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SAP BO Developer, Tableau, MicroStrategy, PL/SQL

Frisco, Texas, United States
November 20, 2018

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Business Objects Developer

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Seeking for a challenging role as an SAP Business Objects/ Tableau Developer in a prestigious company and exploit my skills in Data modeling, reporting, Visualization and Business Intelligence skills in meeting company's goals and Objectives.


Around 6 years of Experience in Business Objects, Business Intelligence, Tableau and Data warehousing applications within various domains like Food & Beverage, agriculture, Healthcare, Production at client locations.

Strong work experience in Dimensional Modeling, and designing Star and Snowflake Schemas, Fact and Dimension tables.

Experience in using Information design tool (IDT) to create universes using multiple Data Sources, Multi tabs, Multiple queries, Cross Tab and creating multisource connection universe as source for creating Webi and Crystal Reports.

Published Reports to CMC (Central Management Console), BI Info View and involved in Scheduling and exporting the reports in different Formats.

Created connections to BEx queries and BW Info providers using Business Intelligence Consumer Services (BICS) in IDT.

Collaborated with ETL developers and data stewards to develop effective data models and Universe designs.

Excellent skills to develop reports using Web Intelligence Rich Client 4.1/4.2 and using Crystal Reports 2016.

Created reports and dashboards in Tableau Desktop.

Experience using LOD (level of detail expression), Calculated fields, Parameters, Actions(drill-Throughs), Quick table calculations with advanced selections in Tableau.

Extensive experience in creating UI visualizations with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Reader in different versions of Tableau.

Experienced in Performance Tuning by analyzing and comparing the turnaround times between SQL and Tableau.

Developed WEBI reports on SAP BW Queries using BICS.

Extensively worked on SAP Business Objects Administration widely using Central Management Console(CMC).

Created Users and Groups and setting the right privileges on them using Central Management Console (CMC) and CMS.

Scheduling of Reports in CMC on Daily, Monthly, Weekly and calendar basis.

Worked with Upgrade Migration Tool to migrate/upgrade the BO versions from Lower to higher.

Worked with errors like Fix report alignments, calculation errors and context errors.

Strong experience as Business Objects Administrator including installation, configuration of BO tools in windows and Linux operating systems, set up and maintenance of Business Objects Enterprise environment, creating and managing groups and user profiles.

Extensive experience in working with various databases like Oracle 11g/10g/9i, Teradata, SQL Server and MS Access.

Expertise in analyzing SQL generated from a Webi Reports and trace out issues.

Strong Knowledge on MicroStrategy Web And Developer Tools.

Flexible and versatile to adapt to any new environment with a strong desire to keep pace with Latest technologies.

Excellent analytical, time management, interpersonal skills and a good team player with excellent oral and written communication skills.

Wide experience in interacting with end-users to gather and document the reporting requirements and giving t raining to the end users.


Data Warehousing

Data Stage, SAP BI 7.0 /7.2 and SAP BW 3.5


Oracle(12c/11g/10g/9i), Teradata 15.x/16.x, MS Access, SQL Server


Business Objects 4.2/4.1/4.0/3.0, Web Intelligence, Information Design Tool

Universe Design Tool, BEx Reporting, Tableau, MicroStrategy Web/Developer, Toad, TIBCO Spotfire, Dashboard 4.2, Xcelsius 2008, Crystal Reports 2016.


SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Plus, Shell scripting, C and Excel Macros.

Web Technologies

XML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, Java script, Angular JS.


An Oracle certified Java Programmer.


PepsiCo, Plano, TX 09/2018 to till date

Senior Business Objects Developer

Project Details:

PepsiCo Inc is a leading food and beverage company that manufactures and distributes its products in more than 200 countries. Project involved migration of Micro Strategy reports and dashboards to SAP BO WebI reports. Two applications – Food Service Reporting and Integrated Insights Reporting having 12 reports and 7 complex dashboards are being created as WebI reports on top of newly designed universes.

Migrated two crucial applications Integrated Insights Reporting and Food Service Reporting. Work here mainly involved in analyzing the functional/technical behavior of existing MSTR reports/dashboards and Design data model that satisfies the same functional/technical behavior through WebI reports. Designed Universe and developed WebI reports to replace the MSTR reports/dashboards and schedule the WebI reports at various granularity as per the user requirement.


Business Objects 4.2, BI Launch Pad, CMC, Oracle 12 c, Teradata 16.x, web Intelligence Rich Client, MicroStrategy Developer, MicroStrategy Web, ServiceNow, IDM, Universe design Tool, Information Design Tool, O365 share point, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams


Analyzed the MicroStrategy reports and dashboards to understand the Functional Requirement.

Created the data model and designed universe in IDT, one on top of Oracle 12c while the other on top of Teradata 16.

Extensive analysis of SQL to understand the functionality of MSTR reports/dashboards.

Designed universe in IDT to support ad hoc reporting in addition to replicate the Micro Strategy reports/dashboards in Webi.

