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Customer Service Manager

Santa Ana, CA
50 k
November 24, 2018

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Mario A. Magana

***** ********* ***. ***** ****, CA. 90280



** *****’ Applicants Attorney as well as Defense Attorney experience

** *****’ Workers Comp., Personal Injury & Civil Litigation & Consumer Credit Financial Law

12 years’ Call Center Rep., Customers Service Rep. & Case Manager experience

6 years’ Administrative Assistant experience

Great work ethics, punctuality and professionalism

Driven and motivated individual who brings a willingness to learn

Team player & efficient in following directions

All Windows, proficient in MS Office, Ikase, A1 Law, Abacus, Tritech, Power Point, Excel, Lotus & type 60 WPM and internet research advanced

Bilingual English / Spanish


Mitchell Law Corporation Nov. 2017 – July 2018 West Los Angeles, CA

Intake Specialist / Case Worker

Screen potential new clients from four different advertising campaigns. Explain W.C. process to clientele. E-File and Perfect File Applications of Adjudication, or Amend if need be. E-File Substitutions of Attorneys & Dismissals of Attorney with Prior AA. Use Med Legal or Gemini to SDT recs. for any entities. When retrieving Meds. send them to treating PTP. Send out Letters of Rep. to clients, employers and or carriers. Utilize marketing referral systems to find doctors to treat for disputed body parts, and or in MPN. If carrier is available, depending on specialty needed to treat clients. Keep intricate communication with Doctor’s offices by sending them Demographics, Applications, and or Amended Applications, Claim Forms & Medical Records w/ Index and 4600 Letter. If medical diagnosis requires client to be referred out, make sure to attach Med Legal to 4600 Letter. Keep direct contact with adjusters and Defense to make sure we have correspondence if case is on Delay, Denied or Accepted status. If on delay, make sure Doctor immediately received correspondence. If body parts are immediately Denied, let panel department know to request a panel from Med Unit, or refer AME’s, after consulting with Atty. Input cases into A1 from scratch. Audit calendar and Microsoft Outlook e-mails daily to make sure client is treating before any hearing or Deposition. Move cases fast and follow up with every aspect of case. If Defense or Carrier has authority, make sure Attorney immediately gets on the line to negotiate. Make sure clients are addressed with all concerns and questions. Make sure, if client is treating in MPN, for Accepted body parts, they are getting TD or TTD benefits, and if not set case for Expedited Hearing. If a fresh new case is treating with PTP for disputed body parts, make sure PTP office helps client apply for EDD immediately. Assist also with more advanced cases in finding doctors, or getting them TD, TTD or PD when I can assist. Always be available for Manager, Attorney & Senior Hearing Rep. for any special projects they have. Meet every Friday w/ Attorney to go over new cases, as well as advanced cases. Use Excel spread sheets and audit Microsoft Outlook daily, Scan, Fax, Copy & go through all important mail. Handle meetings with Vendors, Doctors of Doctor referral services at our office for lunch in or in person briefs. Simultaneously handle 200 + Workers’ Compensation cases effectively.

Pacific Attorney Group May 2017 – Nov. 2017

Beverly Hills, CA

Caseworker/ Paralegal

Repair, review and audit 200 + cases. File, scan & attach all valid mail to Ikase & physical files. Object to DOR's, Denials in schematic time frames to control case. Set hearings w/ WCAB. Prep files as well for hearings & depo' s & designate pertinent info. to Atty.'s up North for litigation of cases. Obtain physicians for clients in MPN & for disputed body parts. Screen potential new clients. Retrieve SDT’s for all Employer & different locations necessary for case via Matrix. Receive, as well as make hundreds of calls to clients, insurance companies, defense attorneys', doctor's offices and WCAB offices, to assist with case or treatment. When retrieving medical reports, instantly file & serve to Carriers', Opposing Counsel's. Have PTP speak to Adjusters to get Meds. & RFA's authorized. Get SDI, TD, TTD or PDA's benefits for clients. File DOR's for all WCAB Hearings. Relay settlement offers to client. Gather all medical reports for AME/QME Medical index purposes. Provide new medical records to AME, QME, PQME or DQME to provide state or supplemental report. Sub-out files, send file out to new AA and file a lien with board. Utilize high validity cases with intricate detail and sensitivity. Provide accurate information to my clients to perform the most excellent customer service to my clients. Assist with Compromise and Release process or Stipulation process.

