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Java Developer

Santa Clara, CA
November 14, 2018

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Anthony J Filippo

US Citizen

Authorized to work in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Oracle Certified Professional Java 1.8 Oracle Certified Associate Java 1.8 925-***-****

Oracle Certified Java 8 programmer with strong experience in software engineering and programming principles across multiple platforms. Almost +2 years of experience in problem solving, object-oriented programming, developing, testing and debugging code. Extensive experience in Java and related technologies such as JDBC, JSP/Servlet, Hibernate 4, and Spring 4 framework. Experience with RESTful and SOAP web service and front end technologies such as HTML 5, AngularJS, JQuery and Ajax. Adaptive to quickly learn and master new technologies that will be released in the near and distant future. Successful working in both team and self-directed settings. Great interpersonal and communication skills.


Full Stack Java Developer, Synergistic IT Fremont, CA January 2018 to Present

Insurance Application --March 2018

Our insurance system using provides a portal to customers, insurance management, and third-party background check agents. Customers are given an email to apply for the insurance website. After sending in their information, they will be given another email if they have been granted or denied an account. The application allows new or returning customers to apply for insurance policies. The application will then be reviewed by a third-party company that verifies the information that customer has provided. Once verification has been completed, customers will be given an email to upload important documents to review. Integrated features include policy management; email and file attachments.


•Implemented back end API using Spring REST and tested endpoints using Postman

•When it came to the submission for application, we used a Spring Boot application

•Used MySQL database and Hibernate as Object Relational Mapping solution to communicate between Java and MySQL database.


•Used a MVC Spring framework

•Designed and implemented the front end for a simple functional and visual user interface using Bootstrap.

•Worked with Apache POI for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Java Mail Api for emails


Java 8, Hibernate 4, Spring 4, Apache POI, Java Mail API, HTML 5, JSP, Bootstrap, Postman, MySQL, Maven, Web Server[Tomcat]

Ecommerce Application – April 2018

Ecommerce application web portal for customers. The application allows customers to create account, browse from a catalog of items, add items to a shopping cart, make a payment for the items from the shopping cart, and modify personal information. For new customers, they can sign up for a new account in order for them to gain access to a shopping cart. For old customers, they are allowed to pick items from the catalog and add them to their shopping cart. Once done browsing, they review the shopping cart if they want to delete any items before purchasing. They will then be asked to input the payment option, and then their purchase will have been completed.


•Used AJAX for partial reloading of pages

•Configured and managed corresponding Mongodb database


•Used AngularJS, React and Bootstrap for html pages

•Used routing module for navigation in a single page website


Angular2, Javascript, Jquery, AJAX, Mongodb, Express.js, Node.js,React.js,HTML 5, CSS, Bootstrap

Other Projects:

Running Man – March 2017

Video game where player controls a character jumping around obstacles and firing projectiles. When player executes the program a window will appear with the Title and a start button or a high schore button. If player picks, start button the game begins. Once the game begins, they player will be to move right and left, as well as, jump real high from the ground. Obstacles such as enemy ninjas, buzz saws, and endless pits will be coming from the right as the player must be able to combat and traverse these enemies. If you come in contact with one of these mishaps, it's game over. If the player score is at least higher than the 26th place, the player will be given a popup window to add his or her score to the database. The top 25 high scores can be viewed if the high score button is pressed from the main menu.


•Uses a GameApp java class that implements MenuEventListener and extends Application from the Java FX Api so that it would contain the main menu as well as the game itself

•Contains a controller which acts as a mediator between the UI and the action listeners


•Uses RESTful web services for retrieving high scores and inserting new high scores

•Uses Java Persistence Api for relational mapping when we want to create or load high scores


MySQL, Java, RESTful Web Service, Java FX Api, JPA, Netbeans

GatorSells – March 2017

A website for San Francisco State University for students to buy and sell items on campus using a meet up system. Similar to Amazon, but with the benefit of not having to wait too long to deliver or receive items. On the main page, there are 2 major buttons to press, "Buy" or "Sell". If user presses buy, he will be given a catalog for him or her to browse. The items will be categorized by type, and when a person wishes to but the item, a message will be sent to seller to discuss the item, payment, and location of where to make the exchange. If user presses sell, he will be given a prompt to type in the name, the category, and an image file (or more) for the item. That item will be sent to the database to be loaded from the catalog for buyers. There will also be a button at the top for signing in. That will take you to a page where you must enter your SFSU ID number, as well as, your SFSU password.


•Bootstrap framework used for designing our pages

•Used PHP for scripting the pages


•MySQL database used for storing items, users, and messages.

•Amazon Web Service used for providing platform for our website


PHP, Javascript, HTML, MySQL, AWS, Bootstrap, Netbeans

Certification & Education

Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 8 programmer (95%)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at San Francisco State University

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