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Software Developer/Web Developer

Los Angeles County, CA
November 21, 2018

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Momentum-Tracker is a personal web application that tracks daily workouts. List of exercises are populated based on desire muscle group wanting to target and then can be added to workout plan. Each exercise in a workout plan will then be updated based on reps and weight used. Each exercise will provide a history of information and also have a graph representation. The graph is plotted based on 1 rep max calculated by the reps and weight which provides an easy outlook on strength progression.

Technologies Utilized:

Mongodb,Express,Angular,Node.js,Bootstrap,Chart.js,Bootstrap Coding Me!:

Coding Me! is an web application where users may go online and practice their knowledge of programming. Users may select a variety of languages to practice through quizzes. Upon completing quizzes points are earned that can be used to buy items such as: weapons,auras, and backgrounds to dress up the User’s avatar. Users can earn bragging rights as they climb up the ranking list to be the top dog. Technologies Utilized:

Python, Jquery, Django,Stripe Api,Bootstrap

Languages :Python, Java, JavaScript,TypeScript,HTML5,CSS3,ES6 Frameworks :Express, Angular 2+, Django, Flask, Spring,Node.js Databases:NoSQL(MongoDB), SQL(MySQL, SQLite)

Libraries:Jquery,Bootstrap,, APIs

Chau’s Nails and Spa, Las Vegas, NV - 04/2012 - 07/2017 Manager

● Oversaw all maintenance such as lighting and spa chair repairs which decrease yearly maintenance cost by over 40%

● Managed payroll to ensure employees were paid in a timely manner

● Maintained inventory by ordering and tracking supplies

● Created a new system to retain customers after a bad experience which increase customer satisfaction and increase return rate by 20%

University of Nevada, Las Vegas - 2011-2016

Coding Dojo, Burbank - 04/2018 - 08/2018

Certificate of Completion

● Intensive 14 week, 70+ hours a week, accumulating over 1000 hours of coding experience in three stacks(Python, MEAN, Java).

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