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Electrical Engineering Computer

Santa Clara, California, United States
November 12, 2018

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Santa Clara, CA *****


Jason Kao


To secure an entry-level electrical engineering position. Education

B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering Aug 2014 – Aug 2018 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Related Courses/Projects

ECE 385 – Digital Systems Laboratory

Designed, documented, built, and tested a basic 8-bit multiplier

Designed a rudimentary tetris algorithm and applied it to a basic VGA module on an FPGA.

o Utilized a combination of SystemVerilog and C to develop the programming required for the project.

SystemVerilog handled the imaging and collision logic

C handled the piece generation, score counting, and termination conditions.

ECE 445 – Senior Design Laboratory

Designed and built a single-switch forward DC-DC converter. o Built a transformer using a ferrite core and copper wire windings. o Detachable for convenient transportation, minimal power losses. o Extensive use of voltmeters, oscilloscopes, and soldering.

CS 440 – Artificial Intelligence

Designed with Python:

o BFS, DFS, Greedy BFS, and A* search algorithm for a single goal maze. o A* search algorithm for finding the shortest path between multiple points in a maze o Planning algorithm driven by a user-created heuristic o Minimax agent with alpha-beta pruning capabilities, specializing in the game of Gomoku (Five-in-a-row)

o Pong Reinforcement Learning Agents



Expert system: ANN with training data.

CS 225 – Data Structures

Designed various algorithm fill-ins with C++:

o maze-imager/solver

o photo-mosaic generator

o color-filler

o sticker-sheet generator

ECE 110 – Introduction to Electronics

Built a photo-sensitive turning system for a toy car o Using photo-resistors

o Small motors

ECE 120 – Introduction to Computing

Designed a vending machine logic board.

87 Cook Place

Santa Clara, CA 95050


Work Experience

Intern, GoPIPA, San Jose, CA Jun 2017 - Aug 2017

Designed and tested neural networks for stock price movement analysis and prediction

• Primarily used python to develop neural networks and corresponding test-benches

• Used Sci-Kit Learn and Keras libraries to create and tune various supervised learning models.

• Used NumPy and Panda libraries for data collection, cleaning/formatting, and analysis Intern, Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA Jun 2016 – Aug 2016 Participated in testing and verification of network cards

• Worked with a linux-based interface running test sets on network cards connected to a chassis

• Used a voltmeter and oscilloscope to check individual components on network card circuit boards.


PCB Soldering

Knowledge of hardware troubleshooting, oscilloscope and voltmeter usage

SystemVerilog (in Quartus Prime)

C/C++, Python, Java, SQL, MATLAB

Machine learning and deep learning libraries: NumPy, Panda, Sci-Kit Learn, Keras, some knowledge of Tensorflow & Theano

Knowledge in using:

o Linux and Windows Operating Systems

o MS Office, Anaconda development environment

o GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)


• Playing violin, guitar, and piano

• Volunteering at non-profit organizations on environmental projects

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