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Design Electrical

Santa Clara, CA
November 20, 2018

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Sharat Rattehalli Puttaraju


Hardware and Firmware Engineering Intern, Informu Inc, Boulder, Colorado May ’17 to Aug ‘17

• Engineered an ultra-low power tracker using Bluetooth 5 Beacon Technology to make the world’s smallest tracker available.

• Designed the PC Board on Altium for their 3 products. Achieved a small size of 14mm by 11mm for MuTag, the tracker.

• Worked in synergy with marketing, sourcing and firmware development teams to develop the DFM’s and DFT’s for the products. Research and Teaching assistant, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, Colorado Jan ’17 to Dec ‘17

• Taught Altium Designer on topics like Schematic drawing, board layout to over 40 students and helped in board bring-up.

• Reviewed and suggested design changes to 20 projects in schematics and PCB layouts of students’ projects in Prof Keith Graham’s course ‘Low Power Embedded Design Techniques’ for successful completion of every project. Technical Intern, Vulcantronics, New Delhi, India Jan ’15 to Jun ‘15

• Engineered a system of solenoids and pumps to flow 15 different beverages through 7 slots in the machine.

• Designed & implemented an algorithm to move the stepper motor attached to a motion guide to avoid beverage spillage.

• Developed a UI on the linear motion guide’s movement in u4DGL display system to do regressive testing on the system. EDUCATION

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering University of Colorado Boulder GPA: 3.6/4.0 Graduation: Aug 2018 Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Manipal Institute of Technology, India GPA: 8.37/10.0 May 2015 Coursework: Mobile computing and IOT security; Real time Embedded Systems; Low power Embedded Systems Design; High Speed Digital Design; Network Systems; ASIP’s and IP core processor design; Advanced Robotics; Embedded Interface Design; Advanced Linear systems


Software: C, C++, Python, MATLAB, Linux CLI, Git

Tools: Simplicity Studio, Keil uVision, Visual Studio UWP, AutoCAD electrical, Altium, Proteus, Eagle, LabVIEW, P-SPICE, MATLAB, HyperLynx, HFSS, Codasip

MCU’s / SOC: Leopard Gecko, Blue Gecko, ATSAMB11, NVIDIA Jetson TK1, ODROID XU4, Raspberry Pi, NI-cRIO 9004, Arduino, u4DGL PROJECT EXPERIENCE

Ambient light-based room light control, University of Colorado Boulder Aug ’16 to Dec ‘16

• Designed a system with Power management, Micro Controller to control a lamp based on amount of sunlight.

• Developed a ZigBee radio system to send the data from the lamp to a ZigBee hub and a UWP application.

• Keywords: C, C#, Altium, UART, I2C, SPI, XBee, Universal Windows Platform, Visual Studio Formula Manipal, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, India Aug ’12 to Dec ‘14

• Designed an algorithm for Data Acquisition system on a N-cRIO 9004 and implemented in LabVIEW to gather sensor data.

• Implemented the Electro-Pneumatic gear shifting mechanism using various FESTO valves and pistons for faster switching of gears. Achieved shifting times of 300ms.

• Worked on the wiring harness of the FSAE car to make it modular, noise free and easily readable to a layman.

• Bagged 7 trophies in Formula Design Challenge held at Kari Motor speedway, Coimbatore, India.

• Participated in the FSAE (Formula Society of Automotive Engineers) competitions in Germany, Czech Republic in 2014 and India in 2015.

Enhanced cross talk due to presence of dead copper, University of Colorado Boulder Mar ’18 to Apr ‘18

• Analyze the signal integrity of the victim line when high frequency signal is passed through aggressor line.

• Determine the enhanced crosstalk in the victim line by simulating a 2-layer PCB with the lines as two micro strips with dead copper between them.

• Accounting various cases where the dead copper is connected to the reference plane through different number of vias.

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