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Engineer Software

Freehold Township, NJ
November 24, 2018

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I am an accomplished Senior Embedded Software professional with over 35 years experience in the application of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) techniques for the analysis, design, coding and testing of real-time embedded systems.


Embedded Systems, Software Development and Integration, Requirements Analysis, Digital Signal Processors, Microprocessors, Assembly Language, C, C++, QT C++, C#, WPF, DSP BIOS, MIL-STDs, Reverse Engineering, In-circuit debugging, Field Testing, SW Quality Assurance Processes, Spectrum Analyzer, Logic Analyzer, Regression Testing, Source code management, Requirements Management, MILSTD-1553 bus, ARINC, Real-time Data Acquisition, Eclipse, ARINC, Rational Rose Real Time, real-time processing, VxWorks, pSOS, Multi-Tasking, Linux, TI Code Composer, OMAP-3730, MicroController, Microchip PIC, MS Visual Studio C++, Deadline Monotonic Analysis, Software Architectural Design, Dead-line critical processes, Matlab, Multitasking, Signal Processing, Object Oriented Analysis, Object Oriented Design, User Interface Design (GUI), Microsoft Office, Ubuntu, CMMI Level 3


Accomplished Software professional with extensive years of experience in Systems Engineering applications/System Life Cycle techniques for the analysis and design of real-time embedded systems.

Have developed engineering skills in the following non-project related software development processes:

Requirements Analysis and Traceability Process

Architectural Design and Functional Breakdown Process

Implementation Process

Integration Process

Verification/Regression Testing Process

Acceptance Test Process

Adept at Reverse Engineering when necessary.

Waterfall Development Environment

Agile Development Environment

Field testing and evaluation

Lifetime maintenance and product support

Software implementation skills include:

Lead project engineer

Use of Object Oriented Development (ODD)

Use of Deadline Monotonic Analysis to design dead-line critical processes.

Develop code for real-time embedded systems in both microprocessors and DSPs

Use of both High Order Language (Frequent usage C, C++, Matlab [Signal Processing, C/C++, TI’s Code Composer, VxWorks, DSP/BIOS], In-frequently: Visual Basic, Java, Python ) and native assembler (target processor assembly language)

Adept in software/hardware/systems integration phase

Interrupting schematics and component specifications with respect to computer software requirements.

Use of various J-Tag probes, In-circuit emulators, and logic analyzers and other engineering lab equipment.

Comfortable with interfacing with customers for design, proposal, or program progress presentations.

Trained in Software Engineering requirement tracing techniques

Experienced in quality assurance/control procedures

Experienced in Life Time Maintenance and Product Improvement Upgrades.


New Jersey Institute of Technology (formally Newark College of Engineering) B.S.E.E


Secret (current)

TS/SCI w/poly (current)

No relocation.


LGS Innovations – Senior Software Engineer Sept-2017 – May-2018

As a Senior Software Engineer I work on design, documenting, developing and test for special purpose Software Defined Radios. Most recently, I was modifying DSP “C” functions for TI’s OMAP-3730 ARM/DSP microprocessor.

Advanced Sciences and Technology - Principle Member Engineer July 2016 – Feb 2017

As a contract engineer working at Lockheed Martin in Moorestown, N.J., I worked with a team of people in Software Testing and Verification for the Aegis Radar and Tracking System for the U.S.Navy.

Lightage, Inc - Sr. Embedded Software Engineer June 2015 – July 2016

Lightage, Inc designs and manufactures laser medical equipment for skin and eye care. I am responsible for embedded firmware design and support as well as GUI based control and operational programs.

Aerotek Engineering Sr Software Engineer Oct 2014 – April -2015

Worked as a contract engineer for General Dynamics company on project customer sensitive material. Developed User Interface software using C++, C#, WPF, and Microsoft .Net in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 to develop complex GUIs for scientific equipment control and data collection.

NDI Engineering Consulting Firm – SW Test Engineer Mar 2014 – Oct 2014

Software Test Engineer for US Navy’s Carrier Automated Landing and Takeoff Control System at Lakehurst Air Navel Station.. Worked with a group of test engineers in writing and executing test procedures for verifying operational readiness of a large local area, closed network informational system for automated control of many integrated shipboard systems displaying aircraft status, vehicle location, weapons inventory, and air traffic control information.

Short Term Disability Jan 2014 – Mar 2015

Temporarily disabled with broken ankle.

Career Searching May 2013 – Jan 2014

Search for suitable vehicle to advance engineer career goals.

