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Al Asimah Governate, Kuwait
November 20, 2018

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Objectives: To enhance my competency as a professional to different fields of work. I always aim to become a valued asset to the company and to the group of people I worked with. I seek and accept new training and challenges that will hone me to transcend and leverage my skills and knowledge, independently or collaboratively. I definitely choose integrity and honesty over excellence, because, I do believe, excellence is a lifetime and every day pursuance of handwork, with whole honesty and integrity for without the latter two, excellence is just merely a word.

Personal Information

Date of Birth : 2nd of August Year 1980

Address : Beirut, Hawally

Age : 38 y/o

Citizenship : Filipino

Civil ID No : 280*********

Educational Attainment:

Good Samaritan Colleges (Philippines) - June 2000 to March 2004

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Central Luzon Polytechnic College - June 1997 to March 1998

Software Technology

Computer Literacy

Proficient in PC Operations such as MS Word, MS Excel and Power Point. Dedicated and complex Software Technology Graduate; in one of the prestigious College in the Philippines. Assertive, flexible and willing to learn new things with regards to employment.

Work Experience:


Al Awassem Est. Aug.28, 2015-present

Duties and Responsibilities

• Track shipments and communicate with clients about the package's progress.

• Coordinate shipping with customs agents for clearance on overseas deliveries.

• Collects all types of information from overseas markets and informs the information system to make strategic decision making easier

• Looks for and detects purchasing opportunities for goods and services overseas

• Prepares, carries outs and checks on the follow-up of import-export operations

• Carries out these tasks with profitability, quality and customer satisfaction objectives in mind

• To keep track of the following:

Database of information about customers, suppliers or service providers

Commercial reports Studies and researches technical documents

Ethical charter diaries, timetables


Biomedical Engineering Department Dec. 16, 2013-Aug.2015 Al Salam International Hospital

Duties and Responsibilities

• Keep the maintenance/repair forms and licenses of every Biomedical machines in the hospital on their specific file

• Sending out and receiving emails through outlook

• Answering telephone calls in behalf of the engineers and the manager

• Preparing the ROTA Schedule

• Appointment setting for executive meetings, departmental meetings and for other companies who wants to have the chance to introduce their machinery.

• Sending out memorandums and information related to Biomedical Engineering Department

• Preaparing the Minutes of Meeting


Human Resources Dept. April 4, 2013 – Dec. 15, 2013 Dar Al Shifa Hospital

Duties and Responsibilities

• Responsible for assisting human resources officers and manager.

• Responsible for maintaining confidential reports and files.

• Responsible for ensuring that up-to-date information is on file for company employees

• Responsible for organizing employee files in a way that is logical and easy to use.

• Attends meetings with the HR manager and other managers when corporate policy or initiatives are discussed

• Takes copious notes of meetings and then draft reports that include information from the discussions for Minutes of Meeting

• Working with the HR manager in seeing that all new employees receive an orientation. In addition to scheduling an orientation room and an orientation session.

• Liaison between employees and an HR manager

• Responsible for helping employees find general answers to their questions and/or referring them to an HR Personnel/Officer that can be more helpful to them.

• Answer telephone calls, take messages, and respond to requests for information regarding vacant positions, employment verifications, labor laws, payroll, benefits, and other human resource functions

• Assemble, create and file reports, correspondence, spreadsheets, and memoranda as appropriate

• Assist in projects and reports as directed by Human Resources Director

• Maintain office files and records. Perform data entry, typing, filing, copying, and collating as needed

• Protect confidentiality of all records

Customer Service Representative March 4, 2006- June 6, 2011 Medical Records Department

Al Salam International Hospital

Bnied Al Gar- Kuwait

Operating Theatre (CSR)

• Receiving telephone calls for booking of cases electronically

• Doing the confirmation of the operations with the patients and surgeons

• Entering the précised and necessary charges of the operation done for the patient

• Registering the operation done every day in log book accordingly

• Encoding the census every day and sending it to the statistician first thing in the morning

• Sending important documents to specific recipients through facsimile and or through Outlook

• Ensuring to have the Laparoscopic Operations DVD copied in the computer before giving it to the surgeons for documentation purposes

• Attending to queries of the patients and doctors with regards to charges of the operations according to the duration and instruments to be used Medical – Surgical Ward, Maternity Ward (CSR)

• Entering the charges for the In-Patients

• Preparing the Medical files of the patients

• Providing “Follow- up” appointments to discharged patients (post-surgical or non- surgical(cases)

• Doing the weekly and monthly inventory

• Providing assistance to nurses and doctors in clerical works Out-Patient Laboratory (CSR)

• Accommodating the Walk-In patients

• Providing appointments for scheduled patients

• Entering the requested laboratory procedure charges in the computer

• Securing all the Laboratory results of Walk-In Patients filed

• Attending to all telephone calls for any queries of clients

• Providing appointment to first time clients and for their next visit

• Entering the specific code for a specific procedure done for the patients

• Handling the appropriate payment for the procedure

• Keeping the Medical Records file ready for the appointment patients

• Attending the incoming calls and or queries of the patients

• Giving phone calls to patients for confirmation of their appointments Nurse Graduate

Home Care – Direct Patient Care – Patient Management – Out Patient Graduate of class 2004 in one of the Accredited Nursing School in the Philippines. Work Experience:

Medical Home Service Centre - May 2004

Hawally, Kuwait

• Special Nurse Home Service

• Taking good care of geriatric patients

• Helping them to maintain good nutrition

• Administer correct medication

• Assisting the patients and relatives towards wellness Clinical Assistant

Dermatology Out-Patient Department - August 2004

Al Salam International Hospital,

Bnied Al Gar- Kuwait

• Assisting the physician to every procedure to be done

• Accommodating the patients politely while waiting for their appointment

• Application of medication after procedure

• Keeping the patient’s file confidential

• Securing the privacy of the patients while doing a procedure References:

• Mr. Kareem Soliman

HR Manager (Mobile# 97200729)

Dar Al Shifa Hospital Hawally

• Ms. Tina Baramakian

Patient Care Administrator

Dar Al Shifa Hospital Hawally

• Ms. Fawziya al Mansouri

Medical Records, Manager

Mowasat Hospital Salmi

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