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Newark, New Jersey, United States
November 15, 2018

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Srinivasa Rao



Over 12+ years of progressive expertise in design, configuration, development, testing and implementation of Data warehousing and Business Intelligence Applications

Full life cycle SDLC implementation of Business Analytics Warehouse and Dashboards designed for the subsidiaries customizing pre-built Oracle Business Intelligence Applications which includes ODI, Informatica, DAC and OBIEE for ETL interfaces, Reports and Dashboards.

Manage security full/incremental migrations and deployments. Creating new application roles and assigning users and LDAP groups to them, altering and creating new application policies.

Hands on Implementation experience in OBIA customizing pre-packaged OBIEE, Informatica, DAC metadata solutions in HR, SCM, Financial Analytics

Knowledge in extracting data from Siebel CRM, Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, OLTP, flat files and integration and loading data to OLAP systems.

Executed OBIEE administrative tasks such as OBIEE server installation, migration, user maintenance and upgrade from OBIEE 11g to OBIEE 12c.

Experienced in installation, upgrade, patching, clustering and migration of OBIEE between dev/test/prod environments.

Proficient in defining Key Performance Metrics (KPIs), facts, dimensions, hierarchies and developing Star and Snow Flake schemas.

Expertise in design and development of the three layers (Physical/Business Model and Mapping/ Presentation) of an OBIEE Metadata Repository (. rpd) using Oracle BI Administration Tool.

Experienced in designing customized interactive dashboards in OBIEE using drill down, guided navigation, prompts, filters, and BI variables.

Proficient in Installation, configuration, and administration of the OBIEE platform.

Experienced in configuring and set up of OBIEE Security using LDAP and External Database Tables and configuring object level and database level security.

Experienced in configuring Usage Tracking, Multiuser Development Environment (MUDE), proxy functionality, fragmentation and write back.

Experience with the utility to automate regression testing, the Baseline Validation Tool, which verifies data, visuals, catalog object metadata, and system-generated SQL across 11g and 12c.

Perform functional configuration for Oracle BI Applications using Oracle BI Applications Configuration Manager and Functional Setup Manager

Experience in Knowledge Modules like (RKM, LKM, IKM, CKM, JKM) to implement different tasks within the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse system.

Perform tasks for managing load plans like Defining, Copying, Editing, Generating, Scheduling and Executing load plans.

Experience is customization of OBIA to extend the preconfigured mappings through Category1, Catergory2 and Catergory3 customizations.

Good knowledge about Topology, Designer, Operator in Oracle Data Integrator.

Comprehensive knowledge in Debugging, Optimizing and Performance Tuning of Oracle BI/Siebel Analytics Dashboards/Reports by implementing Aggregate navigation, cache management and materialized views

Well versed in working with ETL Tools such as Informatica Power Center/ Power Mart 9.x in creating Source/ Target definitions, building Mappings/ Mapplets and creating and monitoring Sessions/ Workflows.

Experienced in creating Sessions, Workflows, Mappings and Mapplet using various available transformations in Informatica, including Router, Aggregator, and Lookup.

Create tasks for the Informatica mappings in DAC and created execution plan in DAC to schedule the Informatica Jobs automatically from DAC

Experience in data warehousing and OLAP technology – designing star schema, snowflake schema, and fact and dimension tables, physical and logical data modeling using Erwin and sql data modeler.

Writing functional and technical specifications, business requirements and system requirements documentation, Release notes, and Defect Management.

Technical Skills

BI Tools: OBIA, OBIEE 11g/12c, Tableau 9.0, BI Publisher

ETL Tools: Informatica 9.xx, DAC, ODI 11g/12c

Operating Systems: Windows 7/XP/NT/2000, LINUX

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, Linux (shell scripting), javaScripting

Business Modeling Tools: Erwin, SQL data modeler

Databases: Oracle 11g/12c, MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle EBS

Methodologies: Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Agile methodologies

Access Database Tools: TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer


Bachelor of Science degree - Andhra University 2005

Master of Business Administration – Sikkim Manipal University 2007


OBIEE 11g Professional Certified (OBIEE 11G)


Prudential, Newark NJ AUG 2017 – till date

Role – BI Consultant

Dimensional modelling of degenerate, conformed dimensions, lookup tables to do lookup operations on id to description mappings.

Enhance performance of Reports / Dashboards by implementing the Aggregate tables, Partitioned tables, force edition able views, Creation / Re-building of Indexes and managing Cache etc.

Implement data level and object level security using system and non-system session variables.

Constructed the data lineage for enhancing impact analysis capabilities out of the metadata of OBIEE repository.

Technical design documentation using Confluence tool and release and defect management using JIRA.

Extended Date dimension table using PL/SQL reusable script rather than using DAC to support the sequence number feature in OBIEE 12c.

Create dimensional, parent child and time level hierarchies.

Perform administrative tasks such as setting up security, deploying RPD and web catalog updates, and developing initialization blocks.

