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Medical Physician

Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey
November 11, 2018

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Halkalı Caddesi, Bakırköy, İstanbul 34149 009***********

Highly qualified orthopedic surgeon with 12 years of experience (4 years in military hospitals ) in industry and training from one of the top medical colleges in the country. Updated on the latest techniques and technologies in the field. Confident Orthopedic Surgeon with over 10 years of experience treating sports injuries and traumatic disorders. Responsible and dedicated leader who supervises trainees and medical students to help them develop their surgical skills. Ligament reconstruction

Spinal surgery

Arthroscopic joint surgery (knee, shoulder, hip)

Bicompartmental arthroplasty

Anterior Cruciat Ligament reconstruction

Knee athroplasty and knee revision arthroplasty

Hip atrhroplasty and hip revision atrhroplasty

Shoulder arthroplasty

Rotator cuff tendon repair


Physician/Aerospace Physician, 2000 to 2002

Turkish Military – Manisa, Akhisar

Conducted physical assessments of relevant body areas and performed standardized tests to check responses.

Provide specialized medical evaluations and care for military personnel and also establish preventative and occupational medicine programs to deal with contingencies and emergencies encountered in these exceptional environments.

Ortopedic Surgeon, 2006 to 2010

Turkish Armed Forces, Military Hospital – Ankara, Etimesgut Diagnose trauma, injuries, infections, tumors, and other problems that require surgical procedures to correct.

Experienced in military staff and veteran patients. Specialize in treating patients with knee and hip arthroplasty, arthroscopic joint surgeries, geriatric orthopaedic disorders.

Communicate with patients to help them decide what the best course of treatment is to meet their needs and ensure their quality of life.




Orthopedic Surgeon, 10/2010 to Current

Memorial Hizmet Hastanesi – Bahçelievler, İstanbul Examined patients and diagnosed orthopedic conditions and treatments. Management of orthopedic surgery clinics in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Treated patients with sports injuries, including fractures, knee and hip arthroplasty, rotator cuff repairs, anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions, and other issues using minimally invasive techniques and arthroscopic skills.

High School Diploma : 1989

Adana High School - Adana

M.D. : 1998

Erciyes Faculty of Medicine - Kayseri, Turkey

Doctorate of Medicine in Orthopedic Surgery: 2006

Gülhane Military Medical Academy - Ankara, Turkey

Associate Professor: 2018


Eviation Medicine Certification 1999

Turkish Board Certification for Orthopaedia and Traumatology 2015 International Federation of Sports Medicine, FIMS Team Physician Development Course 2009 Artex Shoulder Course Munich 2012

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Correlation between body mass index and quadrupled hamstring tendon autograft size in ACL reconstruction. EDUCATION



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