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Software Developer Engineer

Raleigh, NC
November 19, 2018

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With more than twenty years of professional software development experience ranging from enterprise desktop solutions capable of processing millions of transactions a day to first class web applications such as, and My focus over the last few years has been creating web applications with amazing UX using JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, Aurelia, and Angular.



•Designed and implemented a JavaScript code snippet engine that made it simple to organize and group a hundred plus JavaScript validation snippets, as well as execute the same JavaScript snippets on the client and the server side. Used JINT to execute JavaScript on server side inside of the C# MVC controllers.

•Designed and implemented a form creation library that made it possible for create a form in our application by providing a simple JSON file that describes the layout. Abstracted the Infragistics controls that are being used, allowing the team to more easily upgrade to another library in the future.

•Currently in the process of providing an upgrade path for an extremely large AngularJS application. Adding webpack, typescript, and Angular New style decorators, ngMetaData, that should allow the team to slowly upgrade the application about 80% percent of the way. At the 80% point, there will need to be an effort to finish the migration to Angular New, which will mostly be upgrading the templates and completely rewriting a couple of the modules that are just too ugly to upgrade.

•Always looking for ways to improve our process and mentor junior developers.


•Lead team including 2 developers, a QA person, and myself. At one point, I was responsible for 3 teams, until team leads for the other 2 teams were found.

•Worked with a UI designer and Product Manager to redesign the company’s flagship product, MIST.

•Worked with entire team to implement SCRUM and continually worked to maintain momentum.

•Began to write of the application using Aurelia, ES6, Babel, Webpack.

•Our team used VSTS to manage sprints, source, builds, issues, Octopus for deployments.


•Designed starter kit for AngularJS that is used in several applications. Uses Karma for testing and code coverage. The starter kit includes sample directives, factories, etc., as well as 100% test coverage. Grunt is used for development, executing tests, coverage, jshint, and other build requirements.

•Responsible for building SPA application using heavy JavaScript (jQuery, KnockoutJS, RequireJS, DurandalJS, Bootstrap, Less) with an MVC Controller, Oracle, Tibco EMS backend technologies. Working on full stack.

•Mentored other developers in Web Technologies since most of them had very little web experience. This included teaching a six hour long session class for intermediate to advanced web developers. I’m currently preparing a similar six hour long session for AngularJS. Checkout some of my example code at

•Introduced team to Node.js by creating several sample apps using Express and Socket.IO.

•Designed and implemented many new features using WPF and MVVM, as well as WinForms and MVP, to a Windows client application used by traders on the New York Stock Exchange floor.

•Designed and implemented new functionality in the multi-threaded windows services that are used for business and data layers. Tibco message queuing is used to communicate with the Windows client.


•Sole developer responsible for delivering website (heavily modified since). Implemented PSD mockups using MVC 4, HTML, CCS, and jQuery, Bootstrap, Less, and a few other jQuery libraries. Website had to support IE 7+, Firefox 10+, and latest version of Chrome.

•Lead developer on the company’s flagship product, cGov360. cGov360 is developed using MVC 2, Entity Framework 3.5, and SQL Server. cGov360 is designed to handle the needs of the Secretary of State. It is currently implemented in several states, including GA and Washington, DC.

•Responsible for writing proposals and development plans to be presented to potential clients.

•Added printing and fixed several bugs in the companies Android application that is used by Army personnel to track their soldiers.

•Fixed several performance issues with stored procedures and the database design of cGov360.

•Moved the company from TFS to the SVN,JIRA, and Bamboo. No one was using TFS because licensing and using Visual Studio was an issue for some users. Now all issues are being tracked properly.

•Implemented continuous builds and automated deployment of cGov360 product.


•Worked with international team to completely design and develop an enterprise web application for the Blackboard Connect division using ASP.NET MVC 3 and the Razor engine. This is a cutting edge web application that uses lots of jQuery and CSS to provide an amazing UI experience. This application is also localized in several different languages.

•Lead developer on AlertNow web application. AlertNow is made up of several backend .NET Windows Services and an ASP.NET 3.5 WebForms front end, which on our busiest day this year processed more than three million phone call.

•Responsible for deploying our web application to production, which was at 2:00am EST.

•Wrote hundreds of unit tests and helped to implement the current system used for continuous builds.

•SQL Backend was SQL Server 2005 for everything I’ve done while working for Blackboard, Inc. This included working to increase the performance of the AlertNow web application to handle the increased volume over the last year.

•Trained a junior developer right out of college who worked with me. She is now a very proficient developer.


•Responsible for designing and enforcing the company wide architecture for their line of enterprise workflow and content management solutions.

•Responsible for mentoring the development team on agile development methodologies. This included TDD (nUnit, TFTS, and Moq), ORM (mostly nHibernate), Design Patterns, and so on.

•Part of the team that implemented and tweaked the SCRUM process for our development team.

•Spent 20% of my time doing research, including: Design Patterns, Java, NetBeans, Silverlight, WPF, .NET Frameworks, and so on. This research resulted in many technological advances in our software and processes, including many of the most profitable products.

•Responsible for developing the business object layer to be used on all new software products.

•Designed and developed many applications using UML, C#, WinForms, TDD (nUnit, TFTS, Moq), VB6, log4net, ORM, SQL Server, MySQL, among other tools.

•Responsible for the full life cycle development of the company’s entry level ECM software package, Chameleon, for over 3 years used by billion dollar construction companies around the world. This included: working closely with the business owner during the initial development, design and development of the client application and MySQL database, designing managing the development of the administration application, implementing the client software, testing, developing installation package. C# and WinForms was used to implement a pluggable admin framework.

•Designed and implemented a view only ASP.NET web client for the Chameleon ECM software package.


•Part of a first class team responsible for designing and implementing a web application that receives more than 70,000 completed applications a month.

•Part of team that designed and implemented the application’s workflow engine using VB6, COM+, and MSMQ. This workflow engine was incredibly fast.

•Took advantage of ASP, XML, XSLT, CSS, and JavaScript to implement the presentation layer for both the web application accepted forms as well as the lenders web application.


•Developed and maintained a very large Oracle database used by many different large fat clients.

•Developed many Crystal Reports for several different applications.

•Developed many complex PL/SQL packages.

•Interacted heavily with different business units, analyzing their needs and helping them make cost effective decisions.


•Part of team responsible for developing MoneyGuide using VB6, SQL Server, and Classic ASP.


JavaScript, Angular, AngularJS, jQuery, KnockoutJS, RequireJS, HTML5, CSS, Less, Node.js, ASP.NET MVC, C#, WPF, LINQ, SQL (RMDBS), NoSQL (MongoDB), Enterprise Software Architecture following industry standard design patterns, Test Driven Development (Jasmine, Moq), JavaScript Build Tools (Webpack, Grunt, EsLint, JsHint, Uglify, Karma (with Jasmine), Docco, etc)

Johnny Ezzell

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