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Engineer Safety

Girardot Municipality, Aragua, Venezuela
November 27, 2018

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Osmer Segundo Peley Sandrea

Date of birth: 06/02/70

Place of birth: Maracaibo. Edo. Zulia

Address 1: Urb. Monte Bello Av. 10 Calle KL / Nº10-25. Maracaibo Venezuela

Address 2: El Rincón Building. 7th floor, 7th floor, Bermúdez street, San Alfonso alley. Ojeda City. Edo. Zulia Venezuela

Address 3: Av. Francisco Solano López. Sans Souci. El Pardillo Building. Floor 10. Apartament 102. Caracas. Venezuela.

Phones:0058 261-***-**** / 0058 412-***-**** / 042*-*******



20 experience years in Safety area, Occupational Hygiene and Environment, Emergencies control and Contingencies, in Petrochemical and Oil Industry, processes such as: Olefins and Plastics, Chlorine Vinyl, Fertilizers, Environmental Sanitation and Contracting Commission with skills in areas such Control and Risk Analysis, Accident Prevention, Strategic Planning and Budget Investments and Expenses.

Mentor: Module C / SEPAS, Hazardous Materials, Use and Management of Chlorine, Fire Fighting, Defensive Management, Confined Spaces, Basic SHA.

Technical Specifications Analysis for procurement processes, Instruments, materials and Safety and Fire Equipment.

Training Industrial Brigaders and Volunteer Firemen in the Petrochemical Industry.

Personnel Management: SHA Inspectors, Industrial Firefighters and shift Supervisors


April 28, 2014 to March 19, 2018.

SIAHO Manager. Mixed Petrozamora Company.

GPB NEFTEGAS SERVICES. Assigned to MS. Petrozamora

Coast East Maracaibo Lake. Edif. PDVSA. Menito building.

February 27, 2012 to April 25, 2014.

Emergencies Control Superintendent and Contingencies.

PEQUIVEN Complejo Ana María Campos.

January 13, 2003 to February 26, 2012.

Risk Advisor Engineer.

PEQUIVEN Complejo Ana María Campos.

August 12 to October 25, 2002.

Safety, Hygiene and Environment Coordinator.


July 31, 2002 to August 9, 2002.

Industrial Safety Inspector.


December 12, 2001 to July 8, 2002.

Industrial Safety Inspector.

Costa Norte Construcciones, C. A.

May 6, 2001 to May 22, 2001.

Industrial Safety Inspector.

MEI, C. A.

June 16, 2001 to June 29, 2001.

SHA Supervisor


July 27, 1999 to September 15, 2000.

Training and Industrial Safety Coordinator.

Costa Norte Construcciones, C. A.

June 21, 1999 to July 2, 1999.

Safety Inspector, Hygiene and Environment.

Assembly We beat BASAURI, C. A.

August 12, 1998 to October 14, 1998.

SHA Supervisor


April 20, 1998 to May 20, 1998.

Industrial Security Coordinator.


June 10, 1996 to April 8, 1998.

Accident Prevention Advisor Contractors / Risks Analyst


February 2, 1996 to March 3, 1996.

Industrial Safety Inspector.

Costa Norte Construcciones, C. A.

September 4, 1995 to January 31, 1996.

Industrial Safety Inspector.

Costa Norte Construcciones, C. A.

July 25, 1995 to August 22, 1995.

Industrial Safety Inspector.

M.Q.S. Inspection Services, S. A.

January 2, 1995 to May 14, 1995.

Industrial Safety Inspector.

C. B. I. Venezolana, S. A.

May 30, 1994 to June 22, 1994.

Security Supervisor

C. B. I. Venezolana, S. A.

January 15, 1994 to March 31, 1994.

Industrial Safety Inspector.

Electrotechnical Office, C. A.

April 1, 1993 to December 15, 1993.

Industrial Safety Inspector.


December 1, 1992 to March 5, 1993.

Industrial Safety Technician.

Pinturas Internacional, S. A.

September 1, 1992 to November 25, 1992.

Industrial Safety Technician.

G. B. C. Contractors Engineers, S. A.


2012 - 2014 English Language Studies. Berlitz English Maracaibo. Zulia

2006 - 2011 Industrial Engineer. Polytechnic Santiago Mariño Institute Maracaibo. Zulia

1996 - 1999 Postgraduate: Security and Integral Protection Specialist. Technological University Institute Maracaibo (IUTM) Maracaibo. Zulia

1988 - 1991 Senior Fire Technician. Technological University Institute Industrial Safety. Valencia. Carabobo

1987 - 1988 Safety Industrial Technician. Maracaibo. Zulia Alejandro Humboldt Polytechnic. Maracaibo. Zulia

1982 - 1987 Science Bachelor. Carraciolo Parra Pérez. Maracaibo. Zulia

1976 - 1982 Basic Scholl. Private School Los Pinitos. Maracaibo. Zulia


2013 Unit Price Analysis (APU), Scope Training and Technical Specifications in Contracting. Organizational Vision C.A. Altagracia. Zulia

2013 Strategic Planning. Organizational Vision C.A. Maracaibo Zulia

2012 Control Oil Spills. PDVSA. Maracaibo. Zulia

2011 Mechanical Integrity and Generation of Inspection Plans based on Risks. Reliability and Risk Management. Hummock. Carabobo

