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Software Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 13, 2018

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o Having ~4 years of experience working in well renowned companies like WalmartLabs, PayPal. o Building complex and scalable systems which involved all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including development, design, analysis, and testing. o ~4 years of experience in working in agile and test-driven development. o Hands-on experience in making micro-services and integrating with other services. o Built an alerting and monitoring framework using NodeJS. o Extensive experience writing modular and readable code in an object-oriented language like Java. o Experience in building Rest services which internally integrate with data stores like MySQL and ElasticSearch.

o Building data pipelines using Kafka for streaming data, and hive queries for aggregation. o Experience working on scripting languages like Python and Ruby. o Experience in working with version control systems Git and GitHub. o Hands-on experience working with Continuous Integration (CI) build-automation tools such as Maven, Jenkins.



Indian School of Business,


Research Associate Feb 2017 – Sep 2017

WalmartLabs Software Engineer 3 Sep 2016 – Feb 2017 PayPal India Private Limited Software Engineer 2 Nov 2014 – Sep 2016 Flipkart India Pvt Ltd Software Development

Engineer I

Aug 2013 – Oct 2014



Master of Science in Computer


Thesis Advisor: Dr Aditya Kanade

Indian Institute of

Science, Bangalore

July 2013


B Tech in Computer Engineering Nirma University June 2010 8.3/10 SOFTWARE SKILLS

Java, Python, Ruby, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, MySQL, Hive, ElasticSearch, GitHub MAJOR PROJECTS

Competitive Intelligence and Analytics [WalmartLabs] We built a large scale data acquisition and analytics platform that provides insights into catalog quality and competitive pricing. The first step in the pipeline was to gather competitive signals like product features, shipping details from various channels, and persist them. We used HDFS for this. This data was then processed by a bunch of batch jobs to generate reports. The batch jobs were hive queries which pushed the processed data to MySQL. The products are matched based on the product features and then the prices are compared with competitors for these matched products. It also gives insights into the products which are sold at a higher/lower price on Walmart than the competitors. All the reports are exposed to the business teams via a dashboard built using Ruby on Rails which internally queries MySQL.

First Party Tracking Infrastructure [PayPal]

This system captures the activities performed by users on the website. This data is used by business teams to derive user insights. The teams owning the data for various activities push their data to our queues and we store them for further processing. We exposed a tool to the data owners to query and validate their data. The tool uses Elasticsearch index internally for faster response times. We also built alerting and monitoring framework for data integrity and latency measures using NodeJS and AngularJS.

Retail Pricing [Flipkart]

We worked on building various pricing policies like inventory-aware pricing and MRP-based pricing. We also provided competitor-based pricing policy which involved building a web crawler and spider to enable automatic competitive pricing. This pricing policy requires an approval in case the proposed price is lower than a threshold. We built an alerting system, which sends an alert when the number of pending items for price approval is very high. We also built a self-serve pricing console where pricing policies can be added/edited/deleted by the business team.

Transducer-based Algorithmic Verification of Retransmission Protocols [Thesis at IISc]

In this work, we present an approach to model and verify protocols which combine error detection and error control to provide reliable communication over noisy channels. We term these protocols retransmission protocols as they achieve reliable communication through repeated retransmission of messages. These protocols typically use cyclic redundancy checks and sliding window protocols for error detection and control respectively. We propose models for retransmission protocols as transducers operating on bit strings. Streaming string transducers provide a natural way for modeling these protocols and formalizing correctness requirements. We present case studies involving TinyOS serial communication and HDLC retransmission protocols.

Null Dereference Analysis of Java Programs

Implemented an intra-procedural data-flow analysis for detecting null dereference bugs in Java programs using Soot analysis framework.

Identification of Agricultural Land from Satellite Images using a C4.5 based Approach

Data mining concepts like decision tree were used along with image segmentation concepts to distinguish agricultural land area from other areas in a satellite image. PUBLICATIONS

“Non-deterministic transducer models of retransmission protocols over noisy channels”, Jay Thakkar and Aditya Kanade, Information Processing Letters (IPL), Volume 115, 2015.

“Transducer-based algorithmic verification of retransmission protocols over noisy channels”, Jay Thakkar, Aditya Kanade and Rajeev Alur, IFIP Joint Conference on Formal Techniques for Distributed Systems (33rd FORTE/15th FMOODS), 2013.

“Transducer models of sliding window ARQ protocols for noisy channels (Poster)”, Jay Thakkar, Aditya Kanade, IBM Collaborative Academia Exchange (I-CARE), 2012.

“C4.5 Based Approach for Identification of Agricultural Land from Satellite Images”. In the proceedings of International Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer Science, Communication and Information Technology (CSCIT-2010), January, 2010. OTHER ROLES & INITIATIVES

Was the Teaching Assistant at Indian Institute of Science for the course Automated Verification

First Runner-up in Data Wizard Tournament India'15 at PayPal

Won the Best Poster: First Runner Up prize at IBM Collaborative Academia Exchange (I- CARE), 2012

Secured All India Rank 366 in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE-2010) in Computer Science among over 1 lakh applicants with a percentile score of 99.65

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