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Engineer Software

Ogden, UT
November 24, 2018

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Pleasant Grove, UT **062



Senior software engineer with 12 years of experience. Highly motivated, autodidactic and a good problem solver. Worked in a variety of distributed systems architectures, including big data solutions, large scale web services and game servers. Areas of expertise are network programming, scaling and automation.


Lead Software Engineer, VDCworx

Farr West, UT 2018

Automated several processes and tasks in AutoCAD using AutoLISP. Added a number of extensions to AutoLISP, including macros and a preprocessor. Created a build tool for AutoLISP, with these extensions, in Golang. Accomplishments

● Increased productivity for BIM engineers in AutoCAD.

● Streamlined automation of tasks in Fabrication.

● Provided Linux, AWS and IT support.

Senior Software Engineer, The VOID

Pleasant Grove, UT 2017

Provided tooling support in a highly heterogeneous environment. Assisted in scaling, stabilizing and automating several major systems. Helped design and architect various other systems.


● Created a virtual environment with Vagrant.

● Provided effective load testing support using Gatling.

● Built tools with Go.

● Assisted in integrating Logstash, Grafana and SaltStack Server & Game Programmer, React! Games

Salt Lake City, UT 2013-2017

Worked on gameplay and multiplayer features for several mobile and console games. Led teams that designed and implemented game servers. Lead a research project involving computer vision and artificial intelligence. Setup internal development tools and assisted in IT automation. Accomplishments

● Sped up multiplayer development of console game by implementing high-level networking library. The high-level library managed object synchronization and ordered message passing, while allowing a low- level UDP-like adapter to be injected. This was built with C# and ran in Unity 3D.

● Improved quality of final product and shortened development time of research project by implementing a stable and flexible architecture. This was built with Java, Scala and Akka.

● Increased team productivity by setting up local development tools for working with large projects. These tools involved AWS EC2, AWS S3, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins and GitLab.

Server Engineer, Independent Contractor

Salt Lake City, UT 2011-2012

Designed and implemented an architecture for a distributed system involving data aggregation and processing. Improved performance and stability of several existing web services and back-end solutions. Assisted in maintaining and migrating many websites and databases.


● Improved performance of website by identifying and fixing hot spots in database access.

● Saved company money by migrating website to cloud based solution. Server Engineer, Qualtrics

Provo, UT 2011

Implemented new, and fixed existing, back-end features. Participated in quality assurance and regression testing by building unit tests and setting up testing environments. Spearheaded research in sentiment analysis and implemented algorithms for analyzing large amounts of data. Assisted in migrating massive amounts of data from MySQL to HBase. Assisted in provisioning and automating the production environment.


● Expedited a much needed feature for a high profile client, without interfering with the development cycle.

● Prevented several major bugs from reaching production by providing broad test coverage.

● Successfully built initial sentiment analysis system by studying several research and academic papers on the subject. This system used R and HBase

Server & Game Programmer, Silverlode Interactive

Provo, UT 2007-2011

Added many new gameplay features, along with debug and testing features to speed up development. Fixed a variety of bugs both in the game and the engine. Optimized network traffic and fixed a massive number of bugs and crashes due to a faulty server architecture. Setup and maintained the production environment and improved the deployment process. Accomplishments

● Reduced the time and labor required to build and deploy the game and the servers – originally it took 8 hours and I got it down to 25 minutes.

● Isolated and fixed a major crash in the game by carefully managing a team of programmers and testers.

● Successfully designed and implemented a localization system, which handled over 75,000 words of text, without requiring any significant changes to the architecture of the game or the servers. SKILLS

● Scalable Architecture, Game Programming, Network Programming

● C, C++, Java, Scala, C#, Go, Python, Ruby, MatLab, R, JavaScript, Lisp, Bash

● Git, Mercurial, GitLab, GNU Make, CMake, Apache Ant, Maven, SBT, JIRA

● Akka, Play, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Unity 3D

● MySQL, PostgreSQL, HBase, MongoDB, Riak, Redis, Elasticsearch

● Linux, Apache, Nginx, Puppet, Ansible, AWS EC2 and S3, Vagrant, Docker, Automation, DevOps, Logstash, Grafana, SaltStack, Powershell, Jenkins

● RabbitMQ, Kafka, FFmpeg, OpenCV, Android Development, iOS Development, Consul

● Gatling, gRPC, Protocol Buffers, Thrift

● AutoCAD, AutoLISP and Fabrication

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