Applied Communication Sciences - Senior Embedded Software Engineer Nov 2008 – May 2013

Projects 6 - Distributive Channel Sounding

Using USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) SDR (Software Defined Radio) devices, transmit known frame sequences to multiple receiver radios for data collection. A channel sounder is used to record a sequence of Channel Impulse Responses (CIR). Traditionally, the CIR data are analyzed to estimate the path parameters of propagation model to deduce statistical channel models for radio link performance evaluation. The USRP uses the TI OMAP-3730 processor running Linux on the ARM7 core.

Projects 5 - Cognitive Radio Network

Reconstruct a lab based, RF hard wired, AD_HOC wireless network using ALIX based wireless nodes replace with GumStix FireStorm (OMAP3530 running Linux on the ARM7 core) base wireless unit transmitting through the air. The objective is to exercise network routing robustness under jammer radio attack.

Projects 4 - White Space

Optimize the White Space height mapping algorithms by translating from Java to C/C++ and using improved file, memory allocation, and data structure techniques to improve processing time to calculate a for single Height Above Average point of interest.

Projects 3E - BOSS Cognitive Radio Program Phase III

Define DSP requirements specification, design, code, and test of SDR Phase III DSP software development and provided multi-core integration of other hardware core components.

Develop real-time waveform analysis process in TI’s OMAP3730 GPP/6416 DSP (using TI’s DSP-BIOS) from Matlab special purpose signal processing algorithms. The required skills on this program include designing a multitasking priority scheduled process with a custom designed FPGA and slaved to the OMAP application program as well as using the Matlab “C” code generator.

Projects 3D- Develop overall DSP software architecture for BOSS Radio.

Designed, coded and tested the MasterThreadProxy task in the DSP that receives signals from the radio framework and schedules a DSP functional task to execute functions based on an input data message from the main control processor or the FPGA processor..

Projects 3C – BOSS Radio FPGA/DSP Interface design

Developed and tested the interface method between the DSP and the FPGA using shared memory and the radio framework interface.

Projects 3B BOSS Radio Control Processor/DSP Interface design

Developed and tested the interface method between the DSP and the ARM Control program using shared memory and the radio framework interface

Projects 3A - BOSS Cognitive Radio Program Phase II

SDR Phase II Testing of the Cobham Software Defined Radio by developing software tools (GUIs and APPs) in Matlab that facilitate radio control and capture to disk functions as well as post data processing using Matlab.

Projects 2 - MIMO spatial adaptivity IRAD

Develop real-time laboratory demonstrations of MIMO spatial adaptively with the MIMO Cognitive Adaptive Test bed (MCAT). The hardware being used is the Spectrum SDR 3000 Software Defined Radio. The software tools used are the Tornado2.2 Development System with VXWorks, C/C++ compiler, the TI Code Warrior Development System with RTOS and C/C++ compile.

Projects 1 - Matlab translation to C for complex matrix operations

Develop methodologies and reusable software libraries that will facilitate the translation of Matlab to ANSI “C” for embedded target computers. The libraries currently support complex and matrix operations as well as a selected group of Matlab functions. My object is to continue to grow the library as future Matlab to ANSI “C” translations require more features.

Sensor Technologies Inc - Senior Software Engineer Mar 2006 - Nov 2008

Projects 2 - Advanced Heads-Up Display (AHUD) Universal Test Set (UTS)

Provide support for the Advanced Heads-Up Display (AHUD) Universal Test Set (UTS). Supporting the UTS involves the addition of new platforms and interfacing to new variations of the Operational Program (OP) of the Signal Data Converter (SDC) software. Third party PCI bus cards where used to provide I/O capabilities such as A/D & D/A, MIL-STD-1553 bus, and ARINC to a PC using vendor supplied APIs via DLLs. Software developed under this contract was designed, coded, and tested to CMMI Level 3

Projects 1 - Ground Standoff Mine Detection System (GSTAMIDS)

Provide support and consultation to Ft Monmouth RDECOM CERDEC SEC Software Program Manager on the Ground Standoff Mine Detection System (GSTAMIDS), by attending and reviewing contractor detailed design reviews and documentation/software source code

Lockheed Martin - Senior Member Engineering Staff Aug 2005 - Mar 2006

Support design, code and debug of SPY-1 AEGIS Radar System digital signal processing firmware. Also support design, code and test for modifications for test bed simulator to support new firmware features.

Goodrich Aerospace, Ceder Knolls, NJ - Senior Software Engineer Aug 2004 - Feb 2005

Support design, code, and debug of real-time embedded software for airborne brake and actuator systems

Raritan Computer, Somerset, NJ - Senior Test Engineer Mar 2004 - Aug 2004

Support and test software for KVM(Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switching systems. Develop test plan and configure a testing environment for KVM devices and networking software.

