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Quality Assurance Jr. Project Manager

Pompano Beach, FL
November 16, 2018

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Jean Ward

Pompano Beach, FL ***** 954-***-**** LinkedIn

Biomedical Systems Engineer

Research ~ Data Analysis ~ Team Building

Innovative, analytical recent Biomedical Engineering graduate who wants to make the world a better place. Understands the need for team collaboration and communication to enhance the flow of ideas and amplify the quality of concepts or products. Works diligently to meet benchmarks and KPIs whether as a team member or a cross-functional leader. Willing to relocate in Eastern USA.

Key Competencies & Skills

Initiative • Problem Solving • Critical Thinking • Team Building • Investigation • Primary & Secondary Research • Data Analysis • Proof of Concepts • Clinical Data Extraction • Documentation • Team Leadership • Quality Assurance • Integration • Compliance • Innovation • Strategic Planning • Data-Driven Decision Making • Time Management • Communication • Project Maker • BioMechanics • BioMaterials • Bilingual: English & Spanish

Technology: Stepper, Servo Motors, Actuator, Arduino Beagle Bone, Raspberry Pi N-MyDAQ • MATLAB • Solid Works • Ansys • GIBS CAM • 3D Printing (Makerbot)

Professional Experience

SLS Consulting, FL August 2015 – Present

Junior Project Manager in Functional Quality Assurance: Oversee and consult the fire and life safety of projects in collaboration with specialized engineers. Analyze smoke control system of respected clients building and life safety mechanics, under the state codes and authorizing guidelines. Perform quality assurance test on site projects making sure projects comply with authority regulations. Maintain relationship, communication, and documentation with multiple clients on their respective buildings’ status.

Key Competencies: Vendor Management, Compliance, Cross-Functional Team Leadership, Quality Assurance, Collaboration, Analysis

Turned around smoke control system projects in less than 30 days

●Led team of specialized contractors to collaborate, review, and work on key components for smoke control system

●Managed, delegated, and inspected work of all subcontractors

●Performed Quality Assurance verification prior to final inspection from fire & city building departments

Rescued faulty project and provided correction, implementing new approach to fix problem

●Analyzed and performed routine inspection of project building

●Identified issue and cross-checked all possible complications and reasons issue occurred

●Consulted with engineers & contractors to identify best approach to correct for quality assurance

Facilitated all aspects of four large projects amongst minor side projects to alleviate work load of senior staff

●Communicated with Senior staff to identify projects that needed attention

●Organized and planned inspection dates with project owners and superintendents

●Met benchmarked deadline inspection dates and provided quick turnaround of documentation

Florida International University, Miami, FL Y – Y

Team Leader: Included in academic curriculum for graduation & obtained sponsorship from professor/researcher at school to develop a biomedical device. Understood & researched all components in a bioreactor. Identified the best design & engineered concept for the task at hand. Provided an analysis that developed concept would work. Learned Solidworks and AutoCad to develop the design concept.

Key Competencies: Proof of Concept, Leadership & Team Building, Innovation, Lifecycle Product Development, Quality Assurance, SWOT Analysis, Delegating

Completed Senior Design Project by developing 3D printed biodegradable ring to act as a suture point for stitching a makeshift scaffold of a trileaflet valve and a chamber that would hold the ringed valve, enabling it to accommodate growth process. This product was targeted for research in pediatric heart valves.

●Coordinated forming of group, applying SWOT analysis to help identify strengths and weakness for project goal

●Delegated tasks to members to match their core competencies

●Created weekly and monthly benchmarks for individuals and group

●Ensured quality of all work to ensure accuracy of results

Developed two components that assisted in the research of growing an atrial heart valve for pediatric patients. These two components were to be used in a bioreactor set up that aided in the growth of the pediatric heart valve tissue.

●Assigned research to each team member

●Collaborated by providing ideas to make goal possible

●Performed in-depth SWOT analysis to decide on best concept idea

●Designed components based on analysis and research, then performed 3-week functional test for proof of concept

Achieved expertise in design software to enable production of team concepts

●Researched best software to develop components needed for project

●Investigated software design to create blueprints to have manufacturer create components

●Collaborated with manufacturer to improve design and functionality for production

Service Abroad Leader (2015 – 2016) Led team of 15 members on service trip to Santiago de los Caballeros in Dominican Republic to help underprivileged children. Organized and raised $4K with events to fund trip to help NGO plan and execute microbusiness development.

Key Competencies: Out-of-the-Box Thinking, Goalsetting, mentoring, Empowering, Communication, Leadership, Empathy, World Vision

Delivered 10 boxes of school supplies, hygienic products, and new set of clothes to the kids of Accion Callejera in Dominican Republic

●Created fundraising events and solicited donations to provide $2K donation plus 10 boxes of supplies

●Facilitated educational day to teach need for proper hygiene, environmental consideration, and work ethic

●Coached kids to clean up play school park, paint two murals, and develop small garden

Created year-long plan with weekly and monthly goals/benchmarks needed to be met to make service trip possible

●Identified all costs to implement trip including flight and extra luggage. Established communication NGO to identify key donation items needed

●Created workable timeline with members, hostels, airlines/ground transportation, and NGO team

●Ensured accountability of team to meet goals

Motivated, inspired, and led the team to commit to a yearlong successful goal

●Communicated and set realistic guidelines on what each member could accomplish

●Empowered members to perform at optimum level and think outside the box to achieve goals

●Listened to all members needs and concerns and consulted on best answer


Florida International University, Florida

Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering

Broward College, Florida

Associate of Arts & Science (with Honors)

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