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Analog and RF circuit design

Tempe, AZ
November 12, 2018

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Soroush Moallemi (Ph.D.)

E-Mail: Cell-Phone: +1-480-***-****

LinkedIn: Location: Tempe/Arizona Specialization:

RFIC, RF Transmitters and Power Amplifiers, Mixed-Signal Circuit Design, Data Converters, Δ Modulators, Digital Signal Processing, RF-Test


Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.) in RF and Mixed Signal Circuit Design May 2014-May 2019 (expected) o Arizona State University (ASU) (GPA:4/4)

o Thesis title: “Design of a Silicon-Based Power Amplifier driver for Cellular Applications” o Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Kitchen (email:

Master of Science Electrical Engineering Sep 2009-Sep. 2012 o Tarbiat Modares University (TMU), (GPA:3.6/4)

o Thesis title: “Design of Reconfigurable ΔΣ Modulator for Software Defined Radio Application”

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Sep 2004- Sep. 2009 o University of Tehran, (GPA:3/4)


S. Moallemi, J. Kitchen, “CMOS Power Drivers for Digital Transmitters: Challenges and Architectures” accepted in IEEE Radio Wireless Week (RWW), Sep. 2018

S. Moallemi, K. Grout, and J. Kitchen, "Transformer based power combining for outphasing power amplifiers," in 2018 Texas Symposium on Wireless and Microwave Circuits and Systems (WMCS), 2018, pp. 1-4.

P. Mehr, S. Moallemi, X. Zhang, W. Lepkowski, J. Kitchen, and T. J. Thornton, "CMOS-Compatible MESFETs for High Power RF Integrated Circuits," IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing, pp. 1-8, 2018.

Kevin Grout, S. Moallemi, Jennifer Kitchen, “Wideband Digital Wireless Transmitter Hardware for Controlling RF-Switched-mode Power Amplifier”, Gomactech, 2018

S. Moallemi, J. Kitchen, “RF Power Generation Using Digitally-Tuned CMOS Technologies”, Radio Wireless Week (RWW) invited presentation, IEEE 2017

P. Mehr; W. Lepkowski; X. Zhang; S. Moallemi; J. Kitchen; T. J. Thornton, “Enhanced voltage silicon NFET-MESFET cascode amplifiers integrated on a 45nm SOI CMOS technology for RFIC applications: Topic/category: 3D and power technologies” Annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC), 2017

S. Moallemi, R. Welker, and J. Kitchen, “Wide Band Programmable True Time Delay Block for Phased Array Antenna Applications,” IEEE Dallas Circuit and Systems Conference (DCAS), 2016

S. Moallemi, A. Jannesari,”A New Architecture for Two-Stage OTA with No-Miller Capacitor Compensation,” IEEE International Conference on Circuits and Systems (ICCAS), 2012

S. Moallemi, A. Jannesari,” The Design of Reconfigurable Delta-Sigma Modulator for Software Defined Radio Applications,” IEEE International Conference on Circuits and Systems (ICCAS), 2012

Soroush Moallemi, Abumoslem Jannesari, “A high gain, wide-band fast settling amplifier with no-miller capacitor compensation” IEICE Electronics Express, Vol. 8, No. 20, pp.1751-1756, 2011 Research/Work Experiences

CMOS driver for a GaN switched mode Power Amplifier (45nm RF CMOS SOI), Oct. 2017

CMOS DAC envelope tracking Power Amplifier (45nm CMOS SOI), Aug. 2016

GaN Class AB Power Amplifier at 900MHz, Oct. 2015

RFID detector transmitter at 5-6 GHz, Nov. 2014

Programmable True Time Delay block for phased array antenna (2-12GHz) (CMOS 7RF 180nm), Sep. 2014

Frequency Synthesizer for a portable radio at 400-500MHz, Dec. 2012

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Jan. 2016-2018

o RF Communication Transceiver Circuit Design (EE524) o Advanced Analog Integrated Circuit Design (EE523) Proficiencies (Software, Skills)

Software: Cadence, Advanced Design System (ADS), ADS momentum, Sonnet, HFSS, Microwave Office

(AWR), Altium Design, Verilog, H-Spice, P-Spice, MATLAB, Simulink Skills: Analog and RF circuit design (Chip and board level), Analog and RF Layout Design, PCB design, Hardware Verification and Testing (VNA, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal generator, Load pull, Oscilloscope), Wire- bonding, SMD soldering, Microwave passive simulation and design, DC and RF probing, Die mounting

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