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Customer Service

Carmel, Indiana, 46033, United States
November 14, 2018

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October, ****


I would like to apply for the Customer Service Representative position with your firm. Presently I am on a semi retirement. My previous employer was going through some hardships with the economy in 2009. As I was reaching 65 I offered to help by taking a leave so younger fellows who were raising families had a job. My wife says it’s time for me to get back to work. I guess I’m invading her space. So I took a part time job with Trinity Services, New Lenox, Illinois. They are a social service agency that helps “Special Needs” adults. I am a part time driver that transports them to different facilities they have that provide support in providing activities or work for them. It has been a very rewarding job. It probably is right up to all the jobs I’ve ever had.

My career has been a very successful one in that I always out shined my fellow workers in achievements. After I graduated Blue Island High School, Blue Island IL. I entered the Air Force during Vietnam. When I got out I worked for International Harvester for 11 years. I rose up the ladder from machine operator to Foreman. During my years in being a Foreman I attended Joliet Junior College full time working on a Associates in Management degree on the GI Bill. I didn’t complete my degree (one English course short), because I wanted to leave, and was going to change careers. My leaving had to do with a couple of things. I had two young kids who need a father, but I was on nights. This along with dealing with the UAW was not what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I then went into sales. Worked with a Industrial tool distributor (Krane & Associates) from South Holland, IL. My duties were to sell industrial supplies, and cutting tools. We had a recession in 1982 and Krane & Associates went out of business. Before they did I was working with one of our companies we represented. This was a French base company (Etamic Corp) that designed & built special inspection equipment for manufacturing. As we were still in the recession this firm was going to back to France. There really wasn’t much of a company here as their joint venture with a Detroit firm collapsed due to the Detroit firm going out of business. I convinced the president of Etamic to be patient. From what I sold to American companies they loved the product & capabilities of Etamic. He said OK, and 25 years latter we achieved $15 million in sales & 30 employees. I’m proud of this achievement because it was me & the chief engineer who started this company with zero sales & customers. The company was sold years ago to Hommel from Germany. I was the Regional Sales Manager who covered primarily the Midwest. I usually had a independent representative or two who I assisted. I also had some prime accounts that were not covered by our representatives. As the product was very technical I had to work with customers in achieving the results they were looking for in achieving the quality they wanted. I also had to be the one who resolved any complaints that arose. I was forced into retirement in September 2010 due to the recession. I opted for a layoff as the company wanted to layoff a junior salesman who had three youngsters in school. Being retired wasn’t what I really wanted as I really enjoy working. I picked up a part time job driving for Trinity Service, New Lenox, and IL 60451. Trinity is a social service firm that provides help to “Special Needs Adults”. This position is one that really brought personal enjoyment knowing I was helping the less fortunate. I left them in August 2018 due to our move to Carmel, IN.

August 1st we will be moving to Noblesville to be able to support my son & three grandkids. A little over a year and a half ago my daughter in-law passed way leaving my son to raise them all alone. My wife has been doing double duty in staying in Carmel two weeks there & two weeks at our home in Chicagoland. So we decided that we need to stop this craziness & move down there. It was just getting too hard. We are building a home with Ryan Homes / Holston Hills around 150th & Gray Road.

I know that as you read this letter it isn’t your typical resume. As I’ve never had to make such a formal resume before.

I would very much like to come in for a interview, or talk with you on the phone so that you will have a better idea as to who I am, and what I can do for your company.

Thank you,

Phil Adair

1937 Spruce Dr.

Carmel, IN 46033


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