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Senior Software Test Engineer

Costa Mesa, CA
November 14, 2018

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**** ******* ***** 714-***-****

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Operating Systems: Linux RHEL and SLES, Windows Server/10/7, UNIX

Test Tools: TFS, HP ALM and UFT, Jira, QuickTest Professional, WinRunner, LoadRunner, Rational ClearQuest, PureCoverage, Visual Studio

Languages: C/C++, Python, Perl, HTML, SQL, Java, Visual Basic, Assembly

Microprocessors: Motorola 68xxx, Intel x86, Zilog Z8000 and Z80 families, 65xx

Protocols: TCP/IP, iSCSI, X.25, V.92, data, fax, cellular

Encryption/Compression: PGP, PKZIP, V.42bis (BTLZ), MNP5, STAC



Anaheim, CA 9/12-5/14

Tested MorphoBIS (Biometric Identification Systems) for federal, state, and local agencies on standard and custom deployments on servers, desktops, laptops, and tablets. System components included Live Scan, Card Scan, Latent Stations, mobile devices, and backend fingerprint and palmprint matchers. Studied and implemented software engineering and QA best practices.

Using TFS Express, wrote test plans, test cases, test scripts, and test strategies for system and component level testing. Led code review meetings. Verified NIST file formats for stored records Used Jira for bug tracking, and HP ALM for source code control.Traveled to customer sites to assist with installation, training, and on-site acceptance testing, Automated suites of tests using Sikuli 1.1.0 (freeware).


Costa Mesa, CA 2/11-1/12

Qualified Emulex's Host Bus Adapters with OneCommand Manager application and device drivers on a variety of manufacturer's servers, supporting 16/8/4 Gb Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI, and NIC configurations. Controlled initiators and targets through GUI and command line interfaces. Used Mercury Quality Center for defect repository.

Wrote and executed automated scripts and manual tests with HP ALM for functional, regression, and white box tests on Linux RHEL and SLES Operating Systems. Ran performance tests using Medusa Labs and iPerf to transfer data to large disk arrays and JBODs. Tested in-band and out-of-band network monitoring, local and remote firmware upgrades, and Java Web Launch. Configured x86 and uEFI BIOS to boot from SAN.

ISTOR NETWORKS, INC Product Test Engineer

Irvine, CA 7/08 - 11/08

Tested iStor’s GigaStor Management Center, which is a Network Attached Storage device consisting of a high availability array of disk drives, custom ASICs, and software for storage virtualization. Executed test cases using the GUI and CLI with Shell Scripting for creation and management of volumes, portals, and Ethernet ports. Performed tests to support 4 to 36 SAS and SATA drives with a total capacity up to 36 TB, access control by admin and user accounts for each volume, and many levels of RAID including striped, mirror, parity, and striped/mirror.

Developed procedures to test hot-swappable disk drives, fans, and power supplies, with audible alarms to indicate failure of these components. Tested data integrity with Microsoft's iSCSI Initiator and Diskload. Also tested drive discovery, software upgrades, scheduling of future media integrity and parity scans, and snapshot backup and restore.

THALES NAVIGATION Systems Test Engineer - Automation

San Dimas, CA 8/04 - 2/06

Using QuickTest Professional and UTF 8.2, automated tests for the Magellan brand of RoadMate (vehicle navigation) and eXplorist (handheld) products, including GPS performance, routing algorithms, trip optimization, and diagnostic functions. Studied Windows CE Test Kit, and used Remote Display over a USB connection to test newer RoadMate models. Tested upgrading the firmware and database for all products. Performed limit tests on the address book, track recorder, and custom points of interest.

Participated in road tests in environments with open sky, urban canyons, and heavy foliage. Programmed an Orbital Data Generator in an isolation booth to simulate satellite constellations for GPS reception anywhere in the world.

Performed white box, black box, regression, functional, and boundary tests, documented defects, and generated test reports for management. Maintained test plans, test matrices, and daily test status reporting with Crystal Reports.


Costa Mesa, CA 6/01 - 7/04

During this period, I performed various consulting assignments for start-up companies such as AirShow, Phoenix Technologies, and Country Medic. These assignments included technical product definition, testing, and user documentation.

BLUEKITE.COM Senior QA Engineer

Irvine, CA 6/00 - 4/01

Tested data optimization algorithms over wireless links on laptops, desktops, and Pocket PCs, using GSM, CDMA, and CDPD modems. Verified installation procedures and proxy management with new and older versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers. Assisted in maintaining the test plan for regression and functional tests, and helped in functional testing using automated Silk scripts.

Performed white box testing on the client and server VC++ source code using MS Visual Studio and Rational Software's PureCoverage. Ran performance and load balancing tests on a cluster of servers with proprietary simulators and delay boxes to simulate a wireless environment. Used Visual Source Safe, Test Track and Star Team for defect tracking.

