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Program Manager Human Resource

United States
November 09, 2018

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Gwendolyn Williams

**** ******* *****

New Orleans, Louisiana 70122-2632

Phone: 504-***-****

Mobile: 504-***-****


VP, Human Resources, Holte Capital Group, LLC,

From: 06/2012 Present

Salary: 105,000.00 Paul Mc Gregor

As the VP of Human Resources, I was responsible for gathering or recruiting qualified candidates for various Federal and non Federal companies to augment their staff during shortages caused by attrition, and other temporary and permanent staff losses. I am responsible for monitoring the time and attendance of the temporary and contract employees. I am responsible for stepping in to help out when there are not well qualified individuals available. My knowledge and experience made me very safe and compatible with the background necessary to help out because we did not want to lose the contract. We were 99% successful in honoring the contracts awarded to our company.

HR Consultant, USDA, St. Louis Missouri, Building 105

From: 10 /2010 05/2012

Salary: 116,542 per annum Victoria Jones- Khalil

As the Lead Program Analyst, I managed the work of four Human Resources Specialist, three Management Support Assistants and Contractors in providing cradle to grave human resources support to an organization of 932 FTE employees and contractors. I was responsible for developing and documenting key workforce succession tools, which included identifying career paths and road maps with appropriate experience and training assistance to meet desired levels in succession paths. I was responsible for documenting the workforce succession planning roadmaps and career paths for desired occupations. As the Lead Program Analyst, I was responsible for administering the Labor Relations and EEO Office Programs to ensure both the complainant and organization were treated fairly in the process. I was engaged in developing E-QIP and PIV Program for the Office of Acquisition and Logistics. I conducted desk audits, wrote new or revised position descriptions.

HR Contractor, Escendent, LLC, 542 SO. Dearborn Street, Suite 65 Chicago, Il 60654

From: 10/2009 – 8/2010 40 hrs per week

Salary: 65.00 per hour James Whitelow

As a HR Consultant assigned to the Human Resources Management Division (HRMD), Veterans Administration, Hines, Il, I reviewed position descriptions for the Office of Acquisition and Logistics,verified the relationships between duties and assigned grade level, assisted managers in conducting job analysis, identifying the Factor Quality Level (FQL) definitions, developed merit promotion announcements, rated individuals to determine if they possessed the required knowledge, skills and abilities and other important characteristics for the position. I developed certificate of eligibles and referred the well qualified candidates to the selecting supervisor for selection consideration.

Instructor (NSPS and DCIPS) Serco-an, 2099 Gaither Road, Suite 300, Rockville, Maryland 20850

From: 8/2007 – 10/2009 40 hrs per week

Salary: 95.00 ph Stephanie Wilson 240-***-****

I presented classroom instruction to senior level, middle managers and employees on the rules of engagement concerning the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) and the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System. I became known as an expert in the content and presented the course material in a convincing manner to the audiences.

Program Manager, Holte Capital Group, LLC 915 Bermuda Rd., Normandy, MO.

From: 01/2007-8/2007 40 hrs per week

Salary: 70.00 ph Gwendolyn Holte

I was the Program Manager responsible for conducting a survey to identify the rationale behind DoD not meeting its goal to award 1.5% of all contracts to Small Business Disabled Veterans –Owned Small Business Owned Businesses as major contractors. This involved meeting with the Prime contractor to discuss the technical solution, which involved establishing a database and conducting a survey to gauge the differences in opinion with our targeted markets. The project was completed by the due date and the Report of Findings was delivered to the Prime Contractor for submission to the customer.

Program Manager, FPMI, Inc 101 Quality Circle Huntsville, AL 35806

From: 09/2004- - 01/2007 40 hrs per week

Salary: 65.00 ph Lorraine Anderson

I was the Program Manager for the largest A-76 action at the Federal Aviation Administration and was Auto Force for 2500 geographically employees dispersed throughout the United States. I also managed the Career TRAQNSITION Assistance Program (CTAP). Through a subordinate staff of five full time counselors, HR assistants and HR Specialists, I conducted 66 RIFs using a customized version of Auto RIF software. I tailored the software to meet the needs of the FAA and met with FAA officials to ensure all deliverables were accomplished and delivered by the due date. I planned and participated in career fairs to provide continuing employment opportunities. The CTAP project had a 98% success rate and RIFS were 100% accurate. All MSPB appeals and third party inquiries were sustained in the Agency’s favor.

Developed and presented numerous Training Management Agreements and won several major contracts with the Department of Treasury and Housing and Urban Development. I conducted numerous training sessions on CTAP services and how employees benefitted from participating in those activities. I designed, developed and presented oral presentations to the organization’s senior leadership and Human Resources Offices for work and had a 99% success rate.

I was a member of the FPMI RIF Team assigned to the Department of Agriculture, Office of the Chief Financial Officer in New Orleans. The RIF Team used the AUTO Rif’s software to process four iterations of the RIF, developed appropriate RIF notices ensuring the protection and proper individual employees’ assignment rights.


From 09/2003 – 09/2004

Supervisory Program Management Specialist, GS- 301-13

From: 10/1997 -09-2003 GS13/10 40 hrs per week

DISA- St. Louis, 4300 Good fellow Blvd, St. Louis, MO. 63120

Col James Hull (Retired)

As a Program Management Specialist, I was responsible for all event management planning at the local and national levels, business development, service level agreements, customer satisfaction surveys, protocol, command briefings and providing staff assistance to the Commander on customer support trends and analysis. I conducted market surveys established the dates, developed the agenda, conference colors, selected locales and marketing tools. I managed the conferences through working committees for local conference planning and development. Based on how well the local conferences had been received by the DISA senior leadership and the employees and other attendees, I was selected the Conference Program Manager for the National Conference, which included 1500 attendees and an operating budget of $650K, sponsors and a larger responsibility. I coordinated the budget with the HQ Resource Management staff and developed the RFQ with assistance from Acquisition staff. I used various mediums (email, telephone conferences, video teleconferencing, etc.,) to convey the most salient aspects of what, when and why. I also used Project Management and made it available to all committee and co-committee personnel. I briefed the SES and General Officer on progress and sometimes had to turn on a dime to make last minute changes for the conference in accordance with the contract.

Supervisory Human Resources Specialist, GS – 201-14/6

10/1996 – 07/1997

Army Aviation Systems Command Ms. Diane Ottolini

4300 Good fellow Boulevard 314-***-****

Saint Louis, Missouri 63120-1798

As Chief of the Employment an d Staffing Division, I was responsible for providing cradle- to –grave staffing to an organization with a population of 10K civilians and military personnel. Through a staff of 42 Human Resources Specialists and Assistants, I managed all internal and external recruitment initiatives, and Base Realignment and Closure Actions (BRAC) for three major subordinate commands.

The positions for which recruitment was required action ranged from acquisition, maintenance, supply management, information technology, engineers/scientists, support technician positions, and a clerical pool. This included developing staffing plans, coordinating reorganizations, managing the merit promotion process, downsizing initiatives, labor relations, equal employment opportunity, grievances and the official personnel folder file room. I ensured all actions were managed in accordance with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) guidelines and DA as well as local guidelines and authorities. I responded to congressional inquiries, briefed the Director HR and Command Group on challenges and roadblocks to programs and successful roads ahead.

I was the PM for managing the Work Force Planning Efforts for a wide variety of the organizations. This included conducting analysis of the organizational work force structure, coordinating with the Management Analyst staff and making recommendations whether to retain at current levels, make additions to the work force structure, and conduct realignments, reorganizations, or reductions in the organization. I briefed the recommendations to the Senior Executive Staff and presented them for appropriate decision making. Upon their decisions concerning the Road Ahead, appropriate guidance was disseminated to the offices.

I was selected by the Commander to be the PM for BRAC 95. BRAC 95 was announced in May 1995 with a closure date of December 1997. My duties included coordinating with the Army Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, Army Materiel Command and DoD representatives to ensure proper coordination was achieved and the reorganizations could be processed in a timely manner. I developed all appropriate written justifications, coordinating very closely with the Missile Command’s staff to enable the smooth transition of materials and people from St. Louis to Huntsville, Al. My actions contributed to the successful accomplishment of all BRAC and related human resources actions to meet the timelines.

Supervisory Human Resources Specialist, GS-201-13

From 09/1987 -10/1996 William Johnson

4300 Good fellow Boulevard (314) 839- 4967

St. Louis, Missouri 63120-1798

As Chief of the Special Employment Programs And Staffing Branch, I managed all special employment programs, such as, Upward Mobility, Presidential Management Intern Program, Delegated Examining Authority, Stay in School Program, Summer Employment Program, Schedule B Hiring Authority, Veterans Employment Hiring Programs, and the Individuals with Disabilities Program. This involved developing and publishing operating guidance for each of the programs along with application procedures. As the PM, I had to monitor the success rate and failures to meet the goals and outlined a course of action to achieve the goals and objectives.

I was The Human Resources Office’s Technical Consultant on the Command’s Hiring Control Board. I was responsible for developing criteria to be used by other panelists to ensure a well-balanced FTE hiring program. Moreover, I was the designated Civilian Contingency Reshape Officer, and; as such, planned multiple civilian reductions in force for a workforce of 10K serviced employees; voluntary separation incentives pay windows and continued recruitment for open vacancies. I was responsible for developing a project management schedule to ensure all deadlines were met in a timely manner.

Training Courses

Basic Federal Personnel Management

Basic Recruitment and Placement

Advanced Recruitment and Placement

Basic Position and Pay Management

Advanced Position and Pay Management

Auto RIF Training

Project Management 2000

DCIPS Training

Conference Planning

Interviewing Procedures

DoD Priority Placement Program (CARE)

Microsoft Office 2000


Commander’s Award for Civilian Service with Oak Leaf Clusters

Sustained Superior Civilian Service Award

Department of the Army Meritorious Civilian Service Award

Performance Awards

Numerous Commanders’ Coin


M.S. Industrial Psychology, University of Missouri – St. Louis, 8181 Natural Bridge St. Louis, Mo 63121

B.S. Psychology, Southern University of New Orleans, 6400 Press Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana 70128


Society of Human Resources Management

Federal Employed Women

International Association of Professional Personneliists

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