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Mechanical Engineer Manager

Knoxville, TN
November 10, 2018

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Knoxville, TN *****


J. Soni Davidson, P.E.

Senior Project Manager


B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of South Alabama - 1978

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Radiological Worker II

Advanced Radioactive Materials Packaging and Transportation


Registered Professional Engineer, Tennessee No. 17346, Texas No. 127528, Nevada No, 25340, New Mexico No. 24593


DOE Q Clearance


MS Technology, Inc., Oak Ridge, Tennessee –VP & Senior Project Manager 2008 – June 2018

●Program Manager for support to Mission Engineering through various contracts. Projects Include planning and engineering through preliminary design to NNSA Y12 (Y-12 National Security Complex) and Pantex Plant Y-17 Capital Projects. Deliverables include planning documentation, schedules and cost estimates

●Mr. Davidson served as business unit manager of MSTI’s Engineering Support Division and as Program Manager for numerous support services contracts, subcontracts, and general/basic ordering agreements. He is also served as corporate recruiter to meet MS Technology's management, business development, and administrative needs. He has placed hundreds of professionals in direct support of DOE customers. As Program Manager, he was responsible for:

Interfacing with the customer to determine critical staffing needs.

Recruiting engineers of all disciplines and other professionals, including Q clearance holders (Top Secret), using a database of talented professionals which allows rapid matching of customer needs and individual qualifications.

GEM Technologies, Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee - Vice President, Engineering & Technical Services 2003 – 2008

●Responsible for the management, marketing, and technical support provided by the Engineering & Technical Services Division of GEM Technologies.

●Responsible for the customer interface for numerous contracts and BOAs at ORNL and Y12

●Delivered experienced personnel to support short-term, results-oriented tasks, satisfying customer needs.

●Served as Project Manager for the Pennsylvania State University Fuel Retrieval Project. Prepared the project plan including project schedule and prepared/revised technical documents to support project requirements. Prepared transportation documentation and ensured proper labeling, marking, and placarding for transport in accordance with 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Provided technical oversight and resolution of issues associated with the handling and loading of nuclear fuel in a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approved container (certificate package). Verified compliance with criticality and facility safety requirements.

●Managed numerous small projects delivering diverse services including: maintenance planning; engineering design, studies, and calculations; regulatory oversight; configuration management; safety and criticality analysis; facility technical basis documents; software quality assurance; design reviews; project management; and environmental services.

Private Practice as Senior Mechanical Engineer 2002 – 2003

●Prepared the Waste Management Plan for the Paducah Scrap Metal and Disposal Project and Paducah Scrap Metal Work Instruction for Nevada Test Site (NTS) Waste Disposal Facility and other technical documents required for the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant.

TPG Applied Technology - Manager, Nuclear Facilities Engineering 1999 – 2002

●Provided technical oversight and support for Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) Reactor Beryllium Reflector Upgrades Project. Activities included calculations, installation construction procedures, piping design, work package preparation, design change packages (safety related and non-safety related), as well as planning, reviewing, scheduling and controlling the work of others.

●Served as Task Manager for the Neutron Beam Experimental Equipment Disassembly and Removal in preparation for a major outage. Coordinated the project schedule and implementation with scientists from Solid State Division and Engineering Technology Division. Directed electricians, millwrights, carpenters, pipefitters, riggers, and other craft in performance of numerous work packages modifying the configuration of the HFIR to meet future needs. Coordinated Work Package approval and implementation with Environmental, Safety, and Health (ES&H) personnel.

●Worked with site management in resource allocation to schedule craft, secure material, and other support such as hoisting and rigging equipment.

Performance Development Corp., Oak Ridge, Tennessee - Senior Staff Advisor 1997 – 1999

●Provided technical oversight and support for a number of projects for ORNL HFIR Cold Source Project and Reactor Upgrades Project, including system hydraulic/pressure drop calculations, thermodynamic calculations, equipment specifications for compound cooling system (chiller, pumps, plate and frame heat exchanger, volume expansion tank), and equipment specifications for brazed aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger for cryogenic cooling. Prepared hydraulic calculations and equipment specifications for magnetic drive process pumps for HFIR’s Primary and Reactor Water Clean-Up Systems. Prepared stamped engineering drawings for upgrades to the Process Liquid System.