Involved in creating Alias Tables, Derived Tables, contexts, List of values and Parameters.

Implemented Aggregate awareness to handle data related to various Time Slice.

Created Dummy object for each time slice table having FW, 4wk, QTD, PTD, YTD data and used these dummy objects in Measure definition to explicitly force the measure to pick a specific context/path.

Defined Row Level Security in the universe as the report data should be restricted at user level.

Created complex Webi reports mainly using Universe as data provider.

Consolidated 12 reports of Micro Strategy into 3 Multi tab Webi reports and 7 Micro Strategy dashboards into two Webi reports.

Analyzed and understood the definitions of Micro Strategy Attributes, Metric, Filters, components etc.

Utilized Web Intelligence reporting tool for graphical representation of all reports that have been migrated from MSTR to Webi to provide an added insight of Business Objects.

Created and Defined Hierarchies of various reports as a part of user requirement.

Used Formatting options such as Cross Tab Representation, Sections, Breaks, Data Sort/Align options, calculations, Fonts, colors and conditional formatting IF, THEN and ELSE in Web Intelligence.

Involved in creating Sub Queries, Combined Queries, Formulas, Prompt, Section and scope of analysis (Input controls) in Web Intelligence.

Validated the WebI report data values to match against MSTR reports and achieve AS IS TO BE.

Performed Unit Testing and SIT.

Created Publication and scheduled reports at different levels of hierarchy to a shared folder and also to user’s mails using CMC.

Educated Users to get into the tool and create Ad hoc reports.

Lead my team following Onsite-Offshore model

Documented all the steps of migration and Submitted the POC.

Monsanto, St Louis, MO 11/2017 to till 08/2018

Senior Business Objects Developer/ Business Analyst

Project Details:

Monsanto is sustainable agricultural company which delivers products to farmers all around the world by broadly licensing their Seeds and Traits technologies through other companies.

Marketing Applications:

Design Universes and Webi reports for all the Marketing applications of Monsanto includes applications- Seeds and Traits, Crop Protection, Claims, MPM and KMM. Published the Webi reports to Users email ids and to O365 sharepoint.

Market Trade Assessment:

Enhance IDT universe and create Webi reports to have exports and imports data for all the crops among all the reporting and Partner Countries to access the Market Trade Data.


Business Objects 4.1, BI Launch Pad, CMC, Oracle 11g, Teradata, web Intelligence Rich Client, TIBCO Spotfire, Jira, Team Track, Remedy, Data Stage, Universe design Tool, Information Design Tool, O365 share point, Sales Force UI.


Interacted with the management and business Decision-makers to identify business requirements. Worked with Business Users and Product owners for gathering, analyzing and documenting the requirement and technical specifications for Business Objects Universe and Webi reports.

Designed and Enhanced the Universes (.unv & .unx) for supporting ad-hoc and canned reports handling the cyclic dependencies by defining contexts and creating alias.

Created List of values enabling cascading filters to provide flexibility to the end users in fetching data and easy load of data.

Involved in creating complex webi reports on top of multiple data providers and also by using combined queries.

Worked with multiple teams like Sales Force, Data Power and Web Java to access the webi reports from SFDC front end in desired format (Pdf/ Excel) and facilitated meetings across the teams for implementing the standard architecture for deploying the BO reports.

Created webi reports having custom hierarchies, sections, breaks, @functions, custom sort, highlighting and cross-tabs.

Used report filters, block filters and conditions to achieve report functionality.

Created variables and defined formulas to perform calculations among dimensions & measures from different tables in a report.

Worked on Tomcat configurations and web layer deployment of Business Objects and CMC.

Worked on Administration tasks of BO such as security setup, users and groups creation, publication and scheduling.

Published the reports with multi-hierarchy for each crop and country to a shared folder and sharepoint O365.

Created Publications and scheduled them to run on daily and weekly basis as requested by the Users.

Run Audit reports to monitor the failure of publications.

Involved in Unit Testing, Integration and Performance testing of Universe and reports.

Created TDS and promotion list documents to promote the reports and universe to higher environments.

Migrated the Universe and reports from DEV to TEST, PS(Acceptance) and PROD Environments.

Created dashboards using Spotfire.

Involved in designing Test cases for UAT and to fix the issues raised by the users while testing.

Analyzed the sql query behind the webi report to fix the absence of data and compare the data of the report against the data in the database using Toad.

Worked with database connections, SQL joins, Views and created sql scripts to validate source to target data.

Created the Transition document on Universe creation, report creation, data flow & publications and handed it over to Support Team.

Educated Users on Ad Hoc reporting and navigating over webi report to make desired selections and export the report.

Kaiser Permanente, Pleasanton, CA 08/2015 to 10/2017

Business Objects/Tableau Developer

Project Details:

Kaiser Permanente is one of the America’s leading Health Care Providers with not-for-profit health plans.