Princeton Power Systems, Lawrenceville, NJ - Embedded Software Engineer Jan 2004 - Mar 2004

Provide consulting for real-time DSP power management system. I did some work developing and optimizing DSP C code using TI’s Code Developer’s Studio IDE for embedded software running on TI’s BIOS Real-time Operating System. Performed integration and test of power monitoring and control firmware.

ArrayComm, Inc., Freehold, NJ - Senior Embedded Software Engineer July 2001 – July 2003

ArrayComm, Inc. has spent the last ten years developing the iBurst wireless protocol used for broadband internet access The Freehold office was responsible to over-see the design and development of the first commercial grade prototypes of the iBurst modem.

Project - iBurst User Terminal

Develop hardware test and verification software for the prototype production testing of sub-level boards and integrated modem sets

Test and Debugging of the pre-production modems. Develop test procedures for vendor acceptance testing

Prototype Redesign - Worked with the system and hardware engineers in reducing the cost and form factor of the next generation modem while maintaining the integrity of the current hardware and software prototype design.

Telcordia Technologies, Red Bank, NJ – Senio r Embedded Software Engineer Sept 1999 – July 2001

Project - Wireless Local-Loop(WLL) Personnel Access Communication System (PACS)

Designed and developed the baseband controller program for the Radio Port (RP) units. Wrote the Interface Design Document (IDD) for the Radio Port Controller Unit (RPCU) RP/RPCU Embedded Operations Channel.

Implemented the Board Support Package (BSP) for the pSOS Real-Time Operating System running on a PowerPC 850

Designed, coded and tested the Data Link Layer (DLL) of the air protocol stack for the RPCU using ObjecTime Code Developer Tool and C++ . ObjecTime is a software modeling tool that generates C++ source code based on ROOM state diagrams. The resulting code targeted the PowerePC 850 using pSOS real-time operating system environment.

Performed integration and test of the WLL hardware and software.

Mikros Systems Corp, Princeton, NJ 1990 - 1999

Senior Software Engineer

Project 3 - Wireless FM Modem

Developed multi-DSP demodulator software for FM Receiver/Demodulator for use in commercial data broadcasting systems. This was a proof of concept program to devise a method of using hi-speed DSP processing for a voice paging application

Project 2B - U.S. Navy LINK-11A Data Terminal Set (CSDTS/MFL) Modem

Co-project leader of team that developed a DTS Modem for U.S. Navy using a M68040, 1750A and DSP. to modulate/demodulate TADAL-A LINK-11A waveform and protocol. The LINK-11A modem Controller, written in C targeting the M68040 running pSOS Real-Time Operating System, controlled up to four TADAL SBCs. The SBC executive software, written in native machine language for the 1750A running the Mikros RTOS described in Project 2A, controlling two TI DSPs. . The digital signal processing software written in “C” for the TMS-32020 DSP running the SPOX Real-Time Operating System, performed simultaneous signal modulation/demodulation. I was responsible for writing parts of the software in all three CSCIs and lead system integration and testing.

Project 2A - MIL-STD-1750A Multi-tasking, Multi-processor, Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)

Developed a Multi-tasking, multi-processor, real-time operating system for the MIL-STD-1750A in native machine language for use in the Single Board Computer (SBC) version of the LINK-11A Tactical Data Set application. The RTOS was used in an application that integrated the 1750A with 2 DSPs (TI32030) . The DSPs used Spectrum's SPOX RTOS as the basic OS. Designed an inter-processor I/O mechanism that would permit both OSs to treat external threads as local (proxy) threads within their own operating system

Project 1 - Multi-Chip Module Beamformer Software Demo

Developed a non-real time Beamformer Software application for demo of purposed SoC hardware. This was a research effort to examine the possibility of using DSP (AD2100) and MID-STD 1750A microprocessor cores with associated I/O and memory devices on a single low-power surface mount chip

Lockheed Electronics Company, Plainfield, NJ - Senior Staff Software Engineer 1983 - 1990

Project 4 - Un-manned Air Vehicle (UAV) Embedded Controller Radar Tracking Software and Control program

Electro/Optical Tracking Study

Software Engineer responsible for optical tracking system software IRAD.

Project 3 - IntraPulse Processor:

High-speed radar signal processor with embedded software control. This application, designed to control custom Lockheed CAM hardware, used a M68000 running pSOS Real-Time Operating System.

Project 2 - ADA Real-Time Embedded Systems IRAD

Responsible for software study IRAD to determine the feasibility of using ADA in real-time embedded system applications. Attended “Programming in ADA’ course sponsored by Ft Monmouth’ CECOM group. Worked with CECOM’s SEC PM for ADA Development in trying to structure study IRADs related to ADA running in real-time embedded systems.

Project 1 - PIVADS Weapon Control System

Lead Software Engineer for PIVADS Weapon Control target and tracking software and BIT program.(Production version)

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