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Software Engineer Android

Uttar Pradesh, India
November 22, 2018

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Priyank Kumar Singh E-Mail:

Mobile: 083********

To work as an android developer in an organization where I can utilize my skills and knowledge related to mobile development and develop robust applications.


•Sincere and loyal towards every relationship.

•Optimistic attitude.

•Cool temperament.

•Adaptability to change according to circumstances.


•2.3 Year of IT experience in all aspects of Design and Development on Software Development.

•Excellent analytical, logical and programming skills.

•Capacity for Work - Meeting Deadlines.

•Responsible for interaction with the client and capture requirements. Also organize and lead discussions/meetings with managers regarding implementation of the processes.



•Analysing user requirements.

•Designing, developing, coding, troubleshooting and debugging of the software as per the architecture.

•Ensuring smooth implementation and manual testing.


Designation : Software Engineer(Android Developer)

Operating System : Windows, Machintosh

Language : Core Java, J2EE,Basic Knowledge of Spring,XML

IDE : MyEclipse, NetBeans,Android Studio

Database : SQLITE, Oracle 9g

I have good knowledge in Core Java and Strong Logical Strength


Software Engineer

1.App Street

JuLy 2016 to Jan 2017

2.Efleet systems pvt ltd.

Jan 2017 to Present


Project # 1 : Snap Flower Crown Sticker

Platform & Skills : Android SDK, Java, XML

Role: Involved in coding and development of GUI.

Description: Snap flower Crown Stickers is app to developed for user who wants

to create their Image most beautiful and stunning.

1 : Pick your image from your collection(gallery) or click Camera

2 : Apply Amazing Effects on your photo.

3 : Add Different Crown Stickers on your Image.

4 : Add Dog Face,Cat Face and Emoji on your Image

5 : Save and share image with your friends on Social networking Site.

Project # 2 : VehicleInfo


Platform & Skills : Android SDK, Java, XML, Sqlite

Role: Involved in coding and development of GUI.

Description: Vehicle Info is a handy app for the fleet managers to get current details of the drivers, tyres, repair & maintenance of a vehicle. An easy way to access the information without the hassles of login into the browser and running the report. An added feature of driver image on the screen helps in verification of the driver on the vehicle when the vehicle is on the move.


•Project # 3 : TripAdvance


Platform & Skills : Android SDK, Java, XML, Sqlite

Role: Involved in coding and development of GUI.

Description: Remote Advance Management is a mobile app to provide access to remotely situated users to record the Cash Advance and Fuel given to the vehicle to undertaken the trip movement. The value added feature of the application is that all the data captured is stored in the mobile as well, thus gives flexibility to record the details even when the internet connection is not available. The data recorded is synced to the main database at the server end whenever the internet connectivity is available. An option to print the details of the transaction has been provided, thus eliminates the requirement to prepare a manual voucher to record the signature of the person to whom the Cash or Fuel Slip has been provided. The printing can be done by connecting the application to a Bluetooth enabled printer.

• Project # 4 : VdsInfo


Platform & Skills : Android SDK, Java, XML, Sqlite

Role: Involved in coding and development of GUI.

•Project # : Tyre Inspection


Platform & Skills : Android SDK, Java, XML, Sqlite

Role: Involved in coding and development of GUI.

Description : There is a burning need to track and monitor the most mobile asset in a fleet ‘The Tire’. As the fleet size increases the problem of keeping track of the tyres worsen. Inspite of genuine effort from the fleet operator, still the concern about the security of the tires is always haunting the transporter.

Also as tires constitutes to the 2nd highest component of cost in the total cost incurred in running the vehicle, it is equally important to get the maximum running and maximum life’s (multiple remoulds) from the tires.

The only solution for control on your tires and optimum utilization of the tire, it is required to monitor the tire on regular basis.

The current practice for monitoring the tyres is by noting the tyre numbers mentioned on the tyres sidewall on a record book, with the tyre position, air pressure and the thread depth. After taking the data the same has to be punched into a software application to know whether the wearing out of tyre is as expected or there has been more wearing of tyre than expected. The entire process is cumbersome due to which at times the process is half done and thus the whole purpose of recording the tyre details is defeated.

A solution has been designed by using RFID tags to address all the challenges faced in recording the tyre details from the vehicle. With the help of RFID tags identification of the tyres is very quick, accurate and without data recorders interference as the data is recorded electronically. Also with a simple interface between the RFID reader and the software the data is posted directly into the software application, thus reduces the effort of entering the data into the system.



College : Institute of Engineering & Technology, BundelKhand University Jhansi

Stream : Computer Science & Engineering

Aggregate : 64.2%

Duration : 2010-2014


10+2 (Maths) from UP Board Allahabad.

10 from UP Board Allahabad.


Name : Priyank Kumar Singh

Father’s Name : Hare Narayan Singh

Present Location : 23/62,Trilokpur, Delhi

Marital Status : Single

Nationality : Indian

Languages Known : English, Hindi

Place: (Priyank Kumar Singh)

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