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Crane Operator Plant

Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
November 10, 2018

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POST FOR OFFSHORE : (Heavy Crane) { Supervisor

{ Operator

TYPES Barge Ringer,Drill ship,Jac-up Rig,} All Cranes Min. 50 ton to 1000 tons

FULL NAME Mr. Mohammad Abbas

DATE OF BIRTH 4th June, 1972

HEIGHT & WEIGHT 5’ 5”, 70 Kg.

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION Intermediate of Science, 1st Division

TECHNICAL / OTHER QUALIFICATION Mechanical (Diploma) Engineering

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION All Type machine Operation with Experience

DRIVING,OPERTING & PLANT HEAVY Yes, Light: Yes Overseas : Yes (Qatar/Kuwait/Saudia)

LICENSE NO.685/2005, ISSUE DATE 20.12.2011, Date of Expiry: 01.12.2007 No.269********


WIFE’ NAME Najama Begaum, CHILDREN : 8


PASSPORT NO. Z 2637892 ISSUED DATE: 28,07.2014 DATE OF EXPIRY : 27.07.2024,



MOTHER’S NAME Tashiran Begaum

RELIGION Islam (Muslim)


Hindi Hindi Hindi & Arabic

English English English & Urdu

COURSE COMPLETED:-Onsite Training Offshore Onshore Crane Operator Course One week,Banks man,Leadership,Confined spaces and General Safety Training, PSSR,PST,FPFF,EFA,HLO,HUET,BOSIET, H2S/BA-Awareness, Advance Fire Fighting, OERTM, HERTM, (OPITO)



INDIA GDI Doha Qatar 10.11.16 Till work Heavy crane operator/ABO

OVERSEAS Falcon Offshore and shipping 12.08.90 15.09.91 Crane-in-Charge cum Operator offshore

Valentine Maritime ( Gulf) L.L.C. 10.09.93 30.10.95 Crane Operator offshore

AL Darwish Engineering (WLL) 12.11.95 13.06.96 Crane Erection Supervisor

PDM Saudi Arabia, Abha Site 17.11.96 21.12.98 H.E. Foreman cum Crane Trainer

Al Muftah Contracting Co.Doha 01.02.99 20.08.03 Qualified Crane Operator, Offshore

Precision Drilling Rig 703 Surat 10.09.03 30.01.05 Crane Operator / HLO, Offshore

GESCO Offshore Barge gal constructor 08.02.05 25.10.05 Crane Operator / HLO, Offshore RasGas Platform Doha Qatar 03.11.05 18.03.06 Crane Operator Offshore

Momentum Engg/Barge GD-9 05.04.06 10.09.06 Crane Operator Offshore

Transocean (DWF,DSS Drill ship 05.10.06 25.12.07 Crane Operator Offshore

Seadrill-7 West Titania Jack up rig 14.01.08 01.12.08 Crane Operator Offshore

Jet Driller Energy Semisubmersible rig 10.02.09 10.03.10 Crane Operator / Deck Supervisor

Olympic canyon ship knucle boom cran 3.5.2010 05.10.11 Crane Operator/Lifting Supervisor

NDC Abu Dhabi Barge crane operator 30.01.12 12.08.16 Crane Operator/Deck Supervisor

Total Experience : 20Years

Permanent Address : Vill: Mohalla (Agrawa)1st-Lane, P.O.+P.S.-Motihari

Dist : East. Champaran Bihar, Pin : 845401(INDIA)

PH. Call 1st 997-***-****, 966*******, 974-********


Date : Signature of Applicant


Bears a good & prolific experience in all types of cranes, such as floaters, Drill ship, barge crane Jack-up,Platform all of computerized type of modern cranes, etc.

The purpose of this procedure is to give necessary information and instruction

when performing heavy lifts. It also gives the opportunity to review and add any traditional hazards and suggested improvements.

A heavy lift is any lift over 10MT. A work permit and checklist must be completed for heavy lifts.

Have toolbox talk with all parties concerned and make sure everyone understands their duties and responsibilities.

Have inspection of rigging performed by competent person.

Appoint safety Observer(s) and signal man

Crane operator must inspect all crane equipment to be used in lift. Horn, Load cell, etc. and ensure it is all operating properly.

Perform visual checks on all lifting equipment, wire sockets, and shackles and make sure they are certified, tagged and color added.

Establish radio communication between all parties concerned.

Install tag lines in the appropriate places on lift.

