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Software Engineer - Python, Java

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
November 19, 2018

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*** ****** ***** ***, ***. 1133

Ft. Collins, CO 80526



Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO

B.S. Computer Science

Minor, Business Administration

Expected Dec 2018

GPA: 3.3

Dean’s List 2018

Coursework: Artificial Intelligence,

Computer Graphics, Software Design,

Database Design, Data Structures and

Algorithms, Operating Systems


Programming: Python, Java, C, C++


Mobile:Swift (iOS)

Data, ML:Python, TensorFlow, Keras

Computer Vision: OpenCV

Natural Languages:Fluent in English

and Italian, conversant in Spanish


Machine Learning Intern, Techedge, Madrid

June - July 2018

Designed and developed software systems using scientific analysis and mathematical models.

Implemented Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, increased accuracy by 20%, to 98% using 100K data samples.

CNN identified cat behaviors, to develop IoT tech for a cat feeder

(TensorFlow, Keras, and OpenCV, IoT)

Database Intern,Biorna Quantics,Hong Kong

June - Aug 17

Developed resource planning application for wellness company

Optimized client marketing data alongside sales team

Assisted in database implementation inclusive of user interface

Optimized ~50 recipes for start-up client distribution

Trained 50 team members on using application and functions, increasing workflow efficiency

Secretary & Historian, Sigma Alpha Lambda Honor Society, Ft. Collins Aug 17 - May 18

Coordinated communication with main chapter, created visibility into chapter activities for ~70 members, and represented ~30 events a year.

Documented officer and chapter meeting minutes. Created archive of chapter activities.


Kings Cup App (Available in the App Store)

Designed and implemented the architecture and functionalities of the game model in Swift.

Created GUI of the whole app using XCode.

Designed elements and assets for the GUI using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.

(XCode, Swift, Illustrator, After Effects)

Python Smart Mirror

Implemented and developed software capable of communicating with the user by taking voice commands and outputting a response on the mirror’s surface, using the open-source platform Jasper.

Built a physical mirror by connecting software to a Raspberry Pi device.

(Python, Jasper, Raspberry Pi)

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