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Engineer Assistant

Stavropol, Stavropol Krai, Russian Federation
November 25, 2018

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Nazarenko Vadim

Date of Birth: **.**.****.

Marital status: Married.

Contact Information:

Address: Stavropol city, St. Dovatortsev 39 \ 1. Apartment 78.

Sell Phone: +7-961-***-**-**, +7-918-***-**-**.



Work as drilling, completion or production engineer in oilfield.

Education / Qualifications:

2007 – 2012. FGAOU HPE "North-Caucasian Federal University"

Specialty: Engineer.

Faculty: Oil and Gas.

Function: Development and exploitation of Oil and Gas fields.

Achievements: Certificate of Oil and Gas operator 4 category. Certificate of assistant driller 5 category.

Additional education:

2002 - 2005. "Search" English language school.

Training programs: Memory development and English language.

Work experience:

07.2011 - 08.2011. Ltd. "RN-Stavropolneftegaz" Neftekumsk city.

Position: Oil and Gas operator.

Responsibilities: Production operations and work with well equipment. Well monitoring and service wellhead equipment. Technical data acquisition and interpretation.

Achievements: Production operator 4 category. (Certificate)

01.10.12 - 30.11.12 "RN-Stavropolneftegaz" Neftekumsk city.

Position: Operator to support reservoir pressure.

Duties: Service injection equipment. Well maintenance, picking up pore pressure. Feed control. Assemble and disassemble ground-based equipment. Injection wells maintenance. The automation means protection, control and measuring devices in the distribution points.

Achievements: Operator to support the reservoir pressure 3 category.

05.06.2015 to now.

Ltd. "SUAVR and workover" (Ltd. "Gazprom UGS") Stavropol city.

Position: Assistant Driller (Floorhand).

Responsibilities: Participation in drilling wells for Oil and Gas. Rig move and installation rig equipment. Derrick man while tripping operations. Pressure testing. Shaker man. Work with Mud pumps. Maintenance of rig equipment. Cementing Casing, installing and drilling cement bridges. Development of operational and testing of exploration wells. Acid operations. Service and maintenance of drilling equipment. Well completion.

Troubleshooting: Experience in stuck pipe situation, getting free drill string and Casing. Fishing operations.

Achievements: Assistant driller (Floorhand) 5 category.

Additional information: Knowledge of computer programs, experienced PC user: administration and installation of Windows operating systems and software. Good skills of working with MS Office package and other office programs, graphics packages (Photoshop, AutoCAD). Setup and administration local networks and Internet access. Using the search and file-sharing systems on the Internet. Scan and treating viruses. Work with all Antivirus programs. Support in working condition and PC peripherals (printers, scanners, etc.)

Military service:

12.12.2012 - 12.12.2013 Military Unit 87528, Stavropol, st. Artem 2. Served with distinction with honorable mention letters.

Driving license: Category B.

English language ability: Fluent.

The preferred schedule: A rotational basis.

Personal qualities: Analytical mind, fast learning, hard work, commitment, working under stress, a high degree of responsibility. Have a good communication skills, high business ethics and diligence. Skills in teamwork, discipline and punctuality.

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