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Manager Sap

Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
November 24, 2018

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Adrian/Kwizera, SAP ABAP Developer, CSM, PM Member of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland (M.IEI number - 464731)

(Warsaw, Poland)




SAP ABAP Software Development SAP R/3 ( ECC 6.0) ABAP, SAP BAPI’s, BADI, SMARTFORMS, SAP Scripts, SAP Adobe Forms, Interactive Reports, Module Pool Programs, User Exits, Screen Exits, Function Exits, BDC, ALV and Data Dictionary

Sr. SAP ABAP DEVELOPER / Technical Consultant (RICEF Concepts) - Modules: FI/SD/MM/HCM

Sr. GDPR Implementation Technical Consultant (HR Master Data Management)

Former Chairman / President of REAAD Ltd – a Voluntary Organization based in Dublin, Ireland EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Extensive involvement in all levels of relationship building as a dedicated SAP ABAP Developer / SAP ABAP Technical Consultant, effectively leading and delivery SAP projects (ERP & CRM), demonstrating corporate infrastructure and establishing new technology environments, delivering upon traditional experiment execution needs, as well as unlocking opportunities for R&D innovation and competitive advantages

Skilled project manager with years of exemplary service in diverse IT roles. Passionate about utilizing my knowledge and skills to lead technical staff and manage projects. Expert in several project management software and database user interface software programs. Varied experience, including transition programs, administrative roles, and serving as a liaison between technical and business staff. Received multiple accolades, including Employee of the Month. Demonstrated ability to communicate in technical terms with IT professionals and work directly with other staff to explain projects in an understandable manner to ensure projects run smoothly

Flexible leader with proven ability to professionally manage multiple projects, and thrive in a rapidly changing technology and business environment, while scaling for R&D excellence and global expansion

Authentic expert lead volunteer committed to diversity and the practices that create a passionate, high energy and rewarding working environment, with the ability to inspire a diverse, multi-generational workforce and that recognizes and rewards collaboration, performance and inclusion EDUCATION

(University of Dublin, Trinity College – Ireland’s Premier University) (Dublin, Ireland) (2008-2012)

Level of education: Degree (Level 8 on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications)

Awards: Honors Degree in Computer Science and Statistics

Training: 4 years Training in Software Testing, Analysis and Development

(University of Dublin, Trinity College – Ireland’s Premier University) (Dublin, Ireland) (2006-2008)

Level of education: Diploma (Level 6 on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications)

Awards: Diploma in Information Systems and Project Management

Training: 2 years in Project Management and Training in Information Systems OTHER EDUCATION

(Scrum Alliance) (London, United Kingdom) (Mar 2015 – Mar 2017)

Level of education: Professional Certified Scrum Master

Awards: Certificate in Professional Agile Practice

Training: SDLC Agile Principles & Practices (Certificate expiry = 2 years) CORE SKILLS & YEARS EXPERIENCE

SAP ABAP (Development-RICEF concepts) 5+ SAP WEBDYNPRO Development 4+ SAP ABAP BADIs, SMARTFORMS 4+ SAP ERP & SAP CRM Development 4+ Project Management & Volunteering 8+ Certified Agile Scrum Master 4+ SAP Support Engineering 4+ Matrix Management 6+

ILM (Information Life Cycle Management) 2+ Cross Organizational Data Management 6+ E-Commerce Development 3+ SAP Workflow Implementation 3+ SAP Enhancements 4+ SAP FI, SD, HCM, MM 4+


(KMD Denmark) (Project Manager & SAP ABAP Developer) (Denmark & Poland) (Dec 2015-Present) SAP ABAP DEVELOPMENT / SAP ABAP TECHNICAL CONSULTING

Proposing and guiding the implementation of agile software development across KMD departments utilizing lean methodologies to accelerate the delivery of business value and compliance, through a process of continuous planning and feedback, to identify, recommend, develop, implement and maximise business value throughout the software development process

Designing, developing and delivering SAP business applications, software solutions and services of the highest quality, that meet KMD’s business requirements

SAP ABAP Technical Implementation of SAFT (electronic tax declarations) as a direct mandate of The Ministry of Finance of Denmark, which requires submission of VAT records electronically through the JPK_VAT file

