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Project Data

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
November 11, 2018

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Address: Flat No:C*-*** Prince Village * No.*, Ellaya

Street Tondiarpet



Phone: 988-***-****

K R Barath Thilak


As an IT professional for 3 years. Worked as Data Analyst for 1 year. Analyzed and interpreted data to provide the organization with effective problem solutions and assisted in decision making.


●Worked in R, Python.

●Currently getting trained in tableau.

●Techniques use were Logistic Regression, Random Forest, Decision Tree, Linear Regression, and PCA handling NA with KNN imputation.

●Proficient SharePoint 2013,Office 365

● Worked in JavaScript

●Experience in HTML and CSS

●Good knowledge in Share Gate Tool and JAWS.


Software Engineer

L&T Infotech Chennai, Tamil Nadu

June 2015-Currently

Around 3 years of work experience.

Working as an analyst and having hands-on experience in R and Python.

Worked as a developer for portal having knowledge in JavaScript, HTML and CSS and worked on migration projects using share gate tool.


Project on a data model to predict the probability of defaulters. To take a decision regarding whether to pass the loan or not. This is a way of managing credit risk. The whole process collectively is referred to as underwriting.

Used Python language predicting the model.

The data provided 8 lakhs observations and 72 variables

Worked on Exploration of the data and removed variables.

Worked on feature engineering of the data.

Normalized the data using the Minmax Scalar technique.

Handled the oversampling of the data.

Build the model logistic regression with lib-linear as the hyper parameter.

For visualization used tableau.

Used seaborn for the plotting.


Project on stock prediction for the next four years for a banking industry whether the bank will perform well in the upcoming years.

●Used R language for the prediction.

●Worked on cleaning the data.

●Worked on feature selection.

●Used logistic regression and the libraries used are caTools,ggplot2,caret,onehot,VIM

●Predicted in decision tree and random forest.

●Cross validated the prediction using the confusion matrix.

Project on regression data to reduce the dependency of the variable.

●Worked in linear regression model and used PCA for reducing the dependency of the variables

●Made data treatment by removing the outliers and handling the NA values using R language.


●Project on playground data using Python in Kaggle.

●Using random forest for the prediction.

●Did a bivariate analysis for the two and computed.

●Working on feature selection presently in this project.


●As an agile developer for the Microsoft Portal for 1.2 years.

●Handling the accessibility for the portal.

●Worked in JAWS tool which is useful for the blind people to read the contents in the page while traversing through it.

●Handling the permission of the user for the portal.

●Developing custom web parts.


●Worked on the Free Share site modification and the Migration of the Site Collections through the Share gate Tool.

●Prepared Test Cases for the newly developed P2P Tool, which will migrate the components from compass repository to SharePoint Online.

●Tested the tool and the document which was migrated to the SharePoint Repository.

●Migrated the documents from Compass to SharePoint Online using the P2P Tool.

●Created the Site Pages (Landing Page) where page will have good look and feel were the libraries are stored.

●Created the pages with custom web parts and worked on other SharePoint Related Apps.

●Created the User Manual for the P2P Tool.


R M D Engineering College (Anna University)-Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Bachelor in Engineering, May 2015

●Graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering(EEE)

Loyola College (Pondicherry University) Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Post graduate in Business administration

●Pursuing MBA (General), completed 1 year.


●Data Science Pro-Degree Certification-Gen Pact(Imarticus)


●Love to travel

●Interest in Photography

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