2010 Root - Cause Analysis (Deductive Level I). NDTSUPPLY Maracaibo. Zulia

2008 SAFESTART. SACK, BAG. Maracaibo. Zulia

2008 Reading and Interpretation Plans and Electrical Diagrams. Inelagrop, C.A. Maracaibo. Zulia

2007 Identification and Management for Hazardous Materials. Pequiven Tablazo. Zulia

2007 Law Against Corruption and Criminal Proceedings. Pequiven Tablazo. Zulia

2006 Identification Gaps. Pequiven Tablazo. Zulia

2005 Radiological Protection (24 hrs.). Physion Maracaibo. Zulia

2005 Radiological Protection (40 hrs.). Physion Maracaibo. Zulia

2003 Training Facilitators. PDVSA. Maracaibo. Zulia

2001 Safety, Hygiene and Environment in Industry. Module C. CIED. Tamare. Zulia

2000 English Level II. I founder. (90 hrs.). Port Cross. Monagas.

2000 SAFE Program. Contrina. Port Cross. Monagas.

1999 English Level I. Founder (90 hrs.). Port Cross. Monagas.

1997 Prevention Against Falls. Contrina. Monagas. Training Advisors. Training and Professional Advisory Corporation, C. A. Maracaibo. Zulia

1997 Conflict Management and Effective Negotiation. Training and Professional Advisory Corporation, C. A. Maracaibo. Zulia

1997 Increase in Communication. Training and Professional Advisory Corporation, C. A. Maracaibo. Zulia

1997 Risk Analysis Leading Processes. CIED. Maracaibo. Zulia

1996 Awareness and Teamwork in Comprehensive Protection. PEQUIVEN. Maracaibo. Zulia

1995 Prevention and Control of H2S. CIED. Paraguana. Falcon

1995 Radiological Protection. CIED. Paraguana Edo. Falcon

1995 Basic Accident Investigation. C.B.I. Venezuelan, S. A. Temblador. Monagas.

1994 Industrial Safety Administration. Engineers College. Caracas.

1992 Emergency Medical Aids (Advanced Level). IUTSI. Valencia. Carabobo

1991 Fire Investigation. IUTSI. Valencia. Carabobo

1990 Basic Rescue (Level I). IUTSI. Valencia. Carabobo

1990 Mountain Survival. IUTSI. Valencia. Carabobo

1990 Urgent Medical Aids (Level II). IUTSI. Valencia. Carabobo

1989 Emergency Medical Aids (Level I). IUTSI. Valencia. Carabobo

1989 Training Industrial Brigades. IUTSI. Valencia. Carabobo

1988 Hygiene and Occupational Safety. Association of University Superior Technicians Venezuela. Maracaibo. Zulia


12/08/2013 Recognition by participation and outstanding work in municipal elections 8 D. Parroquia Cecilio Acosta. Maracaibo Zulia

08/30/2013 Performance certificate as mobilizing patroller in the different Voting Cecilio Acosta Parish Centers. Maracaibo. Zulia

04/10/2013 Recognition valuable collaboration provided to Police Autonomous Institute Municipal. Miranda. Zulia

03/20/2013 Certificate Collaboration in carrying out the intensive course Emergency Management with Africanized Bee. Ministry Popular Power for Agriculture and Lands. AZUAPI. Maracaibo. Zulia

01/24/2013 Dissemination new Environmental Penal Law. INEA. Maracaibo. Zulia

10/07/2012 Certified as Active Militant United Socialist Party of Venezuela for the Mission October 7. Cecilio Acosta. Maracaibo. Zulia

07/12/2012 1st Regional Forum on Water Ballast. INEA. Maracaibo. Zulia

04/06/2012 1st Technological Days. Pequiven Maracaibo. Zulia

06/01/2012 Conference Strategic Planning and Management Control. Corporate Management Safety, Hygiene and Environment. AG Escalona y Asociados. Municipio Libertador. Carabobo

06/13/2011 Coast Guard Exercise Workshop I. CREPAD. Zulia

05/11/2011 Auditors' training workshop under ISO Standard 19,011. INEA. Maracaibo. Zulia

01/12/2010 SHA Facilitator CAPET. Tablazo, Zulia

11/13/2009 Olefinas Seminar. Venezuela. Maracaibo. Zulia

04/04/2008 Brigadier Third Motor "Moral y Luces". Pequiven Tablazo. Zulia

04/02/1998 Emergency Response and Contingency Planning Workshop CEPET. Arthur D. Little, Inc. Maracaibo. Zulia

06/20/1997 VII Conference on Hygiene and Industrial Safety. Ciudad Ojeda. Zulia

06/21/1996 VI Conference on Hygiene and Industrial Safety. Ciudad Ojeda. Zulia

09/26/1991 Expo Seguridad Integral '91. Valencia. Carabobo

06/12/1987 XVIII Regional Youth Festival of Science. Maracaibo. Zulia


Original Language

Spanish (Latin)

Other languages:


Reading: good

Writing: good

Oral expression: good



Strong knowledge Windows use, Office (Microsoft Office, Open Office), Canari Simulation Program, Safe Simulation Program.

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