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Entry-Level Software Engineer

Trenton, NJ
November 12, 2018

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Seeking an entry-level software engineering full-time position. EDUCATION

Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering & Science, Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, New Jersey M.S., Computer Engineering Sept.2016-May.2018

• GPA:4.0/4.0

• Relevant coursework: Engineering Programing in C++(A); Computing Principle of Embedded System (A); Data Acquisition(A); Applied Machine Learning(A); Applied modeling & optimization(A); Master Thesis(A) College of Information Science and Engineering, Northeastern University Shenyang, China B.E., Monitoring and Control Technology and Equipment Sept.2012-Jun.2016

• GPA:82/ 100

• Relevant coursework: Computer Operation System(B); Computer DIY&Maintenance (A); Scientific Computing with MATLAB (89); Basic of Software Application (90); Error Theory and Data Processing(89); Fundamental of Mono-Chip Computer & Application(84); Computer Control System (84) SKILLS

• Programing language: C, C++, R, Matlab, Java, Assembly Language

• Operating System: Linux, Microsoft Windows

• Tools/Database: MySQL, Git, Eclipse, Labview, TensorFlow, Pytorch PROJECT EXPERIENCE

Unsupervised Object Discovery and Description (Matlab, Advisor: Prof. Hong Man) Sept.2017-May.2018

• Addressing unsupervised object localization in a far more general scenario.

• Advocating a part-based matching approach to unsupervised object discovery using multiple proposals like region proposal, selective search, gop and maxflow.

• Using a probabilistic Hough transform to match those candidate regions across images and assign confidence scores.

• Object discovery and localization in a fully unsupervised setup is explored on challenging benchmark datasets. Android Chat Room (Java, Android Studio) Mar.2017-May.2017 Implement the communication between Android Device and PC by TCP

• Android Device send and receive message .

• Build server by using socket API;Design UI for the PC and Android Device.

• Using firebase to complete the login function.

Local BBS (Java, JavaScript, JSP, Servlet, MySQL, Tomcat, HTML, CSS) Jan.2017-Mar.2017 A light weight BBS for local users to post and upload/download documents.

• Constructed and deployed a light weight BBS accessible through local area network using Tomcat and MySQL.

• Developed the back-end using Servlets as controllers and POJO as models.

• Developed the front-end using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSP as views.

• Realized user authentication by interacting with MySQL using JDBC API. XDF Tool (C++) Oct.2016-Dec.2016

The purpose of the XDF project is to create a replacement for the current standard of PDF with a new extreme PDF.

• Using QT libraries creating software windows, text editing, image insert and change, digital signature and print functions (link:

• Combine all the function as one software and make an UI to let software user friendly WORKING EXPERIENCE

FAW Group Corporation Changchun, China

Intern Jul.2015

• PLC Device Operation

• Been pointed as the interview leader of the course final exam, assisted the teacher with the student evaluation Ansteel Group Corporation Anshan, China

Intern Jul.2015-Aug.2015

• Participated in practical work of the steel production line, operated in the converter production workshop as a representative;

• Got familiar and took part in the specific programming operation of mechanical automatic production line and PLC control line, understood and participated in the production practice

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