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Sales Software Engineer

Charleston, SC
November 12, 2018

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Carl Kabbe

Charleston, South Carolina *****

843-***-**** •


Technically sophisticated information technology professional with solid history of effective system development and client interaction/sales. A broad knowledge of applications and systems development. Highly proficient in systems analysis, qualification, integration, and testing. Core Competencies:

• Full Life Cycle Project Management

• Systems Launch / Implementation

• Creation of IT Solutions

• Client Relationship Management

• Quality Assurance and Testing

• Backup and Recovery Strategies

• Problem Resolution / Troubleshooting

• Client Sales & Service

Professional Experience

Water Meter Services, Charleston, SC

Founder, November, 2017 to present

Created software system to manage a water meter test bench and the data resulting from tests of meters. Managing the test bench includes managing all the hardware elements (valves, flow meters, pumps) and keeping the flow rate within AWWA specifications using AI techniques. Managing the data included standard reports, provision for custom reports and REST/RESTful services. Responsibilities:

• Created the software and electronics to manage the bench test processing

• Created the database structure for managing the test results

• Created standard and custom reports

• Made hardware changes, e.g., valves, meters, etc., to the bench needed to allow automation St. Andrews Parks and Playground, Charleston, SC

Chief Developer, 2010 – November, 2017

Upon selling eTrak-plus to St. Andrews Parks & Playground I accepted the role of Chief Development Officer. I am currently managing a team of (3) developers and the continued growth of the platform and service. Responsibilities:

• Primary role currently was providing input and knowledge of the core platform, providing crucial resources to help the company and developers expand and grow.

• System maintenance/stability, application development/expansion and overall normalization of the eTrak- plus SaaS platform.

• Spearheaded the continued development and implementation of system features and benefits that help eTrak-plus to compete with top industry providers in the market today (i.e. Active, RecTrak, and PerfectMind)..

• Ensured high end-user satisfaction ratings by providing system functionality that serves client/staff users on both desktops and mobile devices.

• Successfully implemented two distinct geographic and redundant data centers (Charleston, SC and Livonia, MI) for multiple replication of all client data (multiple data servers, multiple application servers, and state-of- the-art firewalls) to ensure business continuity.

SportLog and eTrak-plus

Founder/Developer/Consultant, 1981 – 2010

Founded SportsLog in 1981 as a result of building a league scheduling application to manage my daughters soccer program. The management of the soccer program was so successful that the league scheduling/management application was purchased by approximately (10) Connecticut Parks & Recreation Departments, as well as (50) others nationwide.


• Expanded the system beyond league scheduling to incorporate more generalized activities (membership management/tracking, personnel management, instructor/coach management, after school management, reservations, etc.).

• Developed the application in dBase, migrated to C, then to client-server, and finally to the browser-based system it is today, utilizing Java on the server side: phased the system from dBase on floppy disks to full- fledged browser-based system with over one million lines of server-side code; 750 JSPs and 30+Flash applications.

• Managed all phases of production; sales, development, support, coding, and finance. Technical Proficiencies

Platforms: UNIX, Linux, AIX, Windows 10, Mac OS

Tools: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash (applications), Microsoft Office Suite; Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint

Hardware: Intel based servers and workstations, IBM (mainframes, AIX systems), SCSI devices, Fiber Channel, SAN switches, ATA and SCSI hard drives, DLT tape drives Education

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Bowling Green State University

Masters of Accountancy (MAc)

Bowling Green State University

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