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Sales Representative English

Dammam, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
November 10, 2018

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Hala M.H. CV

Mobile: 009**-**-*******


S Skype: hajlahala

Citizenship: Australian

Abilities and Skills:

Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written at all levels, as I have the ability to clearly conveying information and ideas through a variety of media to groups and individuals, in a manner that engage and help them to understand and retain the message.

Flexible, I have the ability to maintain effectiveness in varying environments and with different tasks, responsibilities and people.

Time management and organizational skills, when I plan my monthly and daily activities, I always give priority to activities which help me to achieve my goals.

Analytical and problem solving skills, I have the ability to generate creative solutions by trying different ways to deal with organization's problems and opportunities.

Result oriented, as I always focus on the results regardless the time and effort required to complete them.

High quality performance, as a teacher, I use different teaching methods and approaches for my students to make lessons easy, interesting and understandable.

Ability to work independently and as a part of a team.

Ability to work for long hours under pressure to meet the deadlines.

Computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Adobe Photoshop.

Professional Employment:

Freelancer English Language Instructor,

December, 2017 till now:

- I have been teaching English for students from different age groups, back grounds and levels using different books, teaching methods and materials.

English Language Instructor, ILE-ESG Al Khobar Female College in Saudi Arabia,

December, 2014-December, 2017, where my responsibilities and duties were:

1. Teaching English for young Saudi female students, who were from different backgrounds with different levels of English.

2. Preparing lesson plans, teaching materials and activities which were tailored to the levels of students, their learning styles and their age groups.

3. Monitoring the students while doing the activities and helping them, also, making sure that all the students participated

including the low level and shy students through asking them questions, encouraging them to answer, praising and rewarding them to motivate them.

4. Helping the students in their selves learning projects through giving them constructive feedback.

5. Assessing the progress of the students towards learning and developing their skills through quizzes, assignments, projects and exams.

6. Maintaining students’ attendance records, marks and other required students’ records.

7. Communicating information on the progress, performance and behaviors of the students to the appropriate person.

8. Participating in the meetings with the staff and discussing all the relevant issues regarding teaching, assessing and developing the skills of the students.

9. Attending professional development training for the teachers, this has been conducted by the supervisors and the lead teachers.

ESL Instructor, Al-Khawarizmi College in Abu Dhabi, April, 2013 -January, 2014:

- Assessment of the levels of English of the students.

- Teaching English/ ESL for students from different backgrounds, age groups and levels including IELTS, Toefl, ESP courses, English for business, also, courses related to oil industry, as I offered training for students from Takreer and National Drilling Company using different books, teaching methods and materials.

- Developing the English skills of the students through preparing tailored materials to their levels of the English, their learning styles and age groups.

- Assessing the progress of the students towards achieving the objectives of the program, also providing them with additional training when required.

- Preparing lessons in support of syllabi utilizing a task, condition, and standard system.

- Maintaining classroom discipline.

- Generating and maintaining student academic records and all the relevant information.

English Language Teacher, Dubai Police Academy, September, 2012- March, 2013:

- I taught English for police officers at Dubai Police Academy.

ESL Teacher for the Foundation Year Program students, King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, November 2011- August 2012:

I taught English for the students at the foundation year program, where my responsibilities and duties were almost similar to my duties and responsibilities as for the previous positions, in addition, I taught English for medicine in a positive environment, through using different and interesting activities, materials and teaching methods, these methods including groups, pairs and individuals discussions, also, through using audiovisual methods and smart board activities, furthermore, through using games, competitions and rewarding the winners to motivate the students, so they participate in the class activities and learn the required material.

English Teacher, September 2008-September, 2011:

I worked as an English Teacher in United Arab Emirates for top organizations and Institutes including Roads and Transport Authority, Al-Futtaim group and I-English, where my duties and responsibilities covered:

1. Teaching English for all levels including Business English, IELTS and TOEFL for students from different backgrounds and age groups.

2. Assessing the levels of the students before starting the course, this provided me with the knowledge and experience of the criteria of assessment for all skills.

3. Using different teaching methods to convey the teaching materials to the students in an easy and understandable manner, these methods including audiovisual methods, Internet, smart board activities, flash cards, groups, pairs’ discussions and role play.

4. Conveying the scientific and technical terms in an easy and understandable manner, as I have a scientific background, I have a Master’s of Science, in addition to nine years as a forensic chemist at the chemistry laboratories and two years as a medical representative at the pharmaceuticals companies.

5. Maintaining students’ attendance records, marks and other required students’ records.

6. Assessing their progress towards learning and developing their skills through using different assessment methods including quizzes and exams.

7. Communicating information on the progress and performance of the students to the appropriate person.

8. Motivating them and creating a positive learning environment.

9. Participating in the weekly meetings with other colleagues to discuss and exchange ideas regarding the problems candidates faced, also, suggesting solutions for these problems.

Customer care and soft skills Trainer, also, an ESL Instructor, October 2006-December 2007:

I worked as an ESL Instructor in the United Arab Emirates for different organizations including Al-Futtaim Training Center, Eton Institute and St. Petersburg State University of Engineering & Economics.

Sales Representative, February 2004-August 2006:

For Amway in Sydney, Australia, where I promoted nutritional and healthy products to pharmacies and department stores, etc.

Sales Representative, January 2003-December 2003:

For Lunatus Marketing and Consultancy, a pharmaceutical company at Jabal Ali Free Zone, Dubai-United Arab Emirates, where my responsibilities were:

Promoting facial and skin care products to dermatologists, cosmetologists, pharmacists and department stores.

Conducting market research about the products and their competitors, also, reporting this to the company.

Reporting on my visits on a daily basis.

Reporting on my sales on a monthly basis.

Reporting the feedback of the clients to the company.

Maintaining clients’ records.

Participating in implementing plans to generate sales.

Recognizing and creating new opportunities to generate sales.

Developing proposals and tenders to acquire new businesses.

Preparing and presenting seminars.

Sales Representative, January 2002-December 2002:

For Pharmaworld, a pharmaceutical company in Dubai, where my responsibilities were similar to those for the previous position except promoting nutritional products for pediatricians, doctors and pharmacists.

ESL Instructor, 2001:

- For AEG, an American Private Institute for teaching English, Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, where I taught English as Second Language for students from different age groups and different levels.

ESL Instructor, 2000:

- Wonderland English Language in Seoul, South Korea, where I taught English as a Second Language for students from different age groups and levels.

Store Manager, March 1996- July 1997:

- For Smoke Mart Company in Perth, Western Australia, a company for souvenirs and cigarettes, where I have managed, trained and supervised staff from different backgrounds and age groups.

Sales Representative, March 1992- October 1993:

- For Alico, an American Insurance Company for Life in Jordan, where I sold insurance policies for people from different back grounds and age groups, I helped also my clients to get the best policy according to their financial situation, negotiated the term and conditions of the policy, handled their objections, closed the deal and signed the contract.


Masters of Science in Molecular Biology, 1997- 1999:

School of Biomedical Sciences

Curtin University of Technology

Western Australia 6021

Celta Certificate from the British Council in Dubai, 3rd- 28th October 2011, on a full time basis.

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