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Engineer Manager

Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Rs 600000/ month
November 14, 2018

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An accomplished professional with an extensive expertise in a broad suit of engineering and management; a strategic planner with an awareness of multidisciplinary domains ; having earned himself a reputation of team leader for leading teams to top performance & timely / high quality completion of donor funded mega projects in KPK and FATA [ Pakistan], under most adverse security environment . He seeks a challenging position in Pakistan or Middle East.

Executive Mile Stones

Starting as junior engineer, he has worked on prestigious projects like Shah Faisal mosque, Khanpur dam and Khyber teaching hospital. After joining National Engineering Services [Pak] ltd as senior engineer, rose to the level of Vice President and Country Manager Afghanistan. He has successfully worked on eight donors [IDA, ADB & USAID] funded projects, as Team leader in KPK / FATA.

Key Skills

Leadership, Team building & decision making; interpersonal skills; project planning, procurement, construction and contract management; monitoring, evaluation & quality control ; strategic planning; business development; HR and logistics management ; staff development & on the job training ; Expertise in water resources i.e. irrigation, dams, drainage, flood protection and river training works, Buildings and road work and bridges.

Experience at a Glance

Engineer Iftikhar Ali brings an experience of more than fifty years in Engineering more specifically in KPK/Fata regions Pakistan in water resources, Planning and development, construction & contract management, rural development, Design, Implementation, infrastructure, monitoring & evaluation and other multi-dimensional development activities like community mobilization, creation of farmer organizations and interaction with civil society.

Over the past two decades he has provided extensive services in support to several donor funded projects as Team Leader Integrated Consultancy Services, Team Leader AID/country manager (Afghanistan) Vice President / Regional manager KPK with National Engineering services Pak {ltd} . He worked as senior engineer with National Construction Company on prestigious Shah Faisal Mosque project and with associated consulting engineers on Khanpur dam and Khyber teaching hospital in Peshawar. He has also worked as member dispute board representing Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir on four earth quake rehabilitation contracts. He is currently working as free lance professional in KPK / FATA.

Details of Dispute Boards/Arbitration

He has worked on a No. of disputes/arbitration agreements involving government departments, contractors and consultants. Some main disputes are as


Project Name/Contract

Name of Department

Name of Contractor


ADB funded Earth Quake Emergency Assessment Project (Construction of 700 Schools)

Chief Engineer (Reconstruction) ERRA .Government of AJK

M/S PEB/HMA Joint Venture


Contract 1.3- ADBEDU/AJK/EEAP



Contract 1.5



Contract 1.6



Contract 1.7



a) Contract 1.1 ADB EDU/AJK/EEAP


M/s Winthrop Meridian Joint Venture


b) Contract 1.2 ADB EDU/AJK/EEAP




Contract 1.8 ADB EDU/AJK/EEAP




Construction of Roads in Mohmmand Agency (Arbitration)

C & W Department, FATA

M/s Nisar Khattak Company


Construction of Jagran Hydro power Project AJK.



Detailed Experience

National Engineering services [PAK] Ltd- Advisor Construction & Contract Management

Dec2016- continue- Peshawar

Advice on reconstruction & improvement of Peshawar Airport Project[Rs 2500 million]. Contract& procurement management, Interpretation of FIDIC clauses, Issuance of variation orders, Progress monitoring, identification of bottlenecks and course correction. Trouble shooting of various issues with client and contractors.

Creative Engineering Consultants – Director Technical

June2015 – Dec 2016- Peshawar

Overview of design, construction supervision and contract management of about twenty five projects in water, road, wash and rural development in KPK / FATA. Reengineering of current systems and Creation of new protocols and SOPs in the organization. He is responsible forLiaison; trouble shooting and business promotion with the implementing agencies. Direct in charge of following projects:

Design and construction of water harvesting schemes including nine weirs in arid districts of KPK.

Feasibility for provision of drinking water from Indus to Shakardara.

Design and supervision of water supply schemes in Nowshehra,Mardan,Haripur and Peshawar.

Axial load monitoring and managementproject.