Dordulian Law Group February 2017 – April 2017

Glendale, CA

Personal Injury & Workers’ Comp Legal Assistant

Workers Comp: I audit C&R's & Stip's (hire interpreters, get them walked through by Defense or us at the board) and update our master excel sheet with status for our staff. I also prep exhibits & get SDT’s ready for pick up, by legal copy services. Now for Personal Injury: I open new cases into Ikase & A1 and create physical Files. Gather medical records & constantly assist clients via phone calls as well as master my calendar. I uploaded disbursement Letters into system with checks and mail them out certified or regular mail, of course after getting signed release. I also help interpret for my supervisor at small claims court houses off Hill St. independently. I Used Matrix consistently and was in constant contact with my supervisor on case detail. I also draft letters for final lien payments & when need be brought in clients to interpret & sign releases to get paid on their BI settlements. Then update 5 master excel spread sheets for PI & WC and if need be either close file or send it to litigation department. I also assist the litigation department with interpreting for their cases.

Contract Jan 2016 – Feb. 2017

Los Angeles, CA

Pre-Litigation Legal Assistant, Case Manager, Non-Certified Paralegal, Calendar Clerk, Intake Specialist

Handle cases from Intake to Settlement in Workers Compensation. In Personal Injury (Pre-Litigation.) In Civil law very minimum experience in Litigation. On all 3 types of Law would accept Temporary and Long-Term positions. Designate mail to and from WCAB, State & Federal courts (minimum CM/ ECF & PACER doc. filing experience). Semi experience in Discovery, Pleadings and Motions. Able to read Autopsy reports and download pix onto system as well as Forensic Accounting Research. Able to gather information on previous Federal and State cases in archives and through internet research, to assist attorneys with valid information data to assist with cases. Able to handle 16 high volume incoming lines calmly and designate them quickly. Schedule Depositions, Court Reporters and Interpreters. Prep files for Hearings. Fax, Copy & Scan in high volumes. Detail oriented and professional when onboarding clientele. Able to serve multiple attorney requests and deadline calendar efficient. Reliable in finessing high validity cases and adapting to intricate needs for clients.

Chahine & Associates, A.P.L.C. Nov. 2015 – Dec. 2015

Los Angeles, CA

Pre-Litigation Legal Assistant

Receptionist. Mail runner. Bilingual customer service. Request police reports and locate location of injury thoroughly. Request medical records and billing for cases. Send client thank you letter with retainer. Get copies of permanent damage estimates from body shop or insurance inspector. Contact client to confirm treatment and make sure they are satisfied. Follow up on request for medical records and bills. Assist with screening new client through Justice Legal when intake specialist was on another call. Pull and create files from scratch. Assist attorney or manager with any special project needed to assist with litigation of case.

Pacific Attorney Group July 2015 – Nov. 2015

Beverly Hills, CA

Caseworker/ Paralegal

File mail for 200 + workers’ compensation cases, scanning important documentation into client’s network file or reflecting Tri-Tech system. Object time frame accordingly to D.O.R.’s from insurance or defense. Screen potential new clients. Prep files for all Hearings and Deposition’s on my case load. Utilize Matrix for retrieving records via subpoena. Receive, as well as make calls to clients, insurance companies, defense attorneys’, doctor’s offices and WCAB offices, to assist with case or treatment. When retrieving medical reports, instantly file & serve to Carriers’, Opposing Counsel’s. Submit I.M.R.’s on Denials made by 3rd party administrators or UR. Get SDI, TD, TTD or PDA’s benefits for clients. File DOR’s for all WCAB Hearings. Amend Application of Adjudication if needed for case. Relay settlement offers to client. Gather all medical reports for AME/QME Medical index purposes. Provide new medical records to AME, QME, PQME or DQME to provide state or supplemental report. Sub-out files, send file out to new AA and file a lien with board. Utilize high validity cases with intricate detail and sensitivity. Provide accurate information to my clients to perform the most excellent customer service to my clients. Use MPN or web to find clients primary treating physician. Return all my clients phone calls in a timely manner. Assist with Compromise and Release process or Stipulation process.

Law Offices of Ronald P. Ehrman April 2015 – July 2015 Los Angeles, CA

Legal Secretary Asst./ Intake Specialist Asst./ Calendar Clerk Assistant/ File Clerk/ Receptionist/ Interpreter

Open mail, name, scan and attach to case activity of A-1. When we receive Med-Legal Records or SDTs make sure we scan the CD into PDF. If no CD then manually scan doc. into system. Receive, as well as, make calls to clients, insurance companies, defense attorneys, doctor’s offices and WCAB to assist with case or treatment. Screen phone calls on possible new clients. File & Serve all medicals reports to ins. or defense. Submit I.M.R.’s on Denials made by 3rd party administrators or UR. Utilize Microsoft Outlook to communicate with our staff or any parties to case for any special task needed or daily activity. Assist Legal Secretary with any special task. Brief attorney or office manager on daily activity or productivity. File all documentation under correspondence depending on dates of injury, SDT section, AME section, PQME section, Our Meds or Def Meds section. Also keep track files we no longer rep & store in storage. Keep maintenance of file drawers with limited space we occupy or create boxes for files. Pull all main files or boxes of files for calendar week one week prior. Weigh outgoing mail & attach postage & make sure all mail is out by 4 pm. Take about 85 calls daily.

