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Software Engineer Project

Pleasanton, CA
November 15, 2018

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Tony Fu

Cell 415-***-****

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San Ramon, CA 94583


Highly motivated computer science student looking for my first job in computer/software related fields. Interested in using my knowledge and skills in software development, testing, web design to make positive contributions to the company and gaining industrial experience.


University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics

Graduation: Fall 2018

Cumulative GPA – 3.4, Dean’s List

COURSEWORK: Software Engineering, Database Design, Parallel/Distributed programming,

Compilers and system software, Algorithms, Computer Organization, Analysis of Discrete Structures, Web Programming, Object-Oriented Programming and Design, Systems Programming and Unix


Coding: C, Java, MIPS assembly language, Javascript/NodeJS/MongoDB, HTML, Javascript, CSS

Platform: Linux, Unix, Windows


Williams-Sonoma Inc.

Technology Intern, June 2018 - August 2018

●Worked with a team to bring Microstrategy reporting to a mobile app

●Created the design flow around the technology presented to me and sought a new solution when the proposed technology was no longer supported

●Worked with engineers to solve how mobile devices would connect to the internal corporate network

●Created and designed the app’s layout


Pokémon Game

●Worked in a four-man group for sophomore year’s final project game. Inheritance hierarchy and later took a lead role in researching and deciding how the animations and sounds were to be coded

Message Passing with a GUI

●Worked with one other person in designing a client-server program that sent drawn images/shapes to each other. In charge of drawing the shapes and designing the inheritance hierarchy for the shapes


●Lead role in a group of two for a jukebox program. Had to use design patterns to build a two-iteration project involving a GUI. In charge of serialization, GUI, and playing music. Familiarized with using other people’s code, building on it, and using design patterns

Build-A-Spaceship Website

●Group project to make a web-interface that allowed users to place orders on items and ask a variety of questions. Contributed to the schema of the system and wrote the queries for the project. Used Apache Tomcat and JSP in this project.

Board Game

●Built a simple game using distributed programming concepts.

●Set up players initially with a central server. But then implemented players in ring formation for better knowledge of Clients/Servers.

●Player Class would be both a client and a server.


●Broke down the stages of a compiler and implemented each step

●Used flex and yacc as scanner/parser generators

●Wrote data structures and methods for building the symbol table and for type checking

●Implemented the code generation stage to turn C-- into MIPS assembly code using an API

N-Body Parallel

●Simulate how objects interact with each other. Used command line arguments to determine how many objects were supported in each thread. Ran analysis to see how performance was affected by varying amount of threads

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