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Senior Regional HR Manager - Strategic HR Professional

Pasig, Philippines
November 21, 2018

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Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP®)

*** ********** **. ********* ******* Barangay Manggahan Pasig City, Philippines


Professional History

Position: Regional HR Manager – South East Asia (Shared-Service) Company: PouchNATION

Address: Rockwell, Makati City

Year: January 2, 2018 – Present

Primary Objective(s):

- To serve as the primary point of contact between the Board of Directors, Executives and the Workforce, identifying the gaps and implementing prudent solutions.

- To ensure compliance with the Local Labor Laws of each country wherein the company has operations.

- To create effective and strategic HR processes, policies and programs across the company aligned and integrated to the goals and objectives of the business. Responsibilities:

• Manages and oversee different facets of Human Resources such as: Recruitment, Employee Relations and Engagement, Process Improvement, Policy Design, Business Partnering, Organizational Development, Risk Assessment, Training and Workforce Development, Compensation and Benefits and other(s).

• Conducts strategic meetings with Managers, Department Heads and Executives to identify and provide solutions for Manpower (recruitment), Employee Engagement/Relations, Rewards and Recognitions, Process Improvement and other business-related and HR concerns across six (6) countries.

• Screening, Selecting and Recruiting the best talents (Technical to C-Level positions) through different channels (e.g. Job Portals, Partnership with Local Headhunters, Job Fairs etc.) across six (6) countries. Ensure to comply with the required turn-around time for each vacant role/position.

• Performing market research and trend analysis for a specific position/role, eliminating the risk of creating a redundant position. Creates detailed and accurate Job Description for each vacant position.

• Minimizing the cost by creating a Shared-Service approach for Human Resources.

• Creates Employment Contracts for all level of employees specifically aligned to each labor laws of (6) countries. Ensure that both the employee and the company are protected by the Agreement, Terms and Conditions of the employment.

• Monitoring the Performance Management process and system of the company by creating specific and attainable Key Performance Indicators (KPI), aligned to the goals and objectives of the business.

• Conducts Performance and/or Salary appraisal for employees and ensure that the latter are consistently hitting their KPI’s. Create or maintain attractive compensation and benefits package/plan aligned to the current trend in the market, maximizing the impact of rewards and recognition strategies linking it with both individual and company performance.

• Represents the Company in lawsuits (labor cases), grievances, and complaints across six (6) countries with the assistance of legal counsel(s).

• Making informed business decisions based on data and statistics. Collaborate with each Business Unit/Department to identify gaps and implement changes as needed, designed to maximize productivity.

• Provides guidance and counsel on change management and organizational design initiatives. Implement changes according to business perspective.

• Ensure compliance to the Tax Laws of each country. Represent the whole company to international government agencies such as IRAS (Singapore), Industrial Court of Indonesia and Thai Labour Court etc.

• Expert and highly skilled in the employment regulations of the Philippines. Representing the company in two different government agencies such as DOLE

(Department of Labor and Employment) and NLRC (National Labor Relations Commission) regulations.

• Monitoring the Attrition and Retention rate of the company and identifying the specific drivers. Provide solutions to address the latter.

• Develop a deep understanding of engagement drivers and develop programs that will help boost workforce development and morale; keep an open line of communication between HR and employees via quarterly team meetings

• Create a high performance focused culture through personal leadership, teamwork and the development of individual accountability for performance and growth.

• Recycle or Conceptualize training programs that can help develop the skills of the workforce. Utilize and recycle resources if needed.

• Ensuring that all duties and responsibilities executed by employees of all levels are aligned to the goals and objectives of the business.

• Creating a “family and friendly” environment without losing corporate values.

• Manages the HR Budget and provides accurate reporting to the Board of Directors. Position: HR Advisor

Company: CG Trade

Address: 7919 Silverton Avenue Suite 407 San Diego, CA 92126 United States Year: April 2018 – October 2018

Primary Objective(s):

- To establish the whole Human Resources Department – its processes, policies and standard operating procedures. Assist in establishing its presence here in the Philippines as the biggest Work-From-Home (WFH) based company.

- Assisted the company in Executive Sourcing and Recruitment (C-Levels, Executives and Sr. Managers).

- Drafted the Employee Handbook, Topgrade Methodology, Operations Workflow and as well as Finance Processes.

Position: HR-Business Partner

Company: Acquire Asia Pacific

Address: WCC Bldg. LG-C Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City Year: January 20, 2016 – January 1, 2018

Primary Objective(s):

- To provide the company an efficient and cooperative workforce without compromising quality and standards by conceptualizing and implementing processes and guidelines together with the leaders and managers across the organization, in accordance to the needs and goals of the business.

