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Engineering Test

Hudson, NH, 03051
November 14, 2018

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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: Extensive experience as an Electronics Technician in the field of RF (Radio Frequency)/ Microwave electronics, primarily within the DC - 40GHz frequency range. Skilled in a wide range of test and troubleshooting scenarios, from Component through System levels. Familiar with a wide array of varied manufacturer's equipment used in Microwave test and troubleshooting: Oscilloscopes (Digital and Analog), Multimeters, Signal Generators, Vector Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, RF Power Meters, Genrad Z1800 test bed, LCR Bridges. Familiar with computer driven automatic test equipment setup and operation, both PC (Windows) NC Data base, Syteline) and UNIX based. IPC610 certified soldering techniques, both through hole and Surface Mount. Experienced with working from Schematics, Wiring Diagrams, Visual Drawings, Test Procedures, and Engineering Change Orders (ECOs). Interfaced with Engineering to initiate changes based on production needs.


2015 – 2018: BAE: Worked in an Engineering lab. Test and repair to component level and programming on various RF products in the 1-8 GHz range for military applications. Front end RX all the way through the detectors used as an on board (BIT) test to confirm functionality. Systems used to detect predators in 4 quadrants.

2012– 2014: Hittite: RF Specialist: responsible for complete programming, set up and calibration of ATE stands for P1dB, Ip3, S Parameters, Threshold, Switching Speed and Noise Figure on MMIC parts in an Engineering lab. Evaluation board populate and debug, die probing, ESD die zap testing, creating pivot tables in excel, analyzing Engineering and validation data.

2011-2012: Mercury Computers: RF test and repair tech. Test, tune, and repair (to component level) on navy SATCOM RX in the 20+ GHz range, REF and RX LO inputs. Measurements taken, spurs, gain flatness, +15 dBm IF output, temp cycling, spurious harmonics, current and more.

2011: M/ACOM: Automatic and manual testing of MMIC’s up to the 40GHz range, IQ modulators, switches, receivers, amps, repairing fixtures.

2008-2010: - DTC division of COBHAM: Designated repair to component level on internet controlled video (MBOX4), (body wear AV), and stationary wireless RF-microwave audio, video and data transmission also reception in the L, S and C band frequency range with power levels from 100 mW through 5W (20dbm through 37+dbm). Both analog and digital (palladium2 TX and RX) modulation in various bandwidths narrow and DVBT with 8, 10, or 16 channels and 2 audio channels. Unlimited versatility through control software for customers in military, DOJ, FBI and homeland security.

2007-2008: - MRC: Test, troubleshoot and repair TV broadcast transmitters and receivers to component level in the 2, 7, 12, 18 and 23GHz frequency range with power levels from +18 to +33 dBm. Module testing of RF power amps, multipliers, IF filters, IF limiter amps, YIG oscillators and power supply's. Testing of complete systems TX to RX analog and digital modems, VRMs 16 and 64 QAM, 19.39 Mbs high definition video. Generation of documents and procedures in word.

2006-2007: - Acoustic Technology Inc. Test, troubleshoot and repair to component level on 1600 and 3200 Watt class D audio amplifiers for wireless early warning systems on military bases and civilian applications. On site field service at upstart and troubleshooting when necessary. Fixture design, radio programming, customer support, complete in-house full power testing. Software and firmware programming, IC programming.

2004 - 2005: - Teradyne Corp.: Test, troubleshoot, and repair to component level microwave modules needed to form the high level assemblies used in the FLEX, CATALYST and LEGACY test systems. Responsible for repair and rework of all modules in the High Volume Test Dept., operating at frequencies in the DC - 8GHz range (modulated or CW.) Work closely with Design Engineering to debug new products, test software, and assorted bench issues.

2003 - TDI Inc.: Test, troubleshoot and repair to component level on all of EMC Corp's switching power supplies and the SYM6 battery charging circuit for 48 VDC 4 battery back-up system. Failure analysis on customer returns. Worked closely with Engineering Dept to debug new products and generate procedures. All work performed with a minimum of supervision.

2002 - Northstar Corp: Test, troubleshoot and repair to component level on color and (black and white) mobile Global Positioning satellite tracking system for marine and aviation purposes. Responsible for repair and rework (component level), such as multipin IC desoldering, repopulation, reprogramming and retest. Hired specifically to troubleshoot and repair 952 units returned from previous vendor. Personally repaired 50% of said units in a four-month period.


Four-year technical school education majoring in Communications Electronics, encompassing: Electronics; Basic through Advanced Theory. Operational Amplifiers, Phase Locked Loop oscillators, Digital/Analog and Analog/Digital Conversion, Comparators, Mixers, Modulation Schemes, Transmission Lines, Impedance Matching, Antennas and Antenna design (Quarter, Half, Full wave, Dipole, Beam). Microwave Oscillators, Gunn Diodes, Waveguide, Microwave Detectors, Inter-Digital filters, Multipliers, Digitally Controlled Power Amps.

Radio and TV: Minuteman Vocational Technical Lexington MA

Circuit Analysis: Middlesex Community College, Lowell Ma, GPA: 3.75

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