●Provided project management and technical support for a number of projects for ORNL Chemical Technology Division’s Radiochemical Engineering Development Center, (REDC) including Pretreatment REDC (in-cell remote handled chemical waste treatment process), Cell Off-gas System Upgrades and Butyrate Column Water Heater Upgrades.

●Provided project schedules using Microsoft Project.

●Planned and executed performance testing of steam jets.

Science Applications International Corp., Oak Ridge, Tennessee - Senior Mechanical Engineer 1996 – 1997

●Provided technical support for several projects for ORNL’s Waste Management Division including development of a marketing and cost recovery plan for the LR56 radioactive liquid waste tanker, and application of management controls for nuclear facilities including configuration management and conduct of operations.

●Served as lead engineer for a sewage lift station (conceptual and detailed design) for United States Armed Forces (USAF) Arnold Engineering Development Center.

Lockheed-Martin Energy Systems, Inc., Waste Management and Remedial Action Division, ORNL - Project Manager 1991 – 1996

●Remediation of inactive Liquid Low Level Waste (LLLW) tanks, design and construction of a 600,000 gallon LLLW storage facility (Melton Valley Storage Tanks Capacity Increase Line Item Project, $52.4M).

●Design and construction of double-contained piping system (Bethel Valley FFA Line Item Project, $20.5M).

●Design and construction of the Federal Facilities Agreement (FFA) Bulk Shielding Reactor/Oak Ridge Reactor Government Performance Project (GPP) ($1.2M).

●Design and fabrication of the Out-of-Tank Evaporation Project.

●Development and testing of enhanced controlled low strength material

●Lead the procurement team for the LR56 shielded radioactive liquid transport system (involving specifying and reviewing the design of a shielded transportation cask, ancillary equipment, and trailer and overseeing fabrication, inspection, and testing). Assignments included supervising hydrostatic tests, radiation shielding tests, helium leak tests, and specification and inspection of welding fabrication activities.

Tennessee Valley Authority 1978 – 1991

●Task Manager, Watts Bar Nuclear Plant (Construction Phase) - Directed a multi-disciplined project team of employees and contractors to meet regulatory requirements for nuclear power plant licensing and start-up. Interfaced with construction personnel in reviewing the installed configuration and developing corrective actions and recurrence control for conditions adverse to quality.

●Lead Mechanical Engineer, Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant (Design Baseline Program) - Supervised and directed a project team of up to 140 persons in the preparation of design basis documents, as-built drawings, calculations, test instructions, budgets, schedules, and administrative activities.

●Principal Mechanical Engineer - Supervised engineers and engineering aides in the preparation of design studies, calculations, and plant support for several nuclear units.

●Mechanical Engineer - Responsible for sizing, preparing specifications, and performing bid evaluation for plate and frame heat exchangers to replace Sequoyah Nuclear Plant's component cooling system heat exchangers. Performed equipment sizing calculations, engineering studies, requisition preparation, and contract award recommendation for the Steam Generator Layup/Chemical Cleaning System for Watts Bar and Sequoyah Nuclear Plants. Performed heat rejection optimization studies for the 200 MW Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion Plant (AFBC).

●Generated high pressure piping and vessel designs for various nuclear plants American Society of Mechanical Engineers [(ASME) B31.1 and B31.3 piping codes, ASME Section 3 and Section VIII]. Evaluated heat exchanger performance for numerous applications for various nuclear stations. Developed a specification for replacement main feed pumps for the 20 MW AFBC. Performed calculations and studies to determine the effects of corrosion on the flow-passing capability of raw water piping systems for various power stations.


Co-author of “Application of the TVA Spray Pond Model to Steady-State and Transient Heat Dissipation Problems”, American Power Conference, Vol 43, 1981.

Co-author of “Operations of the LR56 Radioactive Liquid Cask Transport System at U. S. Department of Energy Sites”, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, PVP-Vol 334.

Co-author of “Admixture Enhanced Controlled Low-Strength Material for Direct Underwater Injection with Minimal Cross-Contamination,” ASTM Paper 1269, Published in the ASTM Publication STP 1331, June 1998

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