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senior petrophyicist and production geology team leader

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
November 17, 2018

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Khaled Abu Elyazid

Organization : Oilfield

Company : Qarun Petroleum (Apache JVs. )

Job title : Petrophysical and Geological Operation team Leader,

Exploration Department

Language : Arabic, English

Location : New Madi,Cairo, Egypt.

Mobile +2-012*-****-***


Email :

Be active, honest, sincere, and objective and do your job as if you are working for yourself

Job Title: Petrophysical and Geological Operation Team leader.

Current Projects: Supervision and manage the geological Drilling Operation and the Petrophysical Projects molding.

Areas of Interest:

> geological Will Sitting

> Wire Line and LWD Petrophysics, Reservoir cut-off, Net pay evaluation.,

>Geosteering (with LWD triple combo log) real-time operations.

> Geological Operation

> Production Enhancement

> Borehole Geology

> Stratigraphic Geology

> Data Base Managements

Key Skills:

> Borehole Operation Geology

> Open Hole Log analysis & interpretation

> Data Base Building and Analysis

> Working on study for the unconventional reservoir

Work/Life balance and lifestyle in my current Job:

I am enjoying my life as I have a good work/life balance. I am working for five days a week. I enjoy my weekends with my family. I am ready for the relocate.

Egyptian citizen. I was born on 28 th, of December 1963 in Egypt. Married with Four daughters I like traveling and enjoying holidays with my family.

October 1996 – Present, Qarun Pet., Co. (Apache JV. Company)

Senior Petrophysicist and operation Geology team leader,

(Cairo, Western Desert, Egypt).

--Petrophysical open hole logs interpretation and reservoir studies.

--Supervisor for the geological well drilling operation (well site geological team) and wire line logging jobs (Petrophysical team).

--Report writing and utilizing the Geological Petrophysical integrated data base.

--Conduct and working with the Reservoir Sand modeling team for

--Qarun, Kamara, East Bahariya, Eldiyur and Beni Sueif oil Fields, Western Desert, for production optimization and recoverable barrel oil Enhancement.

--Manage a Petrophysical and geological data base project.

-- Initiate and lead many of tenders and contract (Wire line, LWD, Mud logging jobs, digitizing, scanning and well composite.

March 1995 – October 1996

Pressure &TDC System Engineer

Geoservices Int. Oil Services Co.,

(Qatar, Libya and Gabon West Africa).

March 1992 – February 1995

XLOG (Baker Hughes Int. Oil Services Co.,

Consultant Well Site Geologist.

(Petroleum Development of Oman) a Shell Oman Company,

Jan. 1989 - March 1992

Mud Logging Engineer, Gerhard mud Logging co.,

(a Halliburton int. Oil service Co.,)

Abu Dabhi, Dubai, Sharjah and Yemen.

May 1987 – Jun 1988

Galvanization Specialist, NABCO Arabian Aluminum Company.

2011 Masters, Geology

Ain Shames University, Faculty of Science, (EGYPT)

Thesis: Reservoir Sand Characterizations f or Upper Bahariya Cenomanian Rocks, wadi ALRYAN, Western Desert, Egypt.

2005 Pre-Masters studies, Geology

Cairo University, Faculty of Science, (EGYPT).

Thesis: Attended 8 geology courses as a preparation for the MSc Thesis.

1988 Integrated Computer courses (460 hours), Faculty of Science, Computing Center, Ain Shame University, (EGYPT).

(Data Base, Data Structure, System Design & Analysis ) Basic, Fortran and Pascal Programming Languish ...etc.)

1985 Bachelors of Geology

Cairo University (EGYPT)

Thesis: Different Geological courses, Geophysical, Geochemistry, Statistical Lecture, English and German Language Course .

Management Course, Clep - level 4 – management Applications and models, OGS – Cairo, Egypt, 6 – 10 November 2016 .

Management Course (Wild Important Goals) OGS., Training Center,

Cairo, Egypt, April, 2015.