Again inspect all are as of the lift ensuring no one is in the area, and area has proper barriers to ensure personnel will not enter area during lift.

Crane load radius must not be exceeded. If the lift is to or from the supply boat, then the boat must be positioned within the required working radius of the crane.

If the boat cannot be brought close enough to the crane, then the boat crew must drag the load into a suitable lifting positions. If this cannot be achieved then the load is not to be lifted.

Inspect all lifting equipment to be used including any company units slings & shackles.

Crane operator to inspect crane.

Mechanic to be called & present during heavy lift.

Establish radio communication between crane operator, Banks man and the Boat.

Install tag lines and ensure the area is clear of persons not involved in the lift.

Confirm boat is ready for lift.

Lift unit and pass down to Boat.

Boat crew disconnect hook from lifting assembly

Transferring all equipment and gear to rig floor i.e. drill pipe and collars and all drilling equipment.

Loading and unloading equipment, supplies etc. from and to boat.

1.Company : Transocean DWF ( Deep Water Frontier) & DSS ( Discover Seven Sea) Drill ship,

Projects Site : ONGC Offshore Projects South India.

Designation : Senior Crane Operator. Crane: 100 tons,

Duties :

Checking lst the cranes.

Managing every material on the Deck.

Keeping the good in good and proper condition.

Offloading the materials such as Casing,(pipe) food container from the boat &

sometimes back-loading from the deck to boat according to the demand.

Supervising the ‘Roast-About Crew’ to work accordingly as per work.

such as Diesel Hose, Water Hose, Cementing Hose on the boat.

Assembling the riser and move the riser or shift riser according to the instructions

Tool pusher driller & Captain.

Weekly fire drill meeting & some times personal basket transfer.

2.Company : Jet Driller Energy Drilling Semi Submersible ( Noscot oil & Gas division India).

Projects Site : ONGC Cochins, Kerala ( India).

Designation : Senior Crane Operator/Deck supervisor (Semi Submersible Rig).crane:60tons,

Duties :

Beside Above work, we have to do the Anchoring work by carrying the

Anchor and keeping on the boat & some times from Boat to Deck.


Projects Site : Bombay Highway, Gall Construction Barge ( India).

Designation : Senior Crane Operator. :crane:350tons,

Duties Checking the Cranes.

Gall Barge Hook-up & Constructions Barge, here Manitowoc 4100W Series III, Ringer attachment barge mounted on steel Pedestal, Boom No-27, Boom Length 200ft with Open Throat top most 130ft.

As a Senior Crane Operator Assembled Pipe 60ft in the sea with the jacket.

Worked according to the signal of Divers in the sea with the Clamping Jacket.

At the time of cutting Pipes in the Sea, we use to hang the pipe. Divers and again send him to the after the work is completed.

Container transfer, Personal basket transfer, Anchor on the boat and again bringing

from boat to Deck.

4.Company : Momentum Engg – Barge GD-9.

Projects Site : DPC (Dubai Petroleum Company)

Designation : Senior Crane Operator. Crane:150tons,

Duties :

Above all Duties mentioned in No.3 Company, beside to that

Mud Mixing in the Barge inside the Tank.

Chemical offloading and back loading.

Personal basket transfer etc.

5.Company : Valentine Maritime (Gall) LLC

Projects Site : DPC (Dubai Petroleum Company & India ONGC Bombay Highway .

Designation : Senior Crane Operator. Crane:150tons,

Duties :

Above all Duties mentioned in No.4 Company, here no mud pit work at all.

6.Company : Sea Drill – 7 West Titania.

Projects Site : Jack-up Rig Zargis – Tunisia near France.

Designation : Senior Crane Operator. Crane:60tons,

Duties :

Drill pipe chemicals offloading from boat to Deck and vice-versa.

Pipe (casing) offloading, sometimes back loading.

Full skeep of mud back loading to boat.

Diesel Hose, Water Hose, Cement Hose, Drill Water Hose, transfer to the boat after finish the job pick up hose from Rig.

Good communication with boat crew and captain, good supervisory and man management practices

also very well committed to job

Olympic Canyon ship knuckle boom crane 150 ton working with ROB 1175 meters deep sea, deck Reliance project near About Kakinada India,

Knowledge of Heavy Plant, Heavy Machinery, lifting, Shifting & Erection Supervision.

Good experience in new plant Refineries and Offshore for Operation and Erection.

Date : Signature of Applicant

Refinery & Offshore Work

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