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graduate student with good knowledge in networking protocols & python

Boston, Massachusetts, 02215, United States
November 12, 2018

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** ************ ****** #***, ******, MA02215 774-***-**** EDUCATION

Northeastern University, Boston, MA. Expected May 2019 Master of Science in Telecommunication and Networks Relevant courses: Data networking, Linux for network engineers, IP telephony, Telecommunication and network infrastructure, Network Security.

Anna University, Chennai, TN, India. Aug 2013 - May 2017 Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering Relevant courses: Digital communication, Wireless networks and communication, Optical communication, Satellite communication, Mobile communication.


Programming languages : Python, Bash scripting, C, C++. Devices and Tools : Cisco packet tracer, VMware, virtual box, Microsoft Office Wireshark, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, Matlab, Advanced Design System.

Network Protocols : HTTP, DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, UDP, BGP, IS-IS, OSPF, RIP, NAT, HSRP, STP, RSTP, SIP, SDP, RTP, RTCP, XMPP, IMS, SSH, IPv4, IPv6, IPsec, VLAN, SMTP, LACP,SNMP. Operating systems : Linux, Windows 10 and previous versions. Certification : CCNA Routing and Switching (License CSCO13350484). WORK EXPERIENCE

Dell International Service, TN, India (Trainee) Jul 2016 - Aug 2016

Trained on Planning and Scheduling (KANBAN system) of assembly shop of Mother board and bottleneck manufacturing process step.

Focused on quality development and testing based on sampling plans (FQC, IQC & IPQC). Emerson Industrial Automation, TN, India (Trainee) Jun 2015 - Jun 2015

Trained on the control techniques of Industrial drive systems and mechanisms.

Acquired Knowledge in industrial automation systems, products and their utilization in increasing the manufacturing productivity. ACADEMIC PROJECT

Socket programming (Python, Pickle) Sep 2018 - Sep 2018

Developed a basic client-server chat application using Python where the client sends a sign-in message to the server.

Built server to record username, IP address, port about the client for enabling future communications between multiple clients.

Implemented pickle serialization for scalability and all communications happen over UDP sockets.

Designed a client program that displays all the current users signed into the system and sends message to particular signed-in username upon prompt.

VOIP based Personal assistant (FreeSWitch, Python, MySQL, Flite, Linux) Feb 2018 - Apr 2018

Developed a VoIP call system using FreeSwitch on Linux to present user information.

Implemented an Interactive Voice Response to read daily news, user-daily schedule and other information based on user preferences.

Implemented weather and news services by using mod_rss to parse xml based rss_feed.

Developed python application that takes user input and stores it in MySQL and mod_flite for text to speech conversion. Linux based Ad-hoc network for an IT infrastructure (Ubuntu, Bind9, IP tables, Apache2, StrongSwan) Dec 2017 - Dec 2017

Designed a client-server model for hosting and DNS server (Bind9) that handles queries and web server (Apache2) that enabled the client to fetch an HTML web page by resolving query at the DNS server.

Configured to lease DHCP that dynamically assign IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Incorporated a backup server that performed periodic backup and enhanced security by configuring firewall protection(IP Tables).

Executed NFS for file sharing and VPN to connect to the remote network using StrongSwan. Multi-location Virtual Network design implementation (Cisco packet Tracer) Nov 2017 - Nov 2017

Designed an enterprise network demonstrating resourceful subnetting, routing protocol OSPF, DHCP, and frame-relay.

Solved security threats like MAC flooding, MAC spoofing, eavesdropping, session hijacking attacks by delivering security features like SSHv2, extended access lists and port security.

Engineered redundancy features like HSRP and Rapid PVST for fast convergence, mitigating single point of failure.

Constructed a router on a stick architecture and IP address allocation deploying VLSM technique saved costs of routers and public IP addresses respectively.

Design and analysis of compact dual mode bandpass filter (Advanced Design System) Dec 2016 - Apr 2017

Designed a dual band compact bandpass filter at S band frequency that can be used in any wireless applications.

Implemented design values and equations to provide good return loss and pass band performance with better electrical specifications.

Interacted with the team and solved value deviation to get a better filter characteristics.

Received appreciation for designing the filter with an output efficiency of 60%.

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