Involved in migration of catalog folders (user created and shared) from OBIEE 11g to 12c. Migration of security, web catalog and rpd in obiee12c using BAR files.

Created groups and users to manage the security privileges for each subject area in RPD and dashboards as per user requirements.

Performance tuning of reports by updating statistics, creating indexes, partitions and database hints.

Implemented OBIA ETL customizations on core fact tables AP, AR and related conformed dimensions both SDE and SILOS mappings.

Perform functional configuration for Oracle BI Applications using Oracle BI Applications Configuration Manager and Functional Setup Manager

Use Functional Setup Manager to create an Implementation Project to configure an Offering and the Modules to be deployed.

Perform Manage Load plans using ODI Console. Customizing the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse using Category1, Category2 and Category3.

Customizing stored Lookups and Adding Indexes to and existing Fact or Dimension table.

Federate disparate data sources in the logical layer, implementing time series measures, and developing level-based measures.

Used Server Manager to create database connections, sessions to run the mappings.

Tested the Informatica mappings and creating QA Test Plans.

Developed the documentation on the complete data mart ETL process.

Involved in full development cycle of Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation.

Wrote sequences for automatic generation of unique keys to support primary and foreign key constraints in data conversions.

Upgraded Oracle 10g to 11g software in different environments for latest features and tested databases.

Environment: OBIEE, Oracle BI Applications, ODI 11g/12c, Informatica Power Center 9.6/9.5, Oracle 11g/12c, SQL, PLSQL, UNIX, Amazon Redshift, SQL Server, Confluence, JIRA, PUTTY, WINSCP

ORACLE Corporation MAR 2013 – Dec 2016

Role-Senior Technical Specialist

Full life cycle SDLC implementation of Business Analytics Warehouse and Dashboards designed for the subsidiaries customizing pre-built Oracle Business Intelligence Applications which includes Informatica, DAC and OBIEE for ETL interfaces, Dashboards and reports mainly focusing on Financial Analytics.

Designed and Tested Reports in the Dashboards for the Oracle Financial Analytics modules like GL, AP, AR and created the Ad-hoc report according to the client needs.

Performed the setting up, Installation and configuration of the complete Analytics platform environment and the required connectivity for seamless integration with the data warehouse.

Used Advanced OBIEE techniques like lookups, circular joins for complex requirements building the reports customizing the oracle service analytics.

Hands-on development assisting users in creating and modifying worksheets and data visualizations dashboards.

Performed impact analysis of reports caused by changes in descriptive flex fields of source OLTP systems like oracle EBSR12 by analyzing the core warehouse tables eg: W GL ACCOUNT D, W SEGMENT D, W HIERARCHY D.

Experience in performance tuning in OBIEE and Data Warehouse environment using cache management, aggregate tables, and indexes.

Implemented SSO enabled authentication.

OBIEE front-end customization, such as replacing the standard OBIEE logo with a custom one.

Defining user preferred currency options using static and dynamic mapping

Created dimensional hierarchies in BMM layer to query from multiple fact tables by defining aggregation content level in Fact LTS.

Created Initialization blocks, Repository Variables and Session variables for Data level and User level security.

Worked on DAC for creation of Tasks, Task Groups, Subject Areas, Execution Plan, and to configure, monitor and schedule ETL routines.

Responsible for the design, set up and maintenance of both Production and Non-Production environments.

Managed and provided Permissions for Reports and Dashboards in OBIEE Presentation Services Web Catalog.

Created various session and repository variables and initialized them in the Initialization Blocks to change metadata dynamically as the environment changes.

Implemented security based on LDAP Authentication and External table.

Used various cache management techniques for performance tuning including configuring, defining cache parameters, cache persistence time, cache seeding and purging, and event polling.

Created security settings in OBIEE Administration Tool and set up groups, access privileges and query privileges and managed security for groups in Answers.

Created various templates, reports, and prompts in BI Publisher.

Implemented security by creating roles and web groups, and defined Object Level and Data Level Security.

Developer templates and reports in Oracle BI Publisher in rtf format.

Merging and importing objects from different repositories using the Oracle BI 11g Admin Tool.

Created schedules to seed and purge cache for cache management.

Transformations: Experience in creating Mappings and Mapplets using various Connected and Unconnected transformations like Source Qualifier, Aggregator, Expression, Lookup, Filter, Joiner, Union, Router, Rank, Sequence Generator and Update Strategy transformations.

Created Reusable Transformations, Mapplets, Sessions and Worklets and made use of the Shared Folder concept using shortcuts wherever possible to avoid redundancy.

Worked exclusively on implementing the types of slowly changing dimensions (SCDs) - Type I II and III indifferent mappings as per the requirements.

Environment: OBIA, Informatica 9.1 Power Center, DAC, OBIEE 11g/12c, UNIX Shell scripting, Oracle 11g, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server, PUTTY, WINSCP

Fidelity Investments Jul 2005 – Mar 2013

Role - Software Engineer

Created and administered the Physical Layer, Business Model and Mapping Layer and Presentation Layer in Repository using Administration Tool.

