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Electrical Engineering

Buffalo, NY
November 20, 2018

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University at Buffalo (UB), State University of New York Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, August 2017 - June 2019 (Expected) GPA:3.67/4.0 Lasers & Photonics, Advanced Optoelectronics and Photonic Devices, Principles of Modern Digital Communication, Digital Signal Processing, Principles of Networking, Nanoscale Communication Networks, IoT & Applications, Microelectronic Fabrication Lab (Cleanroom Experience) MPSTME, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering, April 2011 - May 2015 GPA:3.21/4.0 T E C H N I C A L S K I L L S

Proficiency: Python, NS3 & Wireshark (Developed a Wireless Network Design using C++; implemented a 16 node; 802.11G device network), MPLS, MAC layer, OSPF, BGP, TCP/IP protocols, MATLAB, Chip Design & Fabrication, Silicon/Graphene device design, MongoDB, & VB Macros Software Programming languages & tools: TI CC2650, Java, C, C++, Arduino Programming, SikuliX, Rabbit MQ Client-Server, MySQL & SAS Scientific research tools & devices: Lumerical - FDTD, AutoCAD, Eagle PCB, Proteus, Eclipse, PSpice, COMSOL Multiphysics, RTOS, Spirent Certifications: Java Core & Advanced Programming, C++ Programming, Python Application Development (Infosys), MATLAB (Coursera) P R O F E S S I O N A L A N D R E S E A R C H W O R K E X P E R I E N C E Junior Electrical Engineering Intern - AT&T Mobility Labs, Redmond May ‘18 – Aug ‘18

Interned through Mobile Integration Workgroup for Network Design and Integration of 3G, LTE Advanced & 5G RAT and referred TS of network architecture, UE attach - detach, inter/intra-RAT handovers, SGW/PGW selection procedure from 3GPP TS for LTE-A and 5G

Rectified & analyzed network packets using Wireshark to study Vo-/LTE data & calls transmissions E2E, priority levels for QoS (QCI values)

Appreciated by the Director for innovative design of the E2E production & lab network architecture for the 5G Blackbird Core Network.

Innovatively developed the Lab Integration Plan for the Messaging as a Platform, MCPTT and IPME, LTE Handover project from ATT MX to ATT USA and designed architecture for AVPN circuit and First Net. Got recognized for formulating research analysis of network design for the AT&T - Google Loon project along with the day to day tasks. Scientific Tools used: MS Visio for Networking, Spirent & JDSU. Graduate Researcher - University at Buffalo Feb ’18 – May ‘18

Researched under Dr. Josep M Jornet Montana’s mentorship, to numerically simulate the behavior of a hybrid graphene/semiconductor material on-chip THz source for creating a THz based transmitter and antenna pair using MATLAB coding and 3D simulation. Developed on the functionality of UB-developed Multi-Physics simulation platform, combining Maxwell's & the Hydrodynamic equation

After successful simulation of this Nano device, we plan to fabricate a ‘Hybrid Graphene Plasmonic Nano-Transceiver & Antenna for THz Communication’, which can be further developed and implemented for applications in space and intra body biological communication Graduate Research Assistant - University at Buffalo Sep ’17 – Jan ‘18

Researched under Dr. Qiaoqiang Gan, developed mobile based nanoscale device for disease detection; cost effective, user access

Developer of the android application in Python & MATLAB for user interface with the nanoscale device system and end result presentation. Conceptualized the system design by using phase change dispersion of surface plasmons, designed the photonic device Embedded Automation Intern at Vautid - Shah Hardfacing, New Bombay May ’17 – Jun ‘17

Automated Hardfacing systems using Windows-CE device, programmed in C#, researched on optimal use of technology and HW design

Skilled in SPI & I2C protocol based communication between peripheral devices like the ADC, Relay, Optical Sensors and microprocessor System Engineer at Infosys Limited, India Sep ’15 – May ‘17

Experienced with Mainframe, JAVA, MySQL and Python Automation Software Development at Infosys, Pune for the client, Aetna Inc.

SAS developer for Mainframe - ZOS to load Deductible, Coinsurance and Copay buckets and Excel VB Macros in order to analyze, sort and automate critical Financial, Eligibility (SSN, First & Last Name, Relationship) and Medical data of the client’s customers

Got appreciated by Project Manager and team for using Python based Infosys Automation Platform (IAP) and SikuliX technology to develop a tool overridden on the mainframe application, to automate, the SAS code and customer data analysis N O T A B L E P R O J E C T S

Design and Implementation of a WLAN, AD-HOC & Infrastructure Multi-Layer Network Feb ‘18 – May ‘18

15 node and 1 access point, small scale network, Wireshark - collision & packet data transmission analysis, programmed on C using NS3

Used default parameters as 802.11G standards, IPv4 addressing & AARF algorithm for Adaptive rate control, 2D random walk mobility Micro Cracks Detection in Solar Cells using Super Resolution Aug ‘18 – Dec ‘18

Super Resolution based; used edge detection techniques like Canny, Sobel edge detection. Implemented a robust algorithm using image filtering, segmentation, extraction and matching methods to detect the micro-cracks. Simulation and Comparison of SER & BER for 2-PAM, 4-PAM and 4-QAM Modulation Nov ‘17 – Dec ‘18

MATLAB by AWGN noise addition, Gray Coding mechanism. Learnt the characteristic behavior of signals for given modulation schemes

Plotted SNR, SER and BER values and concluded that 4-QAM & 4-PAM provides better SNR than other two, with respect to BER & SER Virtually Interactive Home Automation System (VIHAS) Dec ‘14 – May ‘15

Developed a system to automate the control of home appliances using a mobile device for HMI (Human Machine Interface). Short Range communication protocol (BT), Hibernation mechanism, Password authentication protocol based system security, AI system E X T R A C U R R I C U L A R

International Student Member: IEEE and Aerospace and Electrical Systems Society, Computer Society of India, IETE, Pi Sigma Epsilon Volunteer and Teaching Faculty: The Akanksha Foundation

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