Morristown, TN, Bethel Business Machines, White Pine School, Online Computer Classes Training in how to use the computer for games, work, text documents, eventually Microsoft Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access,, Website Building, Adobe Flash, Website Builders, Domain registrations, Server technical, troubleshooting, Diagnostic, repair, domain support, internet hosting, chatrooms, banner ads, graphic assembly, GUI work, technical support for computers.

White Pine, TN, Weyauwega, WI, South Gate, California Electromagnetic Vehicles Project; The idea that small round discs of magnets spin and create electricity which is then sent to a series of inverters which provide electricity to the engines, motors and electrical parts of the vehicle.

Automotive and Engine Technical Support Automotive engineer and Technical support for automotive electrical and automotive and electric motors.

Big-Screen Diplay Systems Building and Assembly of Big Screen Display Systems, dbw Dr.Jimmy Oleynik

White Pine & Weyauwega Computer Repair. Computer Electronics and Electronic Diagnostics


roller skating, bowling, fishing, and basketball. Limo concierge driver, butler for Relief Films, electronic and computer technician. I also perform the work of proof reading, typing and publishing for books, business cards, photo editing, document publishing.

Music Instruments (drums, concert bells, bass drum, recorder, piano, triangle, wooden fish, Maranca, Cymbals, and Baritone).

Driving and Operating Sport Boats, This includes loading and un-loading boats from trailers.

American Indian Jewelry Making and Sales.

ice skating amd driving a golf cart.

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