The project involved upgrading SAP BO from version 3.1 to 4.2 and migrating all the existing Deski reports from 3.1 to 4.2 Webi reports. Create dashboards on top of webi reports and Oracle in Tableau.


Business Objects 3.1/4.2, Information Design Tool, BI Launch Pad, CMC, Oracle 11g, Desktop Intelligence, web Intelligence, Report Conversion Tool, Tableau 9.3, Crystal Reports 2016, Jira, Data Stage.


Interacted with the management and business Decision-makers to identify business requirements.

Document reporting needs of the Business Service and Support Organization and disseminate those requirements into a data warehouse strategy resulting in both operational and analytical reporting.

Worked with SAP BO up-gradation from 3.1 & 4.2.

Work involved in Scheduling of reports and repository backup.

Created groups and users and managed user profiles using set object-level security and row level security restrictions, to restrict the sensitive clients.

Used Restricted and Calculated Key Figures, Virtual Key Figures, Formulas, Variables, Replacement path Variables, Customer Exit Variables, User entry Variables in the Query Designer.

Migrated the existing Deski reports from 3.1 to 4.2 Webi reports.

Extracted the Free Hand SQL for reports and Created Universes from scratch depending on the reports that are based on the existing universes.

Compared the reports from 3.1 to 4.2 after migration and performed validation.

Experience in creating universes using information design tool 4.2 and also connecting to multiple data sources.

Involved in developing, designing and maintaining new and existing universes by creating joins and cardinalities responsible for creation of the universe with Classes, Objects and Condition Objects.

Converted the existing and newly created webi reports to Tableau Dashboards.

Developed Complex Dashboards and used advanced chart visualizations in Tableau like Dual Water Fall charts, Axis, Bullet Graphs, Bubble Charts, etc. to assist business users in solving complex problems.

Built Complex Reports using advanced reporting functions like YTD calculations, MTD calculations, Percentage difference, sets and groups, etc. in Tableau.

Defining best Practices for tableau report development. Reviewed SQL Queries and edited inner, left, and right joins in Tableau Desktop by connecting live/dynamic and static datasets.

Effectively used Data blending feature in Tableau to combine the data from different sources into a single report.

Used Variables, User defined objects, Scope of analysis, Drill mode, Slice and dice mode, Prompts, and Conditions to make reports accurate and easier for analysis.

Created data views and dashboards in various formats for analysis and decision making using Tableau and publish applications to Tableau Server.

Modified views and dash boards in Tableau to reflect updates and changes to requirements and also resolved any issues during development.

Extracted data from multiple data sources and created tableau data extract files(TDE) for fast query execution in tableau.

Crested packaged tableau workbook files(TWBX) and shared with the users to help them analyze off-line data.

Provided Production support to Tableau users and wrote custom SQL to support business requirements.

Published and shared views on Tableau server.

Analyzed the business requirements and translated into dimensional data models by using extended star schema techniques.

Info Brain, Telangana, India 05/2013 to 07/2015

Business Objects Developer

Project Details:

Info Brain is professionally managed high-end IT Solutions and services with its state of the art development facility in the Cyber Capital of India. The project is to re-design some of the universes and test the applications, generate reports with required filters.


Business Objects 3.1/4.0, Info View, Universe, Web Intelligence, DESKI, Dashboards, CMC, CCM, Import Wizard, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2008, Windows 2003 Server/UNIX, Live Office/QAAWS, Performance Management, X Celsius 2008, Report Conversion Tool.


Worked with the customers for analyzing the business requirements and planned to create multiple Universes based on the analysis and the business complexities.

Documented user requirements, translated Functional requirements into Technical Requirements and develop implementation plan schedule.

Developed universes to accommodate complex database design approaches.

Tuned and Enhanced Universes with SQL Queries for the Report Performance.

Streamlined SQL generation from Universes by implementing Aggregate Aware functions and @Variables.

Created linked objects in the Universe to enable contextual report linking (hyper linking) between Business Objects and Web Intelligence reports.

Created Deski & Webi Reports using all the BO functions like Drill Down, Prompts, Dimensional and Measure variables to show accurate Results.

Used various functions like @Prompt, @Where, @Select, @aggregate.

Created highly formatted reports to visually represent data.

Created hierarchies to provide the drill down functionality to end-users.

Created graphical representation of reports such as bar charts, pie charts as per the end user requirements. Created reports using built in templates for a better presentation.

Responsibilities for scheduling the reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Scheduled reports based on file events and used publications for report bursting.

Converted all existing DESKI reports to WEBI using Report Conversion Tool(RCT).

Migrated the reports from Development to QA to Production.

Designed dash boards for the management for different modules like Sales, purchase, inventory, and FI modules and in Xcelsius.

Resolved issues that arose during migration such as formatting, URL link errors, merged dimensions, scheduling, analytics, cases etc and re-development of chart, tabular, trend reports if necessary.

EDUCATION: Masters in Computer Science, Wright State University - 2017

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