(VAT Uniform Control File), both for Danish businesses and those operating in the country

Supporting the development, testing, operations, and break-fix production support of KMD’s IT landscape, & executing against quality assurance test plans, as per software development / engineering requirements

Spearheading the development of custom improvements, such as pricing implementation on the WEB- DYNPRO E-commerce solution

Developing SAP implicit enhancements and other enhancements based on refined requirements acceptance criteria

Developing comprehensive ILM-enabled ERP data management solutions in alignment with GDPR data privacy mandates

Technical implementation of Credit Management – triggering of SAP workflow once credit limit has exceeded acceptable level

Expert technical knowledge of SAP ABAP RICEF Concepts

Active participation in several sprint meetings with both nearshore and offshore development teams GDPR COMPLIANCE PROJECT MANAGER

Developing IT strategies and road maps for real time data retention and management, collaborating closely with Architecture in ensuring end to end process and data flow

Coordinating status meetings to identify, recommend, develop, implement GDPR-ready software development processes and practices

Planning & executing against robust project planning and management plans, ensuring accurate tracking of planned deliverables in terms of GDPR scope data

Contributing, as appropriate, to matrix management and downstream business activities such as technical publications in Solution Manager, ensuring streamlined reuse of process road maps

Developing project plans for both internal ERP, CRM and other systems such as BI / BW (Business Intelligence / Business Warehouse)

Developing working proofs of concept (archiving and deletion of personal data based on retention periods and rules defined in respective ILM policies)

Planning and developing system-wide custom Audit areas, and assigning them to custom ILM objects

Planning strategic initiatives aimed at streamlining data retention and deletion, such as; automation of the archiving process using background jobs in SM36

Coordinating meetings with internal and external teams in relation to GDPR scope data for both internal and external entities (HR Master Data & Customer Contact Person Data)

Participating in project management workshops, contributing appropriately to GDPR scope data process improvements

Creating and analysing process road maps, as well as coordinating resources for rapid and improved system implementation

Supervising, assigning duties, and coordinating work schedules of information technology staff and assisting them in resolving complex issues

Identifying resource requirements and managing budgets for resource allocation

Developing new information communication procedures, emphasizing continued collaboration, over comprehensive documentation

Creating, implementing, and monitoring detailed projects to ensure standards and deadlines are met GDPR COMPLIANCE TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION CONSULTANT

Working with the client’s management and technical teams, undertaking risk, compliance, privacy and third- party supplier assessments

Undertaking information security gap analysis and audits against established standards and regulations

Analysing findings and translating needs into actionable recommendations

Designing and developing a prototype for the new business model (Project GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation), that the business is going to adopt as the framework for mitigating data protection and privacy

Creating and presenting detailed findings and recommendations reports, providing added value and thought leadership

Creating and reviewing risk management and information security frameworks and policies

Creating and delivering security awareness training material

Chairing information security committee meetings with clients

Participating in lessons learned exercise to create recommendations for improving future engagements

Analysing personal data in internal SAP systems to identify, recommend, develop, implement and maintain qualified software development processes and practices

Developing & executing a working POC (Proof of Concept) against GDPR compliance mandates, ensuring acceptance criteria is met for personal data on internal SAP systems

Creating and configuring custom ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) archive objects in SAP ERP & CRM systems, based on retention periods of personal data from HR Legal teams

Implementing best practice software development through automation, test driven development, performance optimization, continuous integration and delivery

Developing a working POC for tracking of personal data access in internal SAP systems

Developing custom Archive and Delete programs for HR Master Data in alignment with GDPR compliance mandates

Examining other systems for example BI/BW (Business Intelligence) for traces of personal data

Collaborating with other cross-functional teams to determine scope of personal data within their systems

Participating in several meetings to show case working proofs of concept during each iteration / project sprint

(SAP Ireland) (Queue Manager & SAP ABAP Developer Consultant) (Dublin, Ireland) (Oct 2014-Dec 2015) SOFTWARE ENGINEERING / DEVELOPMENT