- To serve as a Strategic and well-rounded HR Business Partner, providing the best practice in performing Human Resource services.

- To ensure 100% satisfaction from the clients, stakeholders and leaders across the organization.

- To create an HR team that can render services in an analytical and strategic approach.


• Managing and resolving basic to complex employee relation issues, conducting effective, thorough and objective investigations.

• Primary point-person of the management on HR Related concerns. Facilitates issuing of memorandums for offenses that merits Verbal, Written, Final or Termination of employment as the corresponding corrective action. Conducts administrative hearing for employees with Terminable Cases (Fraud, Gross and Habitual Negligence, Criminal Acts, Misconduct etc.).

• Provide expert advice, guidance and pro-active support to managers on various HR processes including disciplinary and grievance procedures, performance management procedures, employment law issues, conditions of service.

• Supports for providing vision, leadership, strategic planning, project coordination and management while concurrently facilitating efficient operations to meet current and future business needs and ensure the HR Support Services team provide high quality customer service to employees and management teams.

• Review, maintain, conceptualize and implement the company rules and policies. Advises the management regarding the implementation of the policies. Ensure that every policy is right and just, and is inclined with the Labor Code.

• Handles the initial step for facts and data gathering for both internal and external cases (including and up to drafting the Position Paper)

• Primary representative of the company in SEnA (Single-Entry Approach - DOLE) and Mandatory Conference (MC).

• Maintaining in-depth knowledge of Legal Requirements related to day-to-day management of employees

• Manages more than 2,500 FTE’s Ensuring that all duties and responsibilities executed by employees of all levels are within the SLA’s

• Identify training needs for business units and individual executive coaching needs. Evaluate and monitor the success of all development programs.

• Ensuring that Operations are consistently hitting their goals and targets by identifying and creating business plans in collaboration with the leaders and managers. Analyze trends and metrics in partnership with the HR group to develop solutions, programs and policies.

• Providing performance management guidance to employees.

• Identify and forecast factors that can affect productivity and create plans and strategies to eradicate these factors.

• Plan and Implement processes, activities and programs that will provide and ensure the company a healthy, productive and cooperative workforce.

• Initiates programs and newly conceptualized policies to Operations in collaboration with the Process Improvement Team and Compliance Department.

• Handles and monitor the Exit Management System of the company. Facilitates the monthly Attrition Reporting to the management and foreign clients. Identifies the highest attrition driver and develop a proposal and strategy to lessen the attrition rate (employee retention).

• Facilitates the clearance of separated employees. Endorse separated employees to Accounting and Finance for Final Pay computation.

• Conducts the initial screening of the endorsed applicants by the Recruitment Department. Endorse successful applicants to Operations.

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Position: HR Officer II – Employee Relations / HR Business Partner Company: R.S. Demolition and Construction Services Address: Makati City

Year: October 2012 – December 28, 2015

Areas of Expertise

• Business Partnering

• Process and Policy Design and Improvement

• Case and Conflict Management

• Labor Laws (Local and International)

• Employee Relations

• Organizational Development

• Training/Development and Quality

• Compensation and Benefits

• Leadership

• Risk Assessment

• Employee Engagement

• Recruitment

• Performance Management

• Rewards and Recognition

• Attrition and Retention Management


• Demonstrated expertise and experience in budget control and development skills

• Strong business acumen, Analytical and objective

• Technical expertise in Human Resource specifically Employee and Labor Relations, Performance Management, Employee Engagement and Compensation and Benefits, Business Partnering and Process improvement.

• Excellent conflict management skills

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, capable of establishing rapport and trust. Strong analytical and situational thinking

• Can visualize and develop strategies that can accommodate and address simple to complex business needs. Making sure that every action executed will be beneficial to the company and the business.

• Capable of producing a harmonious work environment between the company and its workforce without compromising quality and standards

• Effective time management, administration and organizational skills

• Capable of handling constant pressure without decreasing the quality of work

• Trained to adjust accordingly to different type of situations and personalities

Projects Handled

• SOC-II and PCI Global Accreditation (Acquire Asia Pacific)

• Zero Risk Tolerance Policy (Acquire Asia Pacific)

• Topgrade Methodology – Recruitment, Training, Performance Management, Coaching

(CG Trade)

• Interactive Performance Management System – UpUpApp (PouchNATION)


Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP®)

(IFPM Philippines, International Federation of Professional Managers) October 21, 2017

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