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Assistant Design

Chicago, Illinois, United States
November 10, 2018

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Farrukh Mukhtar

Skokie, IL ***** 773-***-****


Detail oriented biomedical engineer experienced in materials science for biomedical implants, with 1-year experience in prosthetic design and development, and intellectual property law and patent application process. Knowledgeable with current ISO 13485 & ISO 14971 Risk Management standards. Aiming at using novel materials to improve the design of biomedical implants to increase their longevity and biocompatibility, alongside inventing new devices and methods to improve patient care and outcomes. Simulation modelling experience with R. CAD Design experience with Solidworks. Data analysis experience with Excel and Minitab.


University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Chicago, IL - Master of Science in Bioengineering (GPA 3.7) May 2018 Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU), Chicago, IL - Postgraduate Coursework Jun. 2014 – Dec. 2014 University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Chicago, IL - Bachelor of Science in Biology May 2013 SKILLS

Softwares: Solidworks, Mimics Materialise, Meshmixer (3D CAD), Arduino (C MS Office, R, Photoshop, Minitab, Excel Languages: Fluent English, HIndi, Urdu, and basic Spanish. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE

Research Assistant - Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL January 2018 – Present

Collaborate with Dr. Alejandro Orias in novel research of the morphometry of the spinous processes using patient data of symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects collected at Rush University Medical Center.

Utilized Mimics Materialise and custom built software to examine and analyze angles between spinous structures.

Used data from 3-D models extrapolated from CT scans to segment the wall of the spinous process for future potential surgical planning and prosthetic design. Engineering World Health - UIC (EWH), Chicago, IL August 2017 - Present

Collaborate with engineers from other disciplines to design a prosthetic arm with full movement for an amputee patient in Vietnam.

Redesign the palm from a previous prototype from inception to full design using Solidworks and 3D printing.

Utilize Arduino IDE to test and program movements in the prosthetic arm using servos with the coding team.

Maintain a design history file for the palm component in Basecamp (online collaborative software) Research Associate - Center for Integrative Learning, Chicago IL April 2013 - September 2013

Mastered microbiology techniques including cell staining, counting, centrifugation, ox/fermentation, glucose tests, microscopy, etc

Research Assistant – UIC Jun. 2010 – August 2010

Researched cord blood stem cells and their regenerative properties at UIC College of Medicine COURSE PROJECTS/PUBLICATIONS

Implant Design project for fracture on mid-stem of femoral long bone - Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (UIC) March - May 2018

Performed analysis of stresses & movements on a femur fracture based on gait data and internal/external forces.

Presented options on material selection and implant dimensions after conducting stress analysis. Classification of Hydrogels Based on Their Source: A Review and Application in Stem Cell Regulation - (UIC) March - July 2017

Performed an in-depth analysis of different classes of hydrogels and their role in stem cell differentiation.

Examined the physical and chemical structures of hydrogels and their biocompatibility for applications in tissue repair and drug delivery.

Published in The Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, August 2017 Polyelectrolyte Multilayers: A Review of Applications in Nanomedicine - (UIC),Oct - December 2017

Collaborated with a colleague to compile an exhaustive review of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers

Explored applications of PEMs in drug delivery, wound healing, immune response modulation and coating of implantable devices.

Speaker/Presenter at Implant Day 2017 Symposium – (UIC) May 2017

Performed an in depth analysis of total knee arthroplasties exploring issues of material design, several aspects that lead to corrosion, peri-implantitis and aseptic loosening, and implant failure.

Explored and presented solutions with new materials and design protocols to increase implant longevity and decrease revision surgeries.

Transmission of Head Lice (Pediculus Humanus Capitis) Between different Social Classes – (NEIU) Sept - Dec 2014

Collaborated in a team to conduct an analysis of the spread of lice infection among a certain demographic using mathematical models to chart the spread of infection/parasitism. Utilized R for modelling analysis.

Formed student hypotheses on how to prevent further infection using modelling. LEADERSHIP/ACTIVITIES

Publicity chairman, Alternative Spring Break - UIC Chapter (ASB), Chicago, IL 2010 - 2013

Managed a staff of 6 students involved in publicizing for ASB across campus for the undergraduate student body. Group Leader,Alternative Spring Break - UIC Chapter (ASB), Syracuse, NY Dec - January 2011

Lead a group of 10 students in assisting homeless individuals by volunteering on various construction projects for low income/rehabilitation housing.

Group Leader, Alternative Spring Break - UIC Chapter (ASB), New Orleans, LA Dec - January 2012

Lead a team of 7 student volunteers on a service trip to work in construction projects for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Rebuilt homes and provided relief to low income community residents with other volunteering activities

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