Worked on a fixed-term contract, within an agile setting and across departments to identify, recommend, develop, implement and maintain qualified software development processes and practices

Developed & executed against quality assurance test plans, ensuring acceptance criteria is met for all incoming software development / engineering requirements

Contributed, as appropriate, to downstream business activities such as technical publications in (JIRA + Confluence) to ensure streamline effective use of SAP's software products and their applications

Developed CRM enhancements, improving the customer insights strategy by up to 68%

Conducted on going meetings and communications with business and IT team members for solution research and identified new/ modified business scenarios

Developed SAP enhancements and User Exits based on refined requirements acceptance criteria

Developed IDOCS for data transfer as well as BDC (Batch Data Communication)-enabled programs

Developed Smart Forms for both English and Arabic-based SAP clientele

Participated in several agile training workshops ultimately becoming a Certified Scrum Master SCRUM MASTER

Acted as the main point of contact for a small technical team, effectively applying best agile principles as a Certified Scrum Master

Collaborated across different scrum teams, ensuring the adoption of best agile principles & practices

Contributed to and managed various process improvements, as well as new technical solutions

Developed bi-weekly action plans in the form of user stories to be delivered on a sprint by sprint basis

Applied good management skills in mitigating impediments

Acted as the main point of contact for the scrum team HP-ALM AUTOMATION

Designed an automation testing framework. Transmission of Requirements, Test Plans and Test Sets to HP- ALM is triggered by uploading appropriate Excel with mandatory fields correctly maintained.

Technologies: SAP ABAP, Python, DJANGO, CSS, JavaScript

(SAP Ireland) (SAP Support Applications Manager) (Dublin, Ireland) (Sep 2012-Sep 2014) As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the center of today’s business and technology revolution. I worked as a Support Queue Manager and Support Engineer on a 2-year fixed-term contract, effectively utilizing my engineering skills in driving the growth of SAP businesses across the globe SUPPORT QUEUE MANAGEMENT

Managed an engineering team conducting incremental development and support on internal financial systems, supporting the operational and developmental requirements of SAP

Managed SAP’s Support Engineering queue on a rolling basis, covering both EMEA and Brazil regions, effectively increasing the efficiency of SAP incident resolution and systems implementation by up to 13% within one year

Improved business operations by adhering to rigorous IT portfolio management, ensuring timely incident resolution, and delivery of projects that achieve expected benefits

Demonstrated capability to manage, maintain, apply and influence data, application and technical architecture within multiple, global functional domains APPLICATION SUPPORT ENGINEERING

Contributed to process improvements by creating a performance-based KBA (Knowledge Based Article) that effectively enhanced the performance of SAP mass activity runs and other related SAP processes

Performed incident root cause and structural analysis in development systems, and provided qualified responses to all support incidents with low-very high priority

Provided remote technical support for SAP’s Product and Quotation Management insurance application

(CAMILION-Java-based application) supporting Canadian firms and the Canadian government

Worked in collaboration with SAP’s offshore development teams in ensuring delivery of top-notch solutions


Skills Acquired: SAP ABAP, Organizational, Customer service, Team work

(DELL Ireland) (Application Support Engineer) (Dublin, Ireland) (Jul 2006-Jul 2008) Dell provides technology solutions, services and support. I worked as an Application Support Engineer on a short-term contract, supporting DELL customers within the EMEA region. APPLICATION SUPPORT ENGINEERING

Worked closely with software development teams in providing essential primary support for all operational data systems

Continuously evaluated and improved support procedures, including the implementation of required tools and associated run-time environments

Participated in eService content creation (self-service) and maintenance such as chat, Knowledge base content and support forums

Applied technical knowledge in analyzing and troubleshooting system issues in complex customer environment

Effectively communicated procedural and technical issues to both internal and external customers

Validated technical information and issued early warnings, disseminating information as needed

Performed maintenance, carried out manual checks using monitoring tools to detect failures/issues

Investigated performance degradation and resolved issues, ensuring team activities and processes were completed within scope

Acted as the main point of contact for technical service consultants, and worked with external third parties in ensuring product compliance and stability


Carried out tests on complex customer environments, providing remote technical consulting, support and quality assurance expertise as needed

