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Water Resources Engineer

Wappingers Falls, NY
November 16, 2018

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Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

(water resources and environmental engineering)

Cell: 929-***-****



Civil and environmental engineer with experience with a focus on water resources, surface and subsurface remediation, water and wastewater treatment, water reuse and rainwater harvesting, water quality modeling, remote sensing and its application to hydrology, environmental impact assessments, teaching, and research. WORK



Senior Project Engineer (The Chazen Companies). (Sep 2018-Present): involved in the elaboration of project’s proposals for the Municipal Engineering Department related to water and wastewater treatment systems. Collaborates with stormwater and spillway analysis projects.

Private consultant engineer (SIAB). (Mar 2017-Feb 2018): Consultant engineer for Society of Engineers and Arquitects of Bolivar for the project Stormwater Master Plan of the city of Cartagena. In charge of reviewing the hydrological and hydraulic part of the design of 57 open channels that will be part of the stormwater system of Cartagena.

Private consultant engineer (Carinsa). (Mar 2017- Nov 2017): Consultant engineer for Yara-Colombia in charge of the project

“Diseño Hidrológico e Hidráulico de Área en Carboquímica Adyacente a las Bodegas PPP en el Site Planta Sur de Yara-Colombia.” Designed a 540-meter open channel for stormwater management at Yara Colombia (Planta Sur).

Private consultant engineer (Komogu). (Oct 2016-Jan 2017): Hydrological analysis and delineation of flood-prone areas for the urbanization project Bosques de Pontevedra in Turbaco, Colombia.

Industrial Ecology Capital Management Global (IECMG) and its subsidiaries. (Apr 2013-Jun 2016, NJ and Bogotá): Senior scientist and consultant engineer in charge of coordinating the hydrological and environmental component for the evaluation on the acquisition of water treatment and management assets (two reverse osmosis treatment plants with a capacity of 500,000 barrels of oil produced water per day and a 3,000-Ha oil palm crop) for implementing water reuse for irrigation, eco-restoration, and protection of morichales areas in the department of Meta, Colombia. Also, responsible for implementing a water balance model to comply with Colombian legislation for water reuse, hydrological regime analysis and evaluation, water quality monitoring plan, among others.

University of Cartagena. (Oct 2015-Dec 2015, Cartagena-Colombia): Cartagena’s Environmental Protection Establishment (EPA- Cartagena) contract No. 0133.2015 named “Design of an Automated Environmental Monitoring System for the City of Cartagena.” Project manager and coordinator of the hydrologic-hydraulic components, flood control, guidelines for designing a flashflood guidance, and water quality monitoring system.

INGgenio Integral S.A.S. (Dec 2013-Dec 2014, Cartagena-Colombia): consultant engineer in charge of reviewing reports of resident engineers, which includes HSEQ, solid waste management, and field activities. Contacts and hires sub-contractors. Budgeting, unit price analysis, scheduling, and elaboration of permits and bid proposals.

Natural Systems Utilities (NSU), LLC (NSU is an IECM subsidiary). (Apr 2013-Feb 2014, NJ and Bogotá): engineering manager of Colombia’s branch and consultant at Hillborough’s office; coordinated strategies for the sustainable and more efficient management of water, rainwater, and wastewater for potable uses and reuse through a combination of natural and conventional systems. Reviews drawings, reports, permits and technical specifications of hydrosanitary designs. Water balance analysis for irrigation and rainwater harvesting. Conducted budgeting and financial alternatives analysis, and project planning/scheduling. Presentations and interaction with clients and subcontractors.

Roux Associates (Mar 2007–Aug 2008, Islandia, NY): project engineer involved in the elaboration of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), quarterly/semiannual reports of soil and groundwater remediation projects, follow-up of remediation’s progress, site assessment, groundwater and soil vapor monitoring/sampling, soil boring supervision for installation/development and decommission of monitoring wells.

Tectonic Engineering (Aug 2006-Mar 2007, Long Island City, NY): field engineer in charge of collecting information through physical tests and visual methodologies for inspection of masonry, re-bars, soils, asphalt, fire stopping and fire proofing, structure stability, and concrete; checked and made sure all work done met the approved specifications according to work plans. Prepared daily field reports (DFR) on all findings during the inspection; provided technical recommendations on how to correct deficiencies found.

Auditoria Ambiental S.A.S. (Jan 2003-Jun 2006 and Aug 2014, Bogotá-Colombia): worked as environmental consultant engineer for several projects performing environmental management plans, phase I and II, hydro-climatological analysis, provided advice/guidance on the assessment of the process and measures for mitigation, compensation, and prevention of environmental impacts taking into account quality, health, safety, and environment as integrated and vital components of the solutions.

Teaching & Researching

Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar (UTB). (Jul 2016-Jul 2018, Cartagena-Colombia): assistant professor of the courses: “Water Quality (undergrad course);” “Water Treatment (undergrad course),” “Unit Processes (undergrad and grad courses),” “Hydrology

(undergrad course),” “Advanced Hydrology (grad course),” and “Drainage Hydraulic Structures (grad course).” Also, director of the Colciencias research group GISAH and coordinator of the master program in civil and environmental engineering.

University of Cartagena (Jul 2015-Jul 2017. Cartagena-Colombia): adjunct professor of the graduate course “Control of Environmental Contamination.”