Law Offices of Torkan & Farzinpour, LLP. Dec. 2014 - March 2015 Los Angeles, CA

Secretary/Intake Specialist/Calendar Clerk & File Clerk

Receive 150 inbound & outbound calls daily. Dealt directly with Grupo Med Legal daily for uploaded new cases on their web page which had to be inserted by scratch into A-1 by 11:00 am daily. Confirm any calendar events or court dates with insurance, defense or workers’ compensation appeals board daily, to schedule our attorney, for calendar events. Assist with any special task requested by our attorneys efficiently & in a timely manner. Utilize USA legal for copying of any records needed for case detail. Set up transportation for clients that are disabled. Set up interviews with clients & our attorneys for urgent matters & closing cases via Compromise & Release or Stipulation. Revise all medical reports to make sure client has received proper medical exams (X-Ray, MRI, EMG, NCV, EKG or Physical Therapy & if client is within the medical provider network of insurance. If client wants to sub us out, make sure client gets a copy of file as well as the new attorney. Fax, scan or copy & give machine maintenance when needed. Translator for attorneys when client spoke Spanish at face to face interview.

Law Offices of Kegel, Tobin & Truce, APC May 2014 –July 2014 Los Angeles, CA

File Clerk

Verify inbound mail daily from provider for new cases. Print out all documentation, organize & tag info. with labels to create new file. Verify with defense attorney legal assistant for anything special that needs to be done with file. Utilizing Perfect Law system for any information to reflect case on & file with workers’ compensation appeals board. Assist branch manager daily with any special projects needed for any case with took priority. Fax, scan & copy. Once file is prepped email legal assistant, defense attorney & provider & walk file to legal assistant & hand file to them. Constantly have files in & out for production & deadline purposes.

Law Offices of Robin Jacobs, Esq. Jan. 2012 – April 2014 Beverly Hills, CA

Legal Advisor/Call-Center Representative

Receive 100 inbound calls daily. Keep 1 on 1 contact with Ins. adjusters and defense attorney’s regarding TTD or PD benefits, mileage, C&R’s or Stipulated Cases. Assist in Med-Legal Med Unit process of Panels. Assist with calendar litigation appointments (Depositions, Status Conferences, Priority Conferences, Mandatory Settlement Conferences & Trials). Assist client with Transp. if authorized only for Depositions. Set up interviews with clients & attorneys only on urgent matters. Revise all reports to determine authorization of disability status, surgeries, future medical care, causation, apportionment, etc.…. Also make sure PTP aided client with X-Ray’s, MRI’s, EMG’s or NCV’s. Call Center Rep. or Legal advisor to clients using our A1 Law system. Call Primary Treating Physician’s & Specialist to make sure client is getting the utmost possible treatment available for client to strengthen his or her condition. Make sure PTP helped client file for EDD in the beginning of claim if worked more than 6 months on payroll & if they are not in MPN assist them in getting a new PTP in MPN. Use common sense to see if client is going to survive the case & if financial hardship is present try to help with C&R before client drops case or subs out. Make sure 4600 Forms, Letters of Representation & Application of Adjudication were done. Experienced in Metro-Fax, Scanning, File Room Clerk, Print, Scan & Fax. Intake-Specialist & Bilingual Translator for Attorneys as well as able to handle Receptionist 16 lines.

Western Imaging Services Jan. 2009 – Jan. 2012

Los Angeles, CA

Administrative Assistant to Collections Department

The ability to communicate professionally, powerfully, concisely, respectfully, effectively, and efficiently with defense attorneys and Insurance Adjusters. 85% success in negotiating settlements. Collections Specialist in all facets of default workers’ compensation collections such as: Verifying workers’ compensation claims thoroughly, utilizing collection and negotiating skills. Handle multiple projects, simultaneously. Strong customer service skills, strong administrative background, train new personnel, knowledge of filing LIENS & DOR’s with the Workers Compensation Appeals Boards. Keep a one on one relationship with my manager & the owner of status of any serious issues. Also prep files & maintain calendar for Mandatory Settlement Conferences, Lien Conferences, and Lien Trials. Touch an average of 50 workers comp files a day & an average of 100 calls a day. File folders, scan files into system & fax constantly.


South Gate High School, Class of 1995

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