Effectively communicated issues arising from quality assurance tests on various mission critical systems

Technologies: UNIX, LDAP, SQL server

Skills Acquired: UNIX, Team work, Organizational, Directory services experience: LDAP, NIS VOLUNTEERING EXPERIENCE

(REAAD Ireland) (Founding President and CEO) (Dublin, Ireland) (Sep 2010-Sep 2014) Co-founded REAAD Ireland (Rural Education for the Advancement of African Development), an Irish voluntary organization whose mission is to supply used and out-dated primary school books (English & Maths) from Ireland to disadvantaged primary schools in East-Africa.

Acted as the main point of contact in a small team and contributed, as appropriate, to downstream Business activities such as drafting of bi-weekly action points, and collectively liaising with Educate Together schools

Stayed abreast of the voluntary industry and field developments; remaining current in the latest compliance guidelines, as well as the ever-evolving needs of students in disadvantaged communities

Worked with management in supporting other internal and external partners, as and when appropriate, in responding to quality auditing practices

Skills Acquired: Volunteering, Organizational, Team work

(Camara Education Dublin) (P/T Volunteer) (Dublin, Ireland) (Aug 2006-Aug 2008) Camara is an Irish charitable organization dedicated to using technology in improving the education and livelihood of disadvantaged communities around the world. Worked as part of a technical team, refurbishing computers in preparation for shipment oversees.

Acted as the main point of contact for technical team and reported directly to the project manager

Attended and positively contributed to bi-weekly action meetings/workshops aimed at facilitating training of IT personnel intending to travel and teach Computing to disadvantaged communities in Africa

Skills Acquired: Volunteering, Organizational, Team work

(St. Vincent De Paul) (P/T Volunteer – Shop Assistant) (Dublin, Ireland) (Sep 2005-Sep 2006) The Society of St. Vincent De Paul is an Irish charitable organization dedicated to improving the education and livelihood of disadvantaged communities in Ireland. I worked as a shop assistant for the duration of 1 year.

Sorted incoming donations, liaising directly with the public within the picturesque of Dun-Laoghaire

Carried out replenishment on-sale duties, effectively increasing overall net sales by up to 8%

Intermittently placed tags on new items, and carried out general floor monitoring

Skills Acquired: Volunteering, Organisational, Customer service, Team work KEY PROJECTS COMPLETED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF DUBLIN, TRINITY COLLEGE

GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) technical project (funded by Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Bank, & BOA)

-Downloaded and analysed financial and regulatory data from Lexis Nexis and Wolters Kluwer

-Performed sentence level and sentiment analysis of distributed financial data, and my research indicated a positive cross-correlation between levels of sentiment and market activity

DSS (Decision Support System) project utilizing python – DJANGO, CSS and SQL

-Designed and implemented a decision support system using the DJANGO python framework

-Implemented relational database management (Answers to Questions triggering Recommendations)

DFS (Distributed File System) project utilizing UNIX, python and the REST API framework

-Designed data models representing a non-commercial distributed file system

-Implemented model functionality (file upload and download) using the REST API infrastructure MEMBERSHIP EXPERIENCE

Member of the Computer Science Alumni of the University of Dublin, Trinity College

Member of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland (M.IEI)

Member of the Irish Computer Science Society (ICS)

Member of Scrum Alliance USA

Other Memberships: Member of the European Union (EU) – IRISH Citizen SAP CERTIFICATIONS

ABAP Development for SAP HANA

HR + Finance with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Success Factors

Writing Testable Code for ABAP

SAP HANA Data Management


Ability to translate technical issues into business terms

Commercial and technical understanding of information security frameworks and eco-systems

Experience at leading, implementing or auditing IT controls or information security frameworks

Knowledge of common IT risk and controls standards such as COBIT, COSO, ISO 27001, ISO 31000, SANS CSC, Cyber Essentials and the Data Protection Act

Understanding of the range of technical IT and business controls available to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of data

Understanding customer environments and the ability to work with both technical teams and senior management to identify issues and risks

Excellent customer relationship skills, creation and presentation skills

Knowledge and experience of GDPR project management and implementation

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