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Web Developer Intern

Chicago, Illinois, United States
November 15, 2018

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Chicago, Illinois ***** RUCHA DUBBEWAR +1-312-***-****

(Open for relocation) EMPLOYMENT

Student Assistant Illinois Institute of Technology August 2017 – April 2018

• Provide technical assistance and mange operations for a user base of 4000+ faculty, students

• Maintain daily and monthly statistical reports.

Web Developer Intern Chicago, IL, USA ConnectWork June 2017 – August 2017

• Improve the visual aesthetic of the company's home page using HTML/CSS and Bootstrap elements to improve traffic to site.

• Strategize placement of buttons, dropdown menus and flow of use to assure that users are able to find pages at ease.

• Developed an intuitive understanding of google platform, back mapping and catalog all changes to website and store in it.

• Reviewing the default script and its functionality, assisting with administrative duties and in general research. Assistant System Engineer Mumbai, MH, India Tata Consultancy Services Dec 2015 – July 2016 Process: CitiRules Citibank

• Responsible for maintenance and support, modifying functionalities of application according to changing requirements of client using Structured Rule Language in FICO tool

• Responsible for reporting errors, debugging, execution and documentation of modified code and attending clients doubts and discussing the requirements

• Trained with programming in core java using complex data structures like ArrayList, Hash Table and Map.

• Implemented Form Validation with JavaScript and Struts, insert data in database using JSP, Hibernate and Spring MVC EDUCATION

Chicago, IL Illinois Institute of Technology August 2016 – May 2018 Master’s in Computer Science, May 2018, GPA: 3.1

Coursework: Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Database Organization, Software System Architecture, Theory of Computation, Software Project Management, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Online Social Network Analysis, Natural Language Processing. Mumbai, India Mumbai University August 2011 – June 2015 Bachelor’s in Information Technology, May 2015, GPA: 3.6 Technical Experience


• Text Summarization (2018) Python: Developed an application which uses extractive technique of text analysis and an algorithm using Natural Language Processing (NLP) that selects from the original text a subset of words, phrases, sentences which are then arranged in proper sequence to give summary.

• Twitter Sentiment Analysis (2018) Python: Analysis sentiments of data collected from twitter using Python and Twitter API, Predicted positive and negative tweets, used Linear regression, Naïve Bayes, Maximum Entropy, Random Forest, SVM, Decision tree.

• Natural Language Processing (2018) Python: Various projects implemented such as using Naïve Bayes for probability predictions and accuracies, implementation of Earley Parser’s Algorithm, Lexical Chain and text summarization.

• Social Network Analysis (2017) Python: Collected data from twitter using Twitter API, performed community detection, link prediction, tokenization, recommendation system etc. using Python.

• Keyword Extraction for News Dataset (2017) Python, R: Extracted keyword from News Aggregator dataset and categorized the news articles and compared accuracy of various Machine Learning algorithms such as Naïve Bayes, SVC, Logistic Regression.

• Recommendation System for movies (2017) Python: Developed a python recommender system using scikit learn (sklearn) library to predict the movie liked by any user, collaborative filtering using confusion matrix to user- movie similarity that achieves accuracies up to 75%

• New York Subway System (2016) Java, MySQL: Implemented New York subway system using Dijkstra’s Algorithm for using shortest distance to reach from source to destination.

• Simulation of CDMA Technology (2015) Java: Encryption and Decryption of text message using Viterbi algorithm as error correction

• Loan Approval Module (2015) JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Hibernate, Struts, MySQL, JSP: Implemented Loan Approval module in training period for approving loan to bank applicants by checking many constraints that must be satisfied using JavaScript, JSP, Struts, Hibernate and Spring

• Online Shoes Website (2014): Development of online shoes website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript Skills, Languages and Technologies

• Languages/ Web Technologies: Python – Pandas, Scikit Learn, Numpy, SciPy,Matplotlib, NLTK, Java, R,C/C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SAS, Hadoop

• Database: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 11g, MySQL, Relational databases(RDBMS), MS Access

• Concepts and libraries: Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and algorithms, Data Mining, extract, transform, and clean large data sets, SDLC, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Agile Development.

• Others: Eclipse, NetBeans, Git, Google Apps, JSON, Excel, Jupyter Notebook, Windows, Linux, Unix

• Soft skills: Detail Oriented, Multi-tasking, Self-starter, Analytical thinking, Written & Verbal Communication, Time Management Achievements

• Felicitated as Third topper in Second year Engineering Academic year 2012 – 2013

• Selected as Microsoft Student Partner 2014 – 2015 by Microsoft

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