New York Institute of Technology (Jan 2015-May 2015, Old Westbury, NY): adjunct professor of the courses “Statistical Design” and “Statics.”

Fundación Universitaria Tecnológico Comfenalco (Aug 2014-Feb 2015, Cartagena-Colombia): consultant editor of the journal TEKNOS of the School of Engineering. In charge of the initial revision and selection of articles. Leaded the process for improvement of the journal’s quality in order to get certified by COLCIENCIAS (Administrative Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation), which included: design of articles format and content, setting of new standards for internal QA & QC process, open journal system platform setting, among others.

New York Institute of Technology (Jan 2011-May 2013, Old Westbury, NY): adjunct professor of the courses “Engineering Economics,” “Statics,” “Technology and Global Issues,” and “Statistics.”

Fundación Universitaria Tecnológico Comfenalco (Aug 2014-Dec 2014, Cartagena-Colombia): visiting professor of the courses

“Water Quality Diagnosis,” “Water Quality Monitoring,” “Potable and Wastewater Plant Design,” and “Research Seminar.”

Technical Career Institute (TCI) (May 2009-May 2011, New York City): Adjunct professor of the courses: “College Mathematics,”

“Algebra and Trigonometry I,” “Statistics.”

NOAA-CREST/CUNY (Aug 2008-Dec 2012, NY, NY): research assistant on the use of remote-sensing derived data for hydrological application in flashflood forecasting through the improvement of the Curve Number model (CN) by taking into account vegetation density and soil moisture.


The City College of New York. PhD in Civil Engineering – Water Resources (2013).

The City College of New York. Master of Philosophy in Civil Engineering – Water Resources (2012).

University of Los Andes. Bogotá – Colombia. Master of Science in Civil Engineering – Environmental Engineering (2002).

University of Cartagena. Cartagena – Colombia. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (2000).


Post-flood emergency stream intervention. Dutchess County Soil and Water Conservation Distric (2018).

PSMJ Resources – In-House Training Program A/E/C Project Management Bootcamp (2018).

Engineer-In-Training (EIT). NYS Professional Engineer license (pending


Water Management and Modern Irrigation Systems (2017).

Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC# 4420) (2008).

OSHA-40 hours (HAZWOPER) (2008).

American Concrete Institute (ACI) Certificate (2006).

Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment Auditor – SGS (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSAHS18001) (2006).

Asbestos Inspector Training-Course (2005).


Ph.D. research: “Development of a Dynamic Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS-CN) to Account for the Vegetation and Soil Moisture Effect on the Hydrological Processes.” Research advisors: Drs. Reza Khanbilvardi and Marouane Temimi.

Master’s degree thesis: “Clogging process and cleaning methods evaluation of immersed-cartridges in an Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) bioreactor for industrial wastewater treatment”. Research advisor: Dr. Eugenio Giraldo.

Undergraduate Thesis: “Rapid Urban Environmental Assessment Methodology”. Research advisor: Dr. Javier Mouthón. SKILLS

Proficient in HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, HY-8 Culvert, MatLab, Arc-GIS, EdGCM, QUAL2E, CROPWAT, FLUENT, MODFLOW, DFLOW, HYFRAN, CumFreq, BASINS, Microsoft Project, and fully bilingual (English and Spanish. Dual citizenship).


"An Adjustment to the Curve Number (NRCS-CN) to Account for the Vegetation Effect on the Hydrological Processes." Hydrological Science Journal (

“Effect of the non-stationarity of rainfall events on the design of hydraulic structures for runoff management.” FLUIDS

(MDPI) (

“Isohyetal map of the Colombian Atlantic coast for 24-h duration rainfall for return periods from 2 to 100 years.” To be submitted to Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management in December 2018.

“Non-stationarity zonification of 24-h maximum rainfall for the department of Atlántico, Colombia.” To be submitted to Journal of Hydrology in February 2019.

“A practical procedure to design off-line tanks for limiting flooding areas in creek watersheds.” To be submitted to Water- MDPI in March 2019.

"An Antecedent Moisture Condition Index for Runoff Estimation Using the NRCS-CN." To be submitted to Hydrological Processes in March 2019.

“Isoerodent map for the department of Bolivar, Colombia”. To be submitted to Journal of Soil and Water Conservation in June 2019.

Development of web-based platform for the monitoring of the water quality of the internal estuarine system of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. (


North Country Stormwater Conference/Tradeshow, 2018.

International Forum of Water, Cartagena-Colombia, 2017.

World Environmental & Water Resources Congress of the American Society of Civil Engineers, 2013.

The 2012 American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Conference, 2012.

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) Conference, 2012.

The 7th Annual NOAA-CREST Symposium at Hampton University, 2011.


MASHAV-MATC Scholarship for the training course Water Management and Modern Irrigation Systems (2017).

Third Place Oral Presentation Award at the 2012 American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Conference.

First Oral Presentation Award at the 7th Annual NOAA-CREST Symposium at Hampton University (2011).

The City University of New York Engineering and Science Scholarship (2008).

The National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME) Scholarship (2008).


Javier Jiménez, P.E. Senior Design Engineer at American Water Company. Cell: 352-***-****.

Eugenio Giraldo, PhD. Senior Consultant Engineer. Cell: 856-***-****.

Paul Knowles, PhD, P.E. Senior Principal Scientist at Hazen and Sawyer. Cell: 908-***-****.

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