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Technical Skills: Programming Skills: C, C++, Java, Python, R Scriptin

Denver, CO
November 12, 2018

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Denver, CO 80014 EDUCATION:

Master of Science (GPA 3.6) Expected 2019

University of Colorado, Denver, CO

Bachelor of Technology-IT (70%) 2013-2017

Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology, Chennai, India TECHNICAL SKILLS:

Programming skills: C, C++, JAVA, Python, R

Scripting Languages: JAVA Script, PHP, CSS

Operating Systems: Windows and Linux

Database Design Software: MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle Others: Tableau, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Weka, RStudio, Micro Strategy, Pentaho, SLATE WORK EXPERIENCE:

University of Colorado Denver, School of Public Affairs Jan2018-present Graduate Assistant:

• Utilized real world data set from SLATE to drive predictive behavior for increased student conversion rates for the university.

• Data analysis on marketing strategies reduced expenditure by $10,800. ACADEMIC PROJECTS:


YOS Fitness: Fall 2017

• Developed a sample database for employee and customer management using MS Access and Oracle.

• Promotional offers based on data analysis increased customer flow by 5.6% in 3 months. Flight Reservation system: Spring 2014

• Built a prototype of a flight reservation system using MS Access and NetBeans.

• DB could hold 5000 records without depleting in performance. Data Analysis and Reporting: Spring 2018

• Devised organizational strategies based on forecasts and market trends using MS Excel and Micro Strategy.

• Profitable products, regions, risks and external factors were analyzed to increase revenue by 12%.

Cloud computing and encryption: July 2016-July 2017

• Cloud-based Encrypted Health Record:

• Constructed complex encryption techniques using JAVA and

• Utilized Cloud storage to provide security and accessibility of documents

• Reduced 14.3% of storage and maintenance expenditures. Mobile Application Development: Spring 2016

• Designed a mobile application using Android Studio for efficient student administration and university management.

• Application was predominately focused on the attendance system. International collaboration: May 2015-July 2015

• Developed a working model of a Solar Car using CAD at L'Institut Catholique d'Arts et Métiers, Lille, France with a team of 20 engineers. Relevant Coursework:

• Database Design and management • Data warehouse

• Financial Modeling and Reporting • Text Data Analytics

• Business Analytics • Project Management

• Software Testing • Software Engineering


Non-Invasive Electroencephalography to control robot

Cloud Storage: Encrypted Health Record and publish in JJR Integrated Intelligent Research.

July 2015

July 2016-July 2017


International student on F-1 Visa; Eligible for practical training in USA

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