Integrated Consulting Services (ICS), Pakistan – Team Leader

August 2014 – May 2015 - Peshawar

As Team Leader, he was responsible for the management of local professionals as well as foreign expatriates. It was an ADB funded technical assistance for the formulation of minimum three water sub projects in KPK. The TORs of the assignment comprised following

•Develop subproject selection criteria and identify at least three core subprojects.

•Assess financial and procurement management capacities in key institutions, identify these risks and develop mitigation measures.

•Carry out water balance, water productivity, irrigation system, arid area irrigated agriculture, climate change (CC) impact assessments in each selected subproject.

•Develop an irrigated agriculture and water resources (IAWR) sector development plan for arid areas, and institutional analysis and carry out institutional capacity assessments. He authored this report.

•Develop technically feasible physical and non-physical investment packages in each subproject.

•Estimate costs, project benefits and assess economic and financial viabilities of developed investment packages in each subproject.

•Develop preliminary engineering designs and Planning Commission Performa No. 1 (PC-1) in each subproject.

•Assess the distribution of project effects and the impact on poverty reduction and inclusive growth and explore possibilities of development for a gender action plan in each subproject.

•Assess environmental, involuntary resettlement, and indigenous peoples impacts, conduct actions for safeguard requirements and develop relevant frameworks and plans in each subprojects.

•Develop efficient implementation arrangement including procurement plan, investment and financing plans and advanced implementation actions.

•Develop the Expression of Interest for potential implementation consultants.

•Develop the request for proposal to recruit the project implementation consultant.

Associates in development (Pvt) Ltd- Team Leader/ Water Sector Specialist

April 2010 – July 2014 - Peshawar

He joined AID consultants as team leader/ water sector specialist on KPK/ Fata infrastructure project, as in charge of monitoring and evaluation [M&E] team. My task consisted of:

•Preparation of inception report containing monitoring & evaluation protocols, Inspection modules and payment milestones.

•Rehabilitation, construction and improvement of infrastructure in road, water and power sectors in FATA. The progress achieved was as under Construction of 500 Km road.

•Rehabilitation of Power distribution system in hundred odd villages.

•Construction of two small dams.

•Determination of pre –project development socio-economic indicators and post project impact evaluation.

•Monitoring & Evaluation of the project in terms of time, budget and quality. Identification of bottlenecks, recommendation of remedial measures & course correction during implementation.

•Assessment of environmental impacts, monitoring of mitigation of adverse effects and safe guard requirements before and during the course of implementation.

•Liaison with USAID, FATA Secteriate, HQ 11 Crops Pak Army, and HQ FWO.

•Also worked as member dispute board Government of AJK on four earth quake rehabilitation contracts.

Planning and Development Department FATA- Team Leader

June 2008 – April 2010 - Peshawar

As team leader Fata Rural Development Project (FRDP), he was in charge of a team of consultants working on the following.

•Construction of road and water sector infrastructure including tube wells & water supply schemes in three agencies of Bajur, Mohmand and Khyber.

• Implementation of social and environmental safe guards before and during construction, as per ADB protocols .

•Water assessment study, water management plan & proposals for water sector interventions in the above mentioned three agencies. He authored this report .

•Identification, pre-feasibilities and feasibilities of twelve small dams in the three agencies.

•Environmental assessment, natural resource management and GIS/MIS applications for monitoring of progress and quality.

•Coordination, compliance of ADB loan covenants, technical inputs for scheme preparation, implementation and supervision of various specialists’ activities. It was a labour intensive livelihood project carried out through communities.

National Engineering Services of Pakistan Ltd- Country ManagerKabul, Afghanistan

July 2007 – May 2008

As country manager Afghanistan, I was Incharge of Nespak country office and project manager for the design and construction supervision of following Pakistan sponsored projects: The scope of my duty included liaison with foreign affairs, works and finance ministries in Afghanistan and their counterparts in Pakistan including Planning Commission. My main responsibilities also included procurement of services and equipment, compliance to covenants of Pak-Afghan agreement and quality control.

•Allama Iqbal Faculty of Arts, University of Kabul Rs.411.25 million

•Science Faculty Block-Jalalabad Rs.256.50 million

•Kidney Center-Jalalabad Rs.395.00 million

•Engg.Faculty Block-Mazar Sharif Rs.600.00 million

•Jinnah Hospital at Kabul Rs.1087.00 million

•200 bed Hospital at Loger (Rs. 600 Million)

•Fatima Jinnah Nuclear hospital Kabul (Rs. 800 Million).

