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Manager Manufacturing Engineer

Oxford, MS
November 12, 2018

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John Noruk

Advanced Engineering Manager

Advanced Engineering Manager with over 25 years experience in the manufacturing plant environment, 15 years as a manager. Adept in handling multi- launches, personal and other plant activities. Specialized in all areas of manufacturing of the interior of an automobile. Have worked in a plant environment for over 25 years. Developed, implemented and maintained specialization in female vacuum forming (IMG and IMGL) technologies, including design, process, machinery, tooling and training manuals. Help lead the company in advanced development in new areas of expertise that lead to increased business (over $21M per year) and over 10 patents.

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Manager

IAC, Manufacturing



Responsible for all design and feasibility reviews with OEM's (Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan and Toyota) and Internally.

• Must carry product from design to launching on the floor.

• Responsible for all subordinates activities, goals, direction.

• Point person on all launches for manufacturabiity in the plant.

• Part of advanced team for recommending and implementing cost saving ideas. Implemented specialized international department for Female Vacuum Forming

(IMG and IMGL).

Includes working with OEM styling and design teams. (Ford, GM, Honda and Nissan).

• Specifications for tooling and machinery.

Responsible for all advanced research and development (budget, planning and development).

• Implementation on the plant (cradle to grave).

• Technical training documents and design guidelines. Helped company save over $8 M over the past 5 years with process improvements.

Implemented new quoting procedures that helped save over $2.6 M in the past 3 years.

• Enabled company to be globally sought after in "Female Vacuum Forming". Recognized as "go to person" for plant issues to aid in advanced trouble shooting and problem solving.

• Responsible for keeping manufacturing processes at quoted profit.

• Operated as Gen Operations Manager and Director of Engineering when needed.

• Involved in over 4 patents.

Sr. Adv Manufacturing Engineer Team Leader

JCI, Manufacturing


• Responsible for writing all technical manuals for advanced processes. Responsible for overall assembly, tooling, machinery and process for new programs.

• Co-lead in all airbag development.

Worked directly with OEM's on upfront styling and designs for all interior components (Ford, GM, Toyota and Honda)

Globally responsible for all Female Vacuum Forming Projects (IMG and IMGL). Includes design, specifications, tooling, machinery, process and plant launch.

(Cradle to grave support)

Responsible for all training and mentoring of engineers on my team (5 in the USA and 8 in Japan).



2012-02 -


2007-06 -


Personal Info


898 Hilberg Street

Oxford, MI 48371


(313) 600 - 3593 or (248) 255 - 5561



MS Office and CAD - expert knowledge of

entire suite applications and CAD software

Problem Solving Skills - processing,

machinery, tooling and design. Considered

one of the best in this area.

Teamwork - Work with a number of teams to

increase efficiency and profitability at the


Adaptability - Worked overseas sometimes

weeks on end. Traveling internationally and

locally more than 70% of the time for the last

15 years.

Project Management - Able to handle

multiple activities and direct resources.

Problem Solving Skills - Ability to solve

issues on the plant floor (Machine, tooling,

materials or process).

Communication Skills - Ability to inform and

communicate with co-workers.

Time Management Skills - Able to perform

multiple tasks at the same time and meet


Ability to lead other - Mentor, train, motivate

and help advance those under my



Lead global manufacturing team in Japan, USA and China for new Toyota program launching world wide.

• Was awarded "Best Launch" for launching major program on three contents. Implemented new ideas and cost saving ideas as program came together saving over $7M.

Responsible for taking over bankrupt supplier and finishing the job that was given to them (included finishing designs, parts purchasing, assembly, commissioning and setup at the plant).

Pole of Competence

Faurecia, Manufacturing



Responsible for all Female Vac Forming projects world wide (IMG, IMGL and male vac form)

• Responsible for all machine, tooling and processing documentation Worked directly with OEM's on upfront styling and designs for all interior components (Ford, GM, Toyota and Chrysler)

• Implemented technical training manuals and performed onsite training. Lead advanced development in Female Vacuum Forming (includes budget, development and implementation).

• Travel extensively world wide helping train and setup new plants and processes.

• Quality auditor.

• Contributed over 10 patents.

Manufacturing Engineer

Ford Motor Company/Visteon - Utica Trim Manufacturing Responsibilities


Worked with writing specifications for door trim, testing methods and federal requirements

Liaison for the "Office of General Council" or "Inverted Delta" for all flammability and side impact'

Implemented and started a "TPM" (Total Preventive Maintenance) program that increased throughput and OEE from 70% to 95% on the test assembly line.

• Supervised over 35 UAW employees

• Trained and mentored new engineers.

Worked in all aspects within the plant (paint, soft foam, woodstock, LPM, HPIM, Vac Forming and many secondary operations)

• Recognized as the best trouble shooting engineer within the plant

• Quality Auditor

Trusted to lead engineering team with all door product launches within the plant. Launched over 13 programs in a 12 year time frame.

Increased overall plant efficiency through 'TPM" that reduced plant overtime by 30%.

Recognized as an expert in the field for side impact and flammability company wide.

Coauthored a paper of the "Correlation of Dynamic to Static Testing on Side Impact Collisions".

Oakland University, Rochester Hills MI - BS Chemistry, BS Mathematics

2002-03 -


1990-01 -



1984-07 -


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