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Software Engineer

Santa Barbara, CA
November 20, 2018

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Shuyan (Daniel)Li



• To obtain a full-time position as a Software Engineer. Willing to relocate SKILLS

Programming language: JavaScript, C++/C, Java, Python, Swift, TypeScript, Go, HTML, CSS, Ruby Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB, MySQL, H2, Redis, Oracle Frameworks: React, Angular, Spring, Node.js, Spring, Spring Boot, Express, Bootstrap,, Webpack, Flask, RESTful, RPC Tools: RebbitMQ, Kafka, Nginx, Docker, Tensorflow, Git, AWS, TSUNG, Postman, Shell Script EDUCATION

UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA GPA 3.5 /4.0 Oct. 2015 Mar. 2018 M.S. in Computer Engineering

Relevant courses: (some demo on: my YouTube channel and my GitHub) Scalable Server Design, Database System, Data Structures and Algorithms, Runtime System, Information Retrieval Android App development, Operating System, Computer Vision, Robotics Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY Graduate with Honors Cum Laude Dec. 2012 May. 2015 B.E. in Electrical and Computer Engineering GPA 3.55/4.0 WORK EXPERIENCE

Synopsys, Inc. Mountain View, CA Jun. 2017 Sep. 2017 Software Engineering Intern

• (C++) Designed, implemented and released a new tool required by customers in Synopsys Enhancement Message System (EMS) for chip design analyze purpose. This tool can generate assisting detail messages controlled by users during chip design

• (Tcl, C++) New internal library design, implementation and testing for Engineering Change Order (ECO): “Automatic Cell Placer”, which allows users to place thousands of cells/units in their design in proper positions automatically TrueVision Systems Inc. Goleta, CA Jun. 2016 Sep. 2016 Software Engineering Intern

• (HTML/JavaScript) Designed and implemented a tablet browser App used to control the main 3D eye surgery software

• (Python, C++) Built a pipe server using Flask framework to connect the tablet App with the main software

• (Python) Created a “transpiler” script to update the tablet App automatically when the main product software is changed SELECTED PROJECTS

Tap News: Real Time News Scraping and Recommendation System (check GitHub demo here) May 2018 – Jul. 2018

• (MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, TF-IDF, Python) Designed a real-time news pipeline which monitors, scrapes and de-dupe 1000+/day of latest headlines that currently published on a series of famous news sources and blogs

• (Convolutional Neural Network, NLP) Constructed a 2-layer CNN model and trained it with 1000 labeled news on TensorFlow, to predict news categories for news topic modeling

• (React, Node.js, RPC, SOA, JWT) Built a single-page web application with user authentication for users to browse news

• (NLP) Created a personalized news recommendation service which collects users’ click behavior, then updates news preference models for each user. As a result, each user can obtain different news recommendation based on their preference

• Improved 2X of CNN computation speed and 24% of prediction accuracy by importing 1000+ training data and performing stemming and stop-words removal on the data

Collaborative Online Judge System (check GitHub demo here) Mar. 2018 – May 2018

• (ACE,, Redis) Implemented a web-based collaborative code editor which supports multiple user editing simultaneously.

• (Angular, Auth0, Node.js, MongoDB) Designed and developed a single-page web application for coding problems. Users can also search coding problems with keywords using search bar

• (Docker, Flask) Built a user-code executor service which can build and execute user’s code, and return the results to users

• (REST API, Nginx) Refactored and Improved system throughput by decoupling services using RESTful API and load balancing by Nginx

Real time fitness tracking system (check GitHub demo here) Mar. 2017 – Jun. 2017

• (Java, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud) Designed and developed a real-time outdoor runner location monitoring system

• By tracking data interaction devices like smartwatch or smartphone on registered runners, health monitoring center can track the runners’ locations, health conditions. etc. And tell the users the nearest supply location and emergency center if the user need help

• Used Microservices architecture to decouple backend services such as running location persistence, distribution and update services.

• Utilized Docker to containerize infrastructure and Maven to manage dependencies More projects with demo: Scalable server design, PowerBall Lotto Predictor, Android, Runtime System, Computer Vision

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