•Torkham Jalal Abad Road (Rs. 850 Million).

•Feasibility of Jalal Abad- Kabul Road (New alignment- Rs. 1650 Million).

•Design and construction of a weir and feasibility of two small hydropower schemes at Mazar Sharif.

National Engineering Services of Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd - Vice- President

September 2002 – July 2007 Peshawar

He worked as Vice President National Engineering Services of Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. (NESPAK), in charge of projects management division at Peshawar KPK and with a team of about 250 professionals/non professionals. NESPAK is one of the largest consulting houses in South East Asia with multi disciplinary Engineering specialties under one roof and with employee strength of 3000 persons. Nespak did not have a team of middle level engineers who could work on dams. He was given the responsibility of training a team of engineers on the construction supervision of small dams. The effort ultimately culminated in to getting more business in dams in Middle East. He was responsible for following projects during the period.

•Rehabilitation of Warsak Power House in Mohmand Agency Rs. 550 Million.

•Four Small Dams (Construction Supervision) including drinking water supply schemes in KPK- Rs 3000 Million, completed and handed over to the department.

•Twelve Small Dams in FATA (Construction Supervision)-Rs. 3000 Million. Five dams were constructed while remaining 7 dams were dropped as non-feasible.

•Improvement and beautification of Peshawar City& Design of Flyovers -Rs. 600 Million.

•Feasibility of NESPAK HOUSE in Peshawar – Rs. 500 Million.

•Lining of Watercourses (45 Km long) in FATA – Rs. 800 Million.

•Farm to market roads project --- Rs. 950 Million

Pakistan Drainage Consultants - Team Leader/General Manager NDP-KPK Province

January 1999 – September 2002 (3 years 9 months) Peshawar - Pakistan

National Drainage Programme (NDP) was of 6 years duration and was first phase of the programme launched for a period of twenty-five years. In KPK, its outlay was about Rs. 4000/- (Million) for the first phase. The donors involved were IDA, ADB and OCEF (Japan). He was heading a team of expatriates as well as highly qualified local staff. The work consisted of

screening of the subprojects according to laid down criteria,

overall planning and preparation of feasibilities, detailed designs

procurement of works according to the procedures agreed among donors and the Pakistani participating agencies

implementation of civil works, liaison with the donors, financial control, achievement of laid down targets.

One of the covenants of the project was privatization of irrigation systems through creation of farmer organisations and capacity building of farmers to enable them to maintain their irrigation systems on self help basis. It required a lot of communication and interpersonal skills to work with farmers, NGOs and other stakeholders of civil society to initiate such a major institutional change.

In the process, he prepared feasibilities of forty drainage, irrigation, water supply and dam projects, initiated detailed design of about eighteen and construction supervision of eight projects.

For the first time, the element of environmental and social safe guards was introduced in KPK, for which a cell was created in consultant’soffice.

National Engineering Services of Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd - Regional Manager/ Chief Resident Engineer

May 1982 – December 1998 - Peshawar

As Regional Manager KPK, he was responsible for coordination, business promotion & trouble shooting among various Nespak offices and provincial departments. As Chief Resident Engineer, successfully completed following IDA/ADB/ USAID co- financed projects:

•First Irrigation System rehabilitation Project (IDA/USAID Funded) with a cost of Rs. 1000 million.

•1988-Flood Damage Restoration Project (IDA/ADB Funded) with a cost of Rs. 800 million.

•Second Irrigation Systems Rehabilitation Project (IDA Funded) with a cost of Rs. 1500 million.

•1992 Flood Damages Restoration Project (IDA-ADB) with a cost of Rs. 2,000 million.

The work comprised project formulation, preparation of annual work plans, technical clearance of subproject proposals, procurement as per donor’s procedures, quality control, progress review, monitoring & evaluation and claiming of expenditures from the donor’s accounts. In the process, He had to maintain a liaison with the donors, Ministry of Water & Power and with the provincial departments, on all levels of hierarchy. These restoration works, damaged due to heavy floods in 1988 & 1992 were carried out in Irrigation, drainage, flood protection, weirs, dams, Communication, Education & Health sectors. The works in communication sector included complete redesign and reconstruction of five major and rehabilitation of another five partially damaged RCC bridges and about 800 Km long road segments. .About twelve suspension bridges were completely washed away while another four were partially damaged during 1992 flood event in Hazara and Swat regions. The suspension bridges were reconstructed/ rehabilitated under his supervision. The irrigation rehabilitation projects comprised reconstruction and improvement of canal systems throughout KPK. The total length of rehabilitated canals and flood protection works including allied structure was around 450 KM . He also worked with IDA impact evaluation Team called Rome Group on pre project bench mark data collection and post project impact evaluation.

National Engineering Services [PAK] ltd.Deputy Resident Engineer

June 1981 – May 1982 - D.I. Khan –Darya Khan Bridge Project

He was in charge of training works, spurs, guide embankments and road embankment leading from right bank of Indus river to the bridge structure and then to the left bank . A 14 km wide river was confined to the width of less than 2 kms . Was also responsible for the diversion of mighty Indus for the construction of the bridge .

National Construction Company- Senior Engineer

August 1979 – May 1981 - Islamabad / Peshawar / DI Khan

As Senior Engineer, he worked on the construction of High Court Building at Peshawar and prestigious Shah Faisal Mosque Project at Islamabad. As Project Manager, on the construction of Khazana Sugar Mills as well as on the construction of all the roads/pavements and five hostels of Gomal University Campus at D.I. Khan (Rs. 5000 Million)

Ziss Corporation- Director Construction & Partner

June 1976 – August 1979 -Peshawar / DI Khan

He worked on several projects including Police Communication Building and Main Office, Mardan Scarp Colony and National Bank of Pakistan Buildings at Kohat and D.I. Khan. In charge of overall Execution, Contract Management, Engineering and Financial control. (Rs. 500 Million).

Associated Consulting Engineers (Pvt) Ltd (ACE Ltd)- Senior Engineer

January 1970 – May 1976 Khanpur Dam Project- Haripur

He Carried out Survey, design, layout and construction supervision of outlet structure and the spillway. He also worked as Senior Engineer In charge of earth works and supervised the construction of main dam and upstream impervious blanket. He worked with a special task force consisting of Tarbela Joint Venture Limited and Mechanized Construction of Pakistan Limited. 280 million cubic feet earth was placed in less than seven weeks during the construction of upstream impervious blanket. I also Surveyed, designed, prepared tender documents and supervised the construction of the portion of Texila-Khanpur-Haripur Road that was to be submerged into the reservoir. I also looked after maintenance of all the service roads within the dam site (Rs. 2500 Million).

Interhom (Pvt) Ltd - Assistant Divisional Engineer

September 1968 – January 1970 - Peshawar

He worked on the construction of Khyber Teaching Hospital- one of the largest hospitals in Pakistan, having 1500 bed capacity with eleven operation theatres and central air conditioning system. He was associated with the project from the beginning up to its completion (Rs. 1000 Million).

Personal Information

Nationality: Pakistani

Contact Address: H # 225, Street No.06, Sector K-1, Hayatabad, Peshawar

Phones: 00 92-333-*******

Fax: 00-92-91-582****



B.Sc. (Civil Engineering), NWFP. University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar 1968.

Management diploma, Lahore University of management sciences (LUMS) Lahore 1996.


Speaking Reading Writing

English excellent excellent excellent

Urdu excellent excellent excellent

Pashto excellent good fair

Seraki good good good


Member, Pakistan Engineering Council

Member, Pakistan Engineering Congress

Member, Institute of Engineers---Pakistan

Member, Pakistan Water Partnership

Member Rotary Club South Peshawar


Nespak training courses on Presentation Skills, Attending meetings & ISO-9000, Executive Leadership Management and Business Etiquette Management

Construction Management course in UET NWFP (1983).

Project Management course by USAID (1985).

Contract Management course by Pakistan Engineering Council (2002)








Mr. Usman Qamar

Senior Rural Development specialist

World Bank


30 Years


Mr Tahir Masood

Managing Director

NESPak- Lahore


30 Years


Mr. ShoukatShafi

Senior Implementation Officer

Asian Development Bank


25 Years


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