Developed calculated measures and assigned aggregation levels based on dimension hierarchies.

Managed security privileges for each subject area and dashboards according to the requirements.

Developed various kinds of request queries using BI Answers and assigned them to specific Dashboards.

Developed intuitive and user-friendly Dashboards by appropriately including guided navigational links, prompts, and drilldowns.

Used the Catalog manager and maintained the Oracle BI web catalog to manage Dashboards, Answers.

Involved in unit testing, integration testing of the reports generated by OBIEE.

Analyzed business requirements and developed Functional Requirement Document and Technical Requirement Document.

Developed various Reports, Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities, with various charts and views, and tables using global and local Filters.

Identified Facts, Dimensions, Levels/Hierarchies of Dimensional Modeling.

Customized and developed RPD (Physical, BMM and Presentation Layer).

Developed many Reports / Dashboards with different Analytics Views (Drill-Down, Pivot Table, Chart, Column Selector, and Tabular with global and local Filters) using OBIEE.

Used various Time series functions to create trending reports of sales.

Configured iBots to deliver analytics content based on schedule, automated iBot queries to obtain daily and weekly reports.

Performed unit and integration testing of reports and dashboards.

Used Informatica Power Center Designer for developing mappings, using transformations, which includes aggregation, Updating, lookup, and summation. Developed sessions using Server Manager and improved the performance details.

Created Stored Procedures to transform the Data and worked extensively in PL/SQL for various needs of the transformations while loading the data.

Used Informatica Server manager to create sessions, batches to run with the logic embedded in the mappings.

Worked with Informatica Designer tool in developing mappings and mapplets to extract and loading the data from flat files, oracle to Oracle.

Set up delivers to configure iBots based on the threshold value to the users.

Worked with Siebel Analytics Developer to create Repository with Siebel Analytics Admin tool.

Created mappings using different Transformations like Source Qualifier, filter, Router, Aggregator, Lookup, Expression, Sequence Generator, and Update Strategy to store the data in target table.

Created and granted privileges for the users using Analytics Catalog Manager.

Installed and configured Informatica Server and Power Mart.

Created Repository, Folders, and User accounts using Power Mart Repository Manager.

Created database objects like tables, views, synonyms, indexes and sequences.

Designed and developed mappings using Power Mart Designer.

Used all Transformations such as Expression, Filter, Joiner, aggregator, Lookup and Router, to load consistent data into Warehouse Database.

Developed and modified triggers, packages, functions and stored procedures for data conversions and PL/SQL procedures to create database objects dynamically based on user inputs.

Wrote SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus programs required to retrieve data using cursors and exception handling.

Worked on XML along with PL/SQL to develop and modify web forms.

Designed Data Modeling, Design Specifications and to analyze Dependencies.

Creating indexes on tables to improve the performance by eliminating the full table scans and views for hiding the actual tables and to eliminate the complexity of the large queries.

Fine-tuned procedures/SQL queries for maximum efficiency in various databases using Oracle Hints, for Rule based optimization.

Created some Custom reports and Forms for the end users to check the details and errors.

Wrote Shell Scripts for Data loading and DDL Scripts.

Worked in Production Support Environment as well as QA/TEST environments for projects, work orders, maintenance requests, bug fixes, enhancements, data changes, etc.

Wrote conversion scripts using SQL, PL/SQL, stored procedures, functions and packages to migrate data from SQL server database to Oracle database.

Performed Database Administration of all database objects including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences packages and procedures.

Involved in Logical & Physical Database Layout Design.

Set-up and Design of Backup and Recovery Strategy for various databases.

Used SQL*Loader as an ETL tool to load data into the staging tables.

Wrote packages to fetch complex data from different tables in remote databases using joins, sub queries and database links.

Created indexes on the tables for faster retrieval of the data to enhance database performance.

Involved in data loading using PL/SQL and SQL*Loader calling UNIX scripts to download and manipulate files.

Performed SQL and PL/SQL tuning and Application tuning using various tools like EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL*TRACE, TKPROF and AUTOTRACE.

Extensively involved in using hints to direct the optimizer to choose an optimum query execution plan.

Used Bulk Collections for better performance and easy retrieval of data, by reducing context switching between SQL and PL/SQL engines.

Created PL/SQL scripts to extract the data from the operational database into simple flat text files using UTL_FILEpackage.

Creation of database objects like tables, views, materialized views, procedures and packages using oracle tools likeToad, PL/SQL Developer and SQL* plus.

Partitioned the fact tables and materialized views to enhance the performance.

Extensively used bulk collection in PL/SQL objects for improving the performing.

Created records, tables, collections (nested tables and arrays) for improving Query performance by reducing context switching.

Created B-Tree, Bitmap and Domain indexes to improve query performance.

Used Pragma Autonomous Transaction to avoid mutating problem in database trigger.

Extensively used the advanced features of PL/SQL like Records, Tables, Object types and Dynamic SQL.

Handled errors using Exception Handling extensively for the ease of debugging and displaying the error messages in the application.

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