Attending the Mediterranean Offshore Oil Conference, Alexandria, Egypt.

(MOC) Dec, 2014)

Attending the SPE, North Africa Technical Oil Conference, Cairo, Egypt, May 2013.

Applied Reservoir Simulation course, Next, Schlumberger Egypt, Dec., 2010

Attending and sharing, w/ technical paper, at the 10 th., of Mediterranean Offshore Oil Conference, Alexandria, Egypt. ( MOC) May, 2010),

( Beni Sueif Basin, The Key For Exploration Future Success in Upper Egypt )

Attending 5th International Conference & Exhibition for Oil & Gas

INTERGAS – V 12- 14 May 2009, CICC, Cairo, Egypt.

Advanced Formation Evaluation School, (Next, Schlumberger, Sofitel),

Cairo, Egypt, April, 2009.

Advanced Interactive Petrophysical log analysis program,

(Schlumberger Cairo, Egypt) Nov., 2008

Attending for the 5 Th., Petrophysical and Geophysical Society

Conference, National research Center, Cairo, Egypt Feb., 2008

Fundamental Geofram Data Technical Support cession,

(Schlumberger Cairo, Egypt), 2007.

Introduction to Interactive Petrophysics software (Schlumberger package), for Electric Logs analysis and formation evaluation. (Cairo, Egypt), 2006.

International environmental conference (Alexandria, Egypt),2005..

6 Months of out- office working team for reservoir modeling and simulations of Qarun filed (Schlumberger Cairo office March to September 2003)

Preparing of reservoir characterization, shearing in both Static and dynamic

Phase, Conclusions, Recommendations and final Report Writing.

Clastic Sedimentary Facies Analysis &Reservoir Characterization, June, 2002, Geomatics Egypt Consultants .

Sequence Stratigraphy Concept & Application, July,2002, Geomatics Egypt Consultants.

Introduction To Petroleum Geochemistry 27 - 29 Jun, 2001.

(Stratochem Geochemical Co., Cairo, Egypt.

Environmental aspect of oil companies, in house, Qarun Pet. Co.

Reservoir characterization, in house, Qarun Pet. Co.2000

Facies analysis, in house, Qarun Pet. Co.,Cairo Egypt…

Data Base Management, Schlumberger, Egypt, 1999 …

Strata Model Course, Land Mark, Houston, Texas, USA, 1998.

Geodatabase Management in Open Works, Cairo, Egypt, Land mark office,1998 .

Water Flooding Course, William Cobb, in house workshop, Qarun main office, Cairo, Egypt, 1997.

Elan+ Course, Schlumberger, Egypt. 1997

Strata log Course, Schlumberger, Egypt.1996

Openwork's Course, Landmark, Egypt.1996

Introduction to CPS-3 Course, Schlumberger, Egypt.1996.

Petro View+ Course, Schlumberger, Egypt.

Open Hole Log Analysis and Formation Evaluations Schlumberger, Egypt.

Which includes the following:- 1996.

Formation Evaluation technique Schlumberger, Almeria Center, Alexandria, Egypt .

Well logging advanced engineer course.

Presentation Skills development course.

Report writing course.

Drilling Equipment and well control basic course .

H2S and safety drilling course, PDO Oman.

Structure Geology.

Integrated Petrophysical Approach on the Reservoir Characterization of Shaly-Sand Thin Formation. A Case Study of Bahariya Formation In Misaada Field, East-Bahariya, Egypt .

I.M. Shokry, K.A. Abu Elyazid, Qarun Petroleum Company .; C. Clerk, APACHE, Petroleum Company

15NATC-P-456-SPE North Africa Technical Conference and Exhibition,

14 -16 September 2015, Cairo Egypt…

Beni Sueif Basin the Key for Exploration Future Success in Upper Egypt*

Hemida Zahran1, Khaled Abu Elyazid1, Moustafa Mohamad

Search and Discovery Article #10351 (2011) Posted August 22, 2011.


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