Worked closely with the marketing team and development engineers in defining new features and upgrade paths. Documented changes in the test procedures for custom builds for Sprint, British Telecom, and Swisscom. Used NetXRay to assist in isolating and diagnosing problems within TCP/IP packets.

EPOCH NETWORKS, INC. Senior Staff Engineer

Costa Mesa, CA 7/98 - 5/00

Worked with four test engineers who were responsible for writing and executing test plans for the online purchase of 3-tiered e-commerce services, such as web hosting, domain name registration, and dial-up and e-mail accounts. Automated a suite of functional tests to verify account creation and deletion using Mercury Interactive’s WinRunner, and performed load tests using LoadRunner. Back end updates were verified using MySQL. Tested installation of customized browsers with Python for clients including AirTouch Cellular, Hughes Network Systems, and American Red Cross. Used Ghost and Drive Image to restore custom PC configurations.

Installed and maintained PVCS Tracker for bug tracking for the Applications Development, Systems, and POP Engineering departments. Documented the installation and access procedures for this application. Evaluated a potential upgrade

to a web-based version.

Assisted in the development and testing of registration programs for ISDN and dial-up service using Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4 and 5, and many versions of Netscape Navigator. Performed competitive analysis tests with MSN, AOL, and Earthlink. Verified the accuracy of the dial-up distribution lists for various resellers. Helped in Y2K compliance testing.


Cypress, CA 7/97 - 6/98

Assisted in the final stages of development and testing of a V.90 data/fax Windows Modem. Code was written in C++ and 80x86 Assembly. Utilized PVCS on a Windows NT server as the source code control system. Helped in documenting the build procedure and source code access. Wrote the install files for Windows 95/98, and ran the pre-qualification for the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility Tests for the Windows 95 Logo.

Expanded the test plan to include the use of automated tests written in several scripting languages, and reported details of compatibility tests with other vendor's products. Created and administered a database in PVCS Tracker for defect tracking. Helped development engineers with fault isolation and resolution.

Implemented Plug and Play for the ISA PC bus according to Intel's specification, to isolate the PCMCIA card, identify the modem, and configure its resources. Tested the interface in laptops with BIOS from Phoenix Technologies, Award Software, and American Microsystems.

LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES (formerly AT&T) Senior QA Engineer

Huntington Beach, CA 11/91 - 6/97

Directed a team of four QA engineers that wrote test plans, generated automated tests, and monitored test execution for modem and multimedia products. Shortened test time of production units from two weeks to fourteen hours by equipping a test lab with networking, CASE tools, and automated test procedures. Implemented a process improvement plan using inspections and walkthroughs. Installed and evaluated PC data and fax applications such as WinFax Pro, QModem, and ProComm Plus.

Designed, coded, and tested AT and fax Class 1 and 2 commands, protocol modules, and diagnostic functions in C and Assembly for processors including Zilog's Z80, Motorola's 68000, and Intel's 80x86. Added options to the compiler definition files to include or exclude the diagnostic functions as new features were implemented.

Administered a data base in FoxPro for reporting and tracking of software defects, including products which supported V.34+ (33600 bits/sec) data speeds, V.17 (14400 bits/sec) fax speeds, video transmission, Simultaneous Voice and Data, Full Duplex Speakerphone, and prototypes of the latest V.90 (56000 bits/sec) products from several vendors.

Streamlined development time from customers' product identification through production, including proposal preparation, identifying system hardware and firmware requirements, and estimating software complexity and risks. Customers included Compaq, Toshiba, Zoom, Motorola, Hayes, and Paradyne.


Newport Beach, CA 7/82 - 10/91

Prepared proposals for major accounts with IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation, and Hayes which identified system hardware and software requirements, and analyzed cost vs. performance options such as processor speed and memory sizes. Coordinated tasks between the development and test departments.

Implemented AT commands and error correction protocols with data compression, speed buffering, and flow control in firmware in C and Assembly for 65xx microcontroller-based modem products. Added new AT commands as products evolved to higher speeds and fax and voice features were added. Used Cadre Teamwork to flowchart the software.

Developed test scripts for PC communication packages in DOS and Windows using ProComm, CrossTalk, and QuickLink. Evaluated Class 1 and Class 2 fax and voice application packages, and worked with the vendors of these applications in fault isolation and resolution.

Aided in the development, testing, and documentation of a microprocessor-based Low Cost Emulator, with features such as downloading and debugging target code, mixed memory hardware in the target system, hardware and software breakpoints, trace capabilities, and performance analysis functions. Coding was done in Assembly on a DEC-10 running VAX/VMS operating system, using CMS for code management.

Assisted in the definition, development, testing, and maintenance of a Macro Assembler and Linking Loader package for the 6502 microprocessor. Continued support as new commands and functions were added to the kernel instruction set, such as 16450 and 16550 UART emulation.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1982.

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