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Marketing and Logistics Specialist

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
November 27, 2018

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Marketing E: rafalrogalski**@Vancouver, ***W T: and +1 778 41st Logistics BC 513 Avenue, V5Y 8154 gmail.2S4 Specialist com Rafal Rogalski I roles management skills.development jointo developto am a a fast within hard-I am and paced working, a grow confident and the environment the customer manufacturing focused company. negotiator. service. individual where industry. I A Now can proven with utilize looking I over have communicator my eight to a substantial progress years’ solid experience background with my experience career strong in in business marketing in within Vancouver, client this relationship and industry I aspire logistics Work Dec Print-surfacesembossed Dec. Marketing Responsibilities: 2009 2012 finishing Organization (Organized and Managed Responsible (Implemented Management Successfully Supervised Provided workforce considering Experience DB analyzing for – – exporting July and Schenker, Aug. printing plant 2018 Logistics regular procurement 2018 international efficiency production the the worked for of houses. System and specializing O.DHL, final entire transport, policies managing W. status improved Specialist product EL-UPS, well and ISO manufacturing needs Press of reports and transportation FedEx, challenges 9001:under raw the and in to workplace the and sp.the materials timelines clients) communication 2015 to International pressure context j. ensuring production - the Lublin, (which In process director processes, (line of and of importing to the efficient the Poland included meet to the of Paper, of full organization) meet regarding with orders inventory high tight process and raw production carriers pre-PAPYRUS) training quality the deadlines materials determined business for functionality of and finished staff providing laminated run) forwarding or members orders, heavy targets, products of goods and and the equipment companies and Quality to clients Dec. Marketing Responsibilities: 2009 Prospected international Successfully – Specialist Dec. 2012 for prepared customers new clients presentations and maintained and advertising relationships materials with domestic and Achievements: Researched partners Developed that Conducted client Prepared Dealt prevent Conducted Coordinated needs with expectations issues long-difficult were an regular internal the activities in from term market met depth meetings customer audits arising contracts through following understanding by and attending in with complaints conducting by future prepared the negotiating clients, of the customers' and regular and and company business took coordinated arranging satisfaction necessary needs for terms external meetings activities and action of surveys took mutual audits Rafal to to action with resolve meet cooperation by industry to Rogalski the and ensure and clients. exceed

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