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C++, Java, Python, MySQL, Scala, C, Windows, Mac, Linux, Window/Mac ad

Boulder, CO
November 10, 2018

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Woo Sung Jang

720-***-****••600 Manhattan dr. #B5, Boulder, CO 80303


University of Colorado-Boulder 2015-2019

• School of Engineering - computer science

• Cumulative GPA: 3.3

• Selected Coursework: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Object- Oriented Analysis/Design, Data Systems, Algorithms, Software Development Methods and Tool, Data Structure


• LASP February 2017 – now

o Undergraduate Research Assistant – IT

o In charge of troubleshooting any software issues and rebuilding Mac and Windows computers.

o Using Mac and Windows administrative tool. (Active directory, Network configuration, etc.)


• Anomaly Detection – Visa (Fall 2018)

o Utilize machine learning based deep-learning algorithms to isolate, detect and alert fraudulent transactions in different channels.

• Data Mining – Mining movie data for movie success (Fall 2018) o Running different machine learning classifiers to see which features contribute to movie success the most. Features include actors, ratings, revenue, budget, cast, production companies, release date, etc.

• In-Class text classification competition, ranked #1 (Spring 2018) o Train a logistic regression model to predict whether tweets were tweeted by @HillaryClinton or @realDonaldTrump

• Software Development Methods and Tools project (StudyOutlet) o Mobile application that helps people studying and preparing for physics GRE test. o Worked on backend (used Heroku, mySQL, vapor), Worked as 5 people team Skills

• C++, Java, Python, MySQL, Scala, C(Arduino)

• Windows, Mac, Linux, Active directory, MS office, Window/Mac administrative tool

• Fluent in English and Korean

• Involved in leadership at New Gate Church

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