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Quality Engineer, lead

Garner, North Carolina, United States
November 11, 2018

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Barry Burris *** Longneedle Ct. Raleigh, NC



May 2017 – January 2018 Spectraforce Raleigh, NC

Quality Engineer

Mobile software testing for Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina. Working on an Agile team to develop the payment/billing components of the hybrid mobile app. The app is developed in angular and node js and built with Cordova. Tested by first merging code locally using github via the terminal and running the services and gulp watch. Then built the app to devices to test for styling and functionality. Used Visual Studio, Github, Postman, Xcode, and Cordova to create builds and build to android and iOs devices for simulation, emulation, and device testing.

December 2016 – March 2017 Audacity Factory Raleigh, NC

Quality Engineer

Helped with creation of development process, Jira setup, workflows. Tested the website and interactions with the API. Performed Mobile testing on phones and tablets to verify responsive view and proper table/menu flow. Used developer tools to monitor traffic and test cookie contents.

January 2015 – September2015 Deplabs, Inc Petaluma, CA

Quality Technician

Started with testing the Beachbody website, front end and back end, for DEPlabs. Later tested two other projects, as well as writing the test plan for their white label product offering. Required extensive mobile testing for Apple and Android devices in Responsive view. Most testing tools used were in house, or direct data manipulation through JSON and xml. Used the browser developer tools extensively for verification and analytics testing. Utilized agile development processes and Jira and various tools to facilitate development and manage the process.

August 2013 – June 2014 Fidelity Information Services Larkspur, CA

Quality Engineer Lead

Successfully led the 3.3 white label mobile banking product to release on time on 5 mobile platforms: iphone, ipad, android phone, android tablet, and kindle tablet. Helped to update testing process to be more in line with Agile Methodologies. Lead effort to have deploys automated. Lead 15 people in three countries. The position included digging into databases, altering test harness data, tailing server logs, building clients by hand and many other technical skills

April 2013 - August 2013 Betabreakers Novato, CA

Quality Engineer

Applied critical thinking and decades of expertise to test web and mobile apps on phones, tablets, and Desktops. Utilized various testing technologies including Charles proxy, Testflight, LogCat and proprietary test apps. Continued to study and work with Agile methodologies. Worked with several off-site vendors and on multiple teams.

August 2011 - December 2012 Raspberry Media/Rovi Sebastopol, CA

QE Lead/Usability Design/Documentation

Aided in the design of an eCommerce website for Rovicorp. Authored the Test Plan and all of the test cases using Testrails. Used Jira as the bug tracking system. Wrote the functional specification for the website. We used the Agile development model in a fast paced environment for a SaaS subscription product. Developed in Responsive design with mobile testing for phones and tablets.

June 2009 – June 2010 MightyUltimate Novato, CA

QE Manager/Usability Design

QE and Usability designer for a startup. It was a simple php app with an underlying database and SaaS eCommerce.

September 2001 – April 2009 Adobe Systems, Inc. Santa Rosa, CA

Sr. QE Lead

Hired as QA Manager at PhotoTablet. After Adobe purchased the company, was a Lead Engineer on Photoshop Album. Helped guide the merge into Photoshop Elements, and spearheaded the Photoshop Express (SaaS) effort. This included testing responsive design for Apple and Android mobile devices. Point person on new technologies, documentation, and initial review of design specs. Lead on testing the Account Management portion, a tenuous set of connections between 5 different server systems/databases. Used various methodologies including basic acceptance tests (BAT), RAD, Agile (scrum-master for several cycles), and various technologies like QTP, Bullseye Code Coverage, Perforce, SQL, etc.

May2001 – August 2001 NextLevel Communications Rhonert Park, CA

Program Manager

Created VB and Excel scripts to extract data and managed the release to manufacturing (RTM) database. This was a proprietary system built from a CRM.

September 1999 – January 2001 icPlanet San Rafael, CA

QA Manager and Product Analyst

Was the initial QA hire, set up bug tracking database and development processes, hired a department (documentation expert and 2 testers), tested and managed testing for the fledgling Internet product written in cold fusion, on Apache servers, with an SQL backend through full product life cycle. Discovered a need for and performed as programmer analyst to clean live data.

January 1999 – August 1999 LEGO Denmark/Novato, CA

QA Manager

Was hired to save a failing product. Set up a new testing lab in Denmark (network, bug database, development processes) and hired other skilled people to help out as well. Fulfilled contract by setting up a new lab and hiring new personnel stateside.

February 1993 – October 1998 Broderbund Software Novato/Petaluma, CA

Quality Assurance tester/lead/DBA

Started in the warehouse programming laser printers and labeling diskettes, became a tester, became a lead, became first full time automation engineer, managed the bug database, and managed all of the warehouse databases for logistics and fulfillment. Included Unix, Foxpro, WinRunner, Microsoft Test, Bullseye Code Coverage, etc.


Waterfall, RAD, JIRA, Atlassian, Scrum, Scrum Master, Agile

Lead, manager, initial quality engineer, sr. engineer

SaaS, Database, RDB, API, SQL, VMWare, Code Coverage, XML, Java, Rest, SOAP, http

Mobile, iOS, Android, Charles proxy, TestFlight, web, PC, Mac, github, Cordova

Test plan, test case, functional specs, process documentation, white papers

Functionality, usability, compatibility, accessibility, UX, workflow


BS Mathematics

Purdue University

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