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Developer Computer

Santa Cruz, California, United States
November 17, 2018

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Michael Ettinger

Game Developer / Game Programmer Phone: 805-***-**** Email:

GitHub: Linkedin:


Computer Science: Game Design - GPA: 3.4 Spring 2019

University of California, Santa Cruz

Computer Science Spring 2016

Diablo Valley College


Programming/Languages: C++, C, C#, Javascript, Java, HTML, CSS(Cascading Style Sheet), GLSL(OpenGL

Shading Language), x86 Assembly

Framework/Libraries: OPENGL, WEBGL, JQuery, Standard libraries, Phaser

Programs and Tools: Unity3D(5+ years), GameMaker, Android Studio, Unreal Engine 4

Project Management: Git, SCRUM

Creative: 2D Art/Design, 3D Modelling, Blender, Maya, Asesprite, Flstudio


Abstract Data types, Assembly, Advanced Programming in C++, Object Oriented programming in C++, Advanced Java, Intro To Computer Graphics, Mobile Applications, Game Design Experience, Game-Systems, Data Structures, Linear Algebra, Procedural Generation in Unity3D, Game Design Studio


Harvest Winter 2017

●Spearheaded a team of three game designers to create a Unity application in C# that mimics classic tower defense gameplay and complex systems logic.

●Balanced multiple intersecting systems involving player currency and player agency. Players would gain resources from protecting their crops till the end of the day. Their resource pool would be used to buy more crops from the crop shop creating an emergent positive feedback loop on the amount of crops the player must protect the next day which effects the difficulty.

Degrading States Spring 2017

●Collaborated with a six person team of designers and artists to create a social game based around political issues.

Computer Graphics Fall 2017

●Shaped a 3D game engine in WEBGL that loads in object data from industry standard modeling software such as blender/maya and applies Gouraud/Phong/lambert shading with diffuse and specular options.

●Objects can be controlled using basic transformations matrices.

●Allows for flat shading using vertex duplication.

H@ckerz Spring 2018

●Developed a narrative based mobile application in Android Studio with a team of three programmers about hacking and computer culture.

Procedural Terrain Generator Fall 2018

●Executed a terrain generation algorithm in C# that involves multiple octave noise layering on to a perlin noise based terrain in Unity. The script then generates a splat texture to apply to the terrain.

●Integrated a custom mesh generator to generate a plane that acts as water for the terrain. A custom water shader samples the depth texture for a shoreline effect around the terrain.

●Project includes a custom first person controller.

Networking/File Transfer Protocol Winter 2018

●Established a file transfer protocol application using sockets in C++ to run on the unix command line.

●Application creates a daemon that listens for a connection from a client on another computer and allows for file sharing between the client and the daemon.

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