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Customer Service Manager

Little Elm, Texas, United States
November 14, 2018

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**** ******** ** • LITTLE ELM, TEXAS *****

PHONE 469- 362- 0945 • E- MAIL



I want to be a part of a successful team that impresses clients and is focused on being the best.


[ Dec. 2003-Present ] MPI Label Systems [ City, State Prepress Manager

My responsibilities are to produce and manage all art files that are used to produce film for plates or direct to plate . To manage, train and review all Art Dept. Employees. Order supplies, software and hardware. Meet with clients to engineer and recommend changes to insure proper reproduction. Troubleshoot production challenges with the Prinergy Evo PDF workflow. We produce files on a Macintosh computer using Illustrator CS4, Photoshop CS4, Freehand 11, Quark 6.5, InDesign CS4, Acrobat, FTP, InSite for online proofing, and other common software.

[ Dec. 2001-Feb. 2003 ] RR Donnelly [ City, State

Prepress Manager

My responsibilities were to analyze and rework the workflow. I was asked to look at and analyze the way personnel worked together as well as how the work was scheduled and produced. I made workflow changes. I met with clients, suggested new software and hardware purchases, provided documentation and training to current employees. I was in charge of hiring and evaluating temporary and new employees as well as evaluating and reviewing all employees in the department at scheduled review periods. I attended press checks and participate in client/sales meetings. I handled regular production meetings and staff meetings. I was involved in company restructuring meetings and suggested cross- departmental procedures between Photography, Design, Customer Service, and Prepress. I managed all work leaving the department, from sending files to the printer to evaluating color and page layout of proofs which I would then show to clients at review or pressruns. We used a Macintosh workflow with a Scitex Brisque RIP station, and Kodak Approvals and Epson printers. We used Color Central to manage our Print Que. We worked with Quark 4.5, Photoshop 6, Illustrator 9, Acrobat 5, and Scitex FAF. We sent files FTP to the printers and used other familiar software.

[ Feb. 1992-Oct. 2001 ] Blanks Color Imaging [ City, State Prepress Supervisor

I started as a conventional table stripper and quickly moved into managing the electronics department. I was a key person in moving the department from a Scitex-based workflow into a Macintosh and eventually a server-based workflow. I supervised Scanning, Proofing, Prep, and QC. We did work within the insert area with clients like Mervyns, Macy’s, JC Penny and others. Our direct mails worked with several local design agencies. I was in charge of documenting and distributing all procedural and workflow changes. I personally worked with Quality Control and Customer service to ensure client satisfaction. I reviewed all current employees as well as interviewed and evaluated temporary and future prospects. I met with printers, client, and sales in order to establish well-rounded project goals. I worked closely with customer service and the press room in order to meet schedules and design requirements. I worked with all employees on work schedules, vacation schedules, file issues and other problems. I ordered all material needed and managed all overtime. I pulled film, proofs, both conventional Cromalin, Matchprints and Dyluxes, as well as Kodak Aprovals, HP prints and Epsons. EDUCATION

[ Sept. 1979-June 1983 ] V.J. Andrew High School [ City, State


Worked in the Industrial Education Program all four years. This gave me insight into screen printing, plate making, drafting, geometry, photography